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SACKETT, O.M.   10 Jun 1882 Methodist  pastored at Martinsville, Clarion,  Shippenville, Putneyville and others more
SAMPLE, Robert 31 Aug 1775 11 Apr 1874 Presbyterian pastor of First Presbyterian, New Castle; Pulaski, and OH  more
SATTERFIELD, James  abt 1769 20 Nov 1857 Presbyterian Original Member of the Presbytery of Hartford; Member of the Beaver Presbytery, more
SAWHILL, Eldon O.     Presbyterian pastor at Enon Valley Presbyterian, 1888-1894 source
SCHEPLER, William Theodore 1858   Methodist Drew Theological Seminary, pastored at Ridgway, Corry & others, more
SCHODLE, Adam G.     Presbyterian pastor at Magyar Presbyterial, 1904-1906 source
SCHULTZ, Adolph R.     Presbyterian pastor at Pulaski Presbyterian Church, starting in 1907  source
SCOFIELD, Isaac 12 Sept 1812 15 Mar 1901 Methodist died in New Vernon, PA at age 88; buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, New Vernon, PA   more source
SCOFIELD, John C.   9 Sept 1902 Methodist died in Rochester, PA at age 74; buried at Greenwood Cemetery, New Castle, PA  source
SCOTT, George     Presbyterian pastor of Harmonsburg Presbyterian Church, Evansburg Presbyterian Church 1860s more
SCOTT, George T.     Presbyterian pastor at West Middlesex Presbyterian and Pulaski Presbyterian, 1896-1906  source
SCOTT, R. W.     Methodist licensed to preach in 1858, pastored at East New Castle, Randolph, Warren, and others; went West more
SEARS, Stephen S.   12 Nov 1861 Methodist died in Willoughby, OH at age 34; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  more
SEDGERBLOOM, H.C.A.     Methodist Methodist minister for the Erie Conference 1875-1877 more
SHADDUCK, Zaccheus W.   27 Jan 1888 Methodist died in Reno, PA at age 57; pastored at Rouseville, New Wilmington, Pleasantville, Sugar Grove, and others  more
SHAFFER, J.K.   24 Oct 1894 Methodist pastor at Punxsutawney, Kinzua, Riceville, Tionesta, Washington, and others more
SHANAFELT, Andrew F.   1875 Baptist brother to John R. and Thomas M. Shanafelt, more
SHANAFELT, John R.       brother to Andrew F. & Thomas M. Shanafelt, pastor at Berwick, Pittston, Shamokin, and Pittsburgh, and others  more
SHANAFELT, Thomas M.     Baptist Civil War Veteran, ordained at Muncy, PA, brother to John R. & Andrew Shanafelt more
SHAPE, Frank A.     Presbyterian pastor at Pulaski Presbyterian, starting in 1906  more source
SHARP, Joseph V.     Catholic born in Germantown, PA, second asst at St. Mary's, New Castle more
SHAW, Joseph   Dec 1875 Presbyterian pastored in Washington County and in OH, more
SHERRARD, Robert M. 1852   Presbyterian Pastored at Fairview United Presbyterian, Butler, also Ohio, Iowa, more
SHINN, Asa 3 May 1781 Feb 1853 Methodist Early circuit rider and prominent Methodist preacher more
SHIREY, Reed Spurgeon 11 Jul 1892 17 Jul 1981 Methodist

born in Lower Mudlic, PA, son of Charles M. and Salina "Esther" Mohney Shirey more Clarence Shirey

SHOTWELL, Edward Vickers   17 Dec 1949 Methodist Pastor of the Midway Methodist Church, McDonald more
SHUPE, Cyrus George 13 Oct 1878   Reformed pastor at Zion's, Crawford Co., Wills Creek Charge and Ruffsdale Charge more
SIBLEY, Orley H. 12 Aug 1845 15 Apr 1923 Methodist pastored at Corsica, Hazen, Sigel and others more
SIBLEY, R. J.     Methodist licensed to preach in 1837, pastored at Greenville and Clarksville, Cambridge, Wesleyville and others more
SLOAN, James 16 Sept 1807 11 Mar 1871 Presbyterian pastor of the Presbyterian church at Pigeon Creek, Jefferson College, and Canonsburg more
SMALL, E.       obituary of Rev. Small's two children who died of Scarlett Fever in Lawrence Co.
SMALL, Francis M.   2 Nov 1918 Methodist died in Spartansburg, PA at age 79; buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Spartansburg Twp, Crawford Co., PA  source
SMILEY, W. B.     Presbyterian member of the Presbytery of Allegheny, pastor at West Newton, Canonsburg, and others more
SMITH, Curtis C.   8 Nov 1916 Methodist died in West Middlesex, PA at age 39; buried at Tylersburg, PA  source
SMITH, Jedediah 10 May 1892 1883 Freewill Baptist lived in Bloomfield, Crawford County, 1845-65, pastor of the church in Bloomfield more  Kathy Smith
SMITH, Joel 13 Apr 1843 21 Apr 1918 Methodist Pastor at Alum Rock, Ringgold, Cranberry, Rimersburg, Belleview, Beech Tree, Volant, Cochranton, Sheridan, Dayton, and Greenville  more Phil Legal
SMITH, John 1747 26 Aug 1905 Presbyterian One of the pioneers of the Presbytery in Pennsylvania, one of the first preachers in Washington Co. more
SMITH, Joseph T. Nov 1818 Apr 1906 Presbyterian One of the founders of the First Presbyterian Church, Mercer more
SMITH, Milton   24 Nov 1917 Methodist died in Saegertown, PA at age 79; buried at Greenville, PA  source
SNODGRASS, Matthew A. 1792 25 Mar 1870 United Presbyterian Pastored at Cherry Run, Conneaut Lake, Fairfield and French Creek more  Bob Todd
SNOWDEN, James Henry 18 Oct 1852   Presbyterian pastor of Presbyterian Church in Sharon and Second Presbyterian Church in Washington, PA and others more
SNYDER, Henry E. 1864   Reformed Born in Westmoreland Co., pastor of the Bethany Reformed Church, Butler, PA more
SOLTAS, Paul     Presbyterian elder with the Shenango Presbytery, 1908 more
SPRINGER, Francis E.     Presbyterian pastor at Hopewell Presbyterian, 1903-1906 source
STAPLES, Arthur 1869     Allegheny College, Drew Theological Seminary more
STARKS, R. B. 1842   Lutheran Born in Mifflin Co., Civil War veteran, more
STARRETT, J.H.     Methodist member of the Erie and East Ohio Conferences, pastored at Orangeville, Pleasant Valley, Ridgway, others  more
STAUFFER, Thomas Fleming 25 Dec 1838   Dutch Reformed served churches in Wilkensburg, Butler, Pittsburgh, and mission work in the West photo, obituary
STEADMAN, Darius S.   28 Feb 1907 Methodist pastor at Brookville, Clarion, Shippensville, Pithole, Tidioute Saegerstown, Espyville, and others more
STEINSON, Benjamin     Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church, Aliquippa from its organization on 24 Jun 1910 until 1912 source
STEVENSON, A. Waldo     Presbyterian Missionary to Cuba 1901-1904  source
STEVENSON, Francis B.     Presbyterian pastor for the Hartford Presbytery, 1898-1905 source
STEVENSON, Joseph A.     Presbyterian born in Raccoon, Washington Co., former pastor in Pittsburgh more
STEWART, Robert Curtis 27 Mar 1865   Presbyterian pastor at Rich Hill Presbyterian Church, Volant 1895-1906 more source
STEWART, Thomas Dickson 20 Feb 1849 22 Aug 1910   view headstone
STEWART, William B. 1818 1903 Presbyterian born in Butler Co, pastored at Scrubgrass Presbyterian Church and others more
STOCKTON, Robert     Presbyterian pastor at Meadville and Little Sugar Creek more
STONESIFER, James B. 14 Jan 1859 15 Nov 1916 Reformed pastored in Somerset Co. and others more
STUNTZ, George 1789 1866 Methodist early circuit rider, preached throughout Western PA and Ohio more
SUTTON, Isaac     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown Nov. 8, 1770. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
SUTTON, Milton     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown Jul 6, 1883; ordained May 4, 1834. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
SWAN, Thomas W.     Presbyterian pastor at New Brighton Presbyterian Church, 1897-1908  more source
SWIFT, Elliot E.     Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian, New Castle and First Pres, Allegheny more

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