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PADEN, Samuel K. 27 Feb 1817 25 Nov 1897 Methodist died in New Castle, PA at age 79; buried at Kings Chapel Cemetery, Lawrence Co., PA  source
PAINTER, William Warren 8 Sept 1843   Methodist member of the Wisconsin and Erie Conferences, pastored at Franklin, Titusville an several churches in Ohio   more
PAPE, Howard     Methodist pastor at the Perrysville Avenue Methodist Church, Pittsburgh more
PARKINSON, Michael A.     Presbyterian pastor for the Shenango Presbytery, 1890-1893  source
PARSONS, Joseph A.   27 Feb 1913 Methodist died in Sharon, PA at age 59; buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Erie, PA  source
PARSONS, Rome A.   12 Jan 1918 Methodist died in New Wilmington, PA at age 51; buried at Cherry Creek, NY  source
PARSONS, William     Presbyterian pastor at Beaver Falls Presbyterian Church, 1904-1908 source more
PASCOE, John Montgomery 1850   Methodist Drew Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh Conference, pastored at Shippingsport, more
PATTERSON, J. A. B.     Presbyterian elder with the Shenango Presbytery, 1908 more
PATTERSON, James A.   1923 Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, New Castle more
PAUL, B. McLeod     Presbyterian pastor at Hopewell Presbyterian Church, starting in 1907 source more
PEARSON, Thomas W.     Presbyterian pastor at Leesburg, Center Presbyterian, starting in 1901 source more
PEATE, John 6 May 1820 23 Mar 1903 Methodist died in Greenville, PA at age 82; buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY  source  more
PEATE, Richard   6 Sept 1894 Methodist died in Fredonia, PA at age 69; buried at Old Coolspring Cemetery, Coolspring Twp, Mercer Co., PA  source
PEAY, Luthur 1890 1963   buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Pittsburgh source
PERDUE, Edward J.     Baptist pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa 1982-86 source
PERRY, James F.   9 Jan 1906 Methodist died in Elk Lick, PA at age 78; buried at Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, PA  source
PERRY, John   7 Nov 1884 Methodist died at Clarksville, PA at age 66; buried at Clarksville, PA source 
PETERS, Cearing   15 Aug 1922 Methodist died at Butler, PA, at age 83; buried at Rose Hill, Butler, PA source 
PETERS, Frank Randolph 6 Mar 1858   Methodist Pastor at Volant, Petersburg, Salem and others more
PHILLIPS, Asaph B. 22 Sept 1860   Methodist Pastor of the First Methodist Church in Sharon and others more
PHILLIPS, Gamalier Solomon Wilson 1867   Methodist Born at Troy, PA, Edinboro State, Allegheny College, Drew Theological Seminary more
PICKENS, John C.     Presbyterian pastor at Moravia and Wampum Presbyterian Churches, 1890-1902 source  
PILGRIM, Frederick 24 Dec 1813 5 Jul 1896 Reformed born in Germany, came to the US in 1857; more
PILGRIM, Robert James 15 Aug 1877   Reformed son of Frederick Pilgrim; born at Greenville, PA  more
PITTINGER, James S.     Presbyterian pastor at Princeton (Hermon) Presbyterian starting in 1908 source  more
PITTINGER, Nicholas    16 Apr 1831 Presbyterian Original Member of the Presbytery of Hartford, ordained 24 Oct 1804, died at age 65 years source
PLATT, Edward Armstrong 1869   Methodist Born at Clarion, PA, Drew Theological Seminary, Clarion State Normal School, more
POOLE, E.C.     Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church, Aliquippa beginning in 1927 source
PORTER, R. Elbert     Presbyterian pastor at Westfield Presbyterian Church, 1895 source more
POTTER, Henry N.     Presbyterian  pastor at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian, 1870-1908 source more
POWER, James   5 Aug 1831 Presbyterian organized Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian, Westmoreland Co. and served as its first pastor 1776-1817 more
PROBST, David 1814 1899 Welsh Baptist pastored at Youngstown, Niles, Girard, Churchill, Coleburg, Hubbard, OH and others more 
PRUGH, John H.     Reformed son of Peter C. Prugh, pastor of the Grace Reformed Church, Pittsburgh for 36 years
PRUGH, Peter C. 13 Sept 1822   Reformed Superintendent of St. Paul's Orphans Home for 21 years, pastor at several OH churches more
RANDOLPH, Reuben F.   6 Dec 1916 Methodist died in Grove City, PA at age 70; buried at Grove City, PA  source
RANKIN, Joseph Reid 10 Nov 1847 14 Apr 1934 Methodist Served in Co. F, 100th PA Volunteers during Civil War, born and died in Butler County more
RAUHAUSER, Daniel   3 Jan 1848 Reformed pastor at Harmony, Wolf Creek, Cribbs; moved to OH, more
REAGLE, William Grant     Presbyterian pastor at Slippery Rock Presbyterian, 1891-1893 source; professor of Bible at Grove City College more
REDIC, John   1850 Presbyterian pastored in Armstrong Co., and at Scrubgrass Presbyterian more
REED, David C.     Presbyterian pastored at Unity Church for over 33 years, son of William Reed more
REED, William     Presbyterian member of the Hartford and Beaver Presbyterys, pastor at Long's Run, New Salem, 1821-1860 more
RENDALL, John B. Jr.     Presbyterian pastor at Sharon Presbyterian Church, 1904-1906  source
RENDALL, Hugh W.      Presbyterian pastor at Ellwood City Presbyterian Church, starting in 1905  source
RENO, Perry A. 1852 4 Mar 1906 Methodist Pastor of First ME Church in Sharon, died in Sharon, PA at age 53; buried Oakwood Cemetery  source  obituary
RENO, William N.   24 Sept 1896 Methodist died in Brockton, NY at age 77; buried at Sharon, PA  source  more
RENOLL, Adam Calvin 1875   Reformed received PhD from Grove City College 1911, ordained by St. John Classis  more
REYNOLDS, John VanLiew 12 Apr 1814   Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Meadville more
RHODES, James Calvin 28 Jan 1841 1922 Methodist pastor at New Castle, North Washington, Clarington, Corsica and others more
RICH, Albert R.   24 Apr 1917 Methodist died in New Castle, PA at age 72; buried at Sandy Lake, PA  source
RIDDLE, Melvin W.       son of Suzannah Hemphill and John W. Riddle. He was in the U.S. Army during WWI, lived most of his life in Butler Co.  photo, Lynn Reichen
RILEY, Melville Braxton 19 Mar 1892 1940   Spanish War Veteran 1898-99, brother of William Norton Riley, son of James C. Riley & Phebe Dean Riley, married Cora Robinson, buried Shenango Valley Cemetery, Greenville, view headstone Nelda J. Riley
RILEY, William L.   1923 Methodist pastor at Youngville, Clymer, East Brady, Edenburg, Knox and others more
ROBERTS, Grant     Baptist pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa, for 39 years, retiring in 1982 source
ROBERTSON, James     Presbyterian member of the Hartford and Beaver Presbyterys, pastor at Yellow Creek, Bethesda 1821-1860  source
ROBINSON, E. Wayne   27 Sept 1924 Methodist died in Saegertown, PA at age 56; buried at Waterford, PA  source
ROCKWELL, Franklin D.   18 May 1868    
ROLLINSON, James     Methodist more
ROSS, W. P.  1852   Methodist born in TN, moved to OH, pastor of the A.M.E. Church, Meadville more
RUMBERGER, Cyrus C.   18 Jun 1906 Methodist died in Conneautville, PA at age 75; buried at Springboro, PA  source
RUSSELL, Robert McWatty 6 Apr 1858   Presbyterian President of Westminster College in New Wilmington, Lawrence Co. more

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