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TAIT, Edgar R.      Presbyterian pastor at Princeton (Hermon) Presbyterian, Wampum Presbyterian   more source
TAIT, Samuel 17 Feb 1772 2 Jun 1841 Presbyterian died in Mercer, founder of Coolspring Presbyterian Church, more  Marilyn Rae Tait Johnson
TAYLOR, W. M.     Methodist pastored at Troy, Corsica, Rimersburg, Warsaw, and others more
TAYLOR, William Mercer 4 Mar 1834 30 Dec 1902 Presbyterian pastor of the Westfield Presbyterian Church, Lawrence Co., for 42 years more
TEETS, H. A.     Methodist pastor in Clarion and New Castle Districts and at Shippensville, Karns City, Fredonia,  Sheakleyville, Sharpsville, Jackson Center, Stoneboro, and New Lebanon more
TEMPLE, Robert  13 May 1796  24 May 1888 Baptist, Universalist lived in Meadville and Spring Township, Crawford County. 
THOMAS, Leslie M. 18 Apr 1921 20 Oct 2000 Free Methodist Served for 22 years, Venango, Potter and McKean counties
THOMAS, Milton Ivon 23 Sept 1904 18 Nov 1984 Methodist Born in Crawford Co., pastored at Dubois, Sligo, Saegertown, Putneyville, Clintonville and others more Joe Thomas
THOMAS, Thomas 16 Mar 1840   Welsh Baptist Pastored in Cambria Co., and in Sharon Mercer Co., more
THOMPSON, Samuel H.     Presbyterian pastor at New Brighton Presbyterian, 1893-1897  source
TOMB, A.E.     Methodist pastor of the Natrona Heights Free Methodist church, father of J. M. Tomb obituary
TOMB, J. M.     Methodist pastor of the Creighton Free Methodist Church, son of A. E. Tomb source
TOOMBS, Charles Thomas 25 Dec 1890 18 Sept 1959 Church of God in Christ pastor of The First Church of God in Christ, Aliquippa, Beaver Co., 1923-1959, photo
TORREY, Seneca B.   11 Feb 1918 Methodist died in Erie, PA at age 87; buried at Conneaut, OH  source
TRAXLER, Francis X. 21 Jun 1860   Catholic pastor of St. Wenceslas church, Allegheny and Holy Cross, Cambria Co., more
TROY, McVey   15 Apr 1873 Methodist died in Sheakleyville, PA at age 26; buried at Deer Creek Cemetery, Mercer Co., PA source
UNCLES, Joseph   12 Nov 1858 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 46; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA. source  
VALANDIGHAM, Clement    21 Oct 1839 Presbyterian Original Member of the Presbytery of Hartford; ordained 24 Jun 1807, died at age 61 years  more
VAN DYNE, Charles A. 25 Jun 1933   Presbyterian pastor at Center United Presbyterian Church, Midway more
VAN EMAN, Robert C.     Presbyterian pastor at Clarksville Presbyterian, beginning in 1888  photo source
VAN HORN, John     Methodist pastored at Greenville, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Clintonville, Pleasantville, Oil Creek, Kinzua and OH churches  more
VAN LIEW, John   aft 1868 Presbyterian pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Meadville 1821-1824 more
VEAZEY, John H. 1843   Presbyterian born in Beaver Co., Civil War Veteran, registrar at Westminster College more
VERNON, Frederick   11 Dec 1869 Methodist died in Cherry Creek, NY at age 51; buried at Perry Chapel Cemetery, near Clark's Mills, Mercer County, PA source
VOEGELE, Henry 6 Mar 1842   Evangelical Lutheran pastor of St. Peter's Evangelical Union Church, Evans City, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mount Hope, and others more
WADE, Benjamin F. Jun 1835 14 Oct 1910 Methodist died at Cleveland, OH, at age 75; buried in Portland, NY    biography photo source
WAGGONER, David      Presbyterian pastor of Fairfield Presbyterian Church and Georgetown Presbyterian Church from 1838-1853 more
WAGNER, Louis 24 Aug 1857   Reformed pastor at Perryville, Allegheny County and Evans City more
WAGONER, Johnson J. 13 Mar 1852 22 Sept 1916 Reformed born in Armstrong Co., pastored in Western PA and OH more
WALKER, Robert B. 26 May 1908   Presbyterian received D.D. in 1854, pastor of the Plain Grove Presbyterian Church, more
WALLACE, Guy D.     Presbyterian pastor of Mt. Pleasant United Presbyterian church in Hickory more
WALLACE, J. R.     Presbyterian pastor of the United Presbyterian Church, Jamestown, PA, 1871-1892 more
WAMPLER, Daniel W.   1 Oct 1901 Methodist died in Conneaut Lake, PA at age 65; buried at Foust Cemetery, East Shore, Conneaut Lake, PA  source
WASSON, Luke J. Oct 1846 13 Jun 1873 Presbyterian licensed to preach by Presbytery of Allegheny, Presbytery of Pittsburgh, pastored at Fairview, died at age 26 more
WENZEL, George A. 11 Jan 1816   Evangelical Lutheran pastor of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Washington, and  at churches in Warren Co, Pittsburgh and others more
WEST, James G.     Presbyterian pastor at North Sewicky Presbyterian Church, 1906-1908  source
WHITE, William 18 Mar 1911   Episcopal rector of St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal church, Butler for 50 years more
WHITMAN, George W. 17 Sept 1848   Baptist pastor at Baptist Churches in Oil City and Meadville more
WIBLE, Clarence B.     Presbyterian pastor at Rich Hill Presbyterian Church, Volant, starting in 1907  more 
WICK, Lewis      Methodist Civil War Veteran, buried in Grandview Cemetery, Beaver Falls more
WICK, William    2 May 1838 Presbyterian Original Member of the Presbytery of Hartford; Member of the Beaver Presbytery, ordained 3 Sept 1800, died at age 47 years source
WILHELM, Frederick 29 Jul 1840   Lutheran born in Germany, pastored in Butler County, more
WILLIAMS, Lorenzo D.   14 Oct 1878 Methodist died at Meadville, PA at age 65; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA source
WILLIAMS, Samuel 25 Oct 1820 11 May 1895 Presbyterian born in Venango Co., pastored at Centerville, Muddy Creek, Scrubgrass more
WILLS, Joshua     Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church, Aliquippa 1913-1916, more
WILSON, Job   1843 Methodist early Methodist circuit rider, buried in Brawley Cemetery, near Guy Mills more
WINGER, Samuel E. 3 Dec 1850 8 Feb 1912 Methodist born in Venango County, preached in Venango, Mercer, Clarion Cos. more
WINTER, Thomas F. 27 Jul 1828   Presbyterian

Pastored at Adamsville, Crawford Co., East Palestine, OH, and the UP New Castle, Lawrence Co. more 

WOMER, John C.   7 Jun 1921 Methodist died in New Castle, PA at age 72; buried at Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, PA  source
WOODRING, Thomas Henry     Methodist born at Saegertown, PA, Allegheny College, pastored at Greensburg, Sewickley, others more
WOODS, William 27 Mar 1776 31 Jul 1839 Presbyterian pastored at Plaingrove, Centre, Hopewell, Neshannock and others (referred to also as William Wood) more
WRIGHT, James     Presbyterian member of the Hartford and Beaver Presbytery, pastor at Westfield, Poland, 1815-1843  source
WRIGHT, James B.    2 May 1880 Methodist died at Petersburg, OH at age 36; buried at Harmonsburg, PA    source 
WYNN, Isaac     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown July 6, 1883  History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
YOUNG, Loyal 1 Jul 1806   Presbyterian pastor of the Presbyterian church of Butler for nearly 35 years more
YOUNGSON, William Wallace 1869   Methodist born in Pittsburgh, Drew Theological Seminary, Allegheny College, more
ZAHNISER, George Wright 19 Mar 1823 12 Jun 1889 Presbyterian pastor at Mercer Presbyterian, Conneautville Presbyterian and others, more
ZIESER, Philip 11 Jul 1802 25 Jan 1825 Reformed pastored at Good Hope, St. John's, Mt. Zion in Mercer County and in Crawford County more

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