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MACKEY, John F.   1914 Presbyterian Attended medical school, preached at Emlenton and others, more
MAGE, Alexandre     Presbyterian Pastor of the Irons Memorial United Presbyterian church, more
MAHENSCHMIDT, John Peter 1783 11 Jul 1857 Reformed born in Western PA, settled and died Mahoning Co., OH, pastor at Zion's for 17 years, more
MAHER, Patrick E. 13 Sept 1879   Catholic born in Pittsburgh, attended St. Mary's Seminary, served at Pittsburg, Braddock, New Castle and others more
MARQUIS, John S.     Presbyterian pastor at Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Church and Lower Ten Mile Presbyterian, Amity, PA more
MARQUIS, Thomas 1753 27 Sept 1827 Presbyterian member of the Presbytery of Redstone, pastored at Bethel and Ebenezer, Ten-Mile, and Cross Creek more
MARSH, Cyrus Painter 19 Oct 1851 18 Oct 1879 Methodist born in Sewickley, PA, drowned in the Connecticut River more
MATTHEWS, William     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Neshannock, 1813-1816  source
MAY, Josiah 19 Oct 1826 27 Nov 1913 Reformed Pastored at Findlay, OH;  Cochranton, Balm, St. John's and Sugar Creek, Butler Co. and Wills Creek more
MAYERS, Henry L. 29 Dec 1847   Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Kittanning more
MC BRIDE, John D.     Presbyterian pastor at College Hill Presbyterian, starting in 1908  more source
MC BRIDE, William H.     Methodist pastored at Somerset, Allison, Milford and others more
MC CALMONT, David T.  6 Sept 1860   United Presbyterian born in Washington Co., pastor of the Glade Run Church, Butler Co. more
MC CAMEY, John Albert 21 Sept 1862   Methodist attended Grove City College, Drew Theological Seminary, member of Erie Conference  more
MC CARRELL, Alexander 22 Sept 1817 18 Apr 1881 Presbyterian member of the Presbytery of Washington, pastored Claysville, Amity and Wolf Run, more
MC CARTNEY, Albert J.     Presbyterian pastor at Westfield Presbyterian Church, 1903-1907, and at Sharon Presbyterian starting in 1907 more source
MC CLEERY, George   13 Nov 1843 Baptist, Disciples preached in Mercer and Butler Counties, licensed to practice medicine  more
MC CLINTOCK, Hamilton   before 1920   instrumental in the forming the State Street Church Society, Meadville, mid 1800s, obituary of his brother, Hugh
MC CLINTOCK, John 10 Nov 1808   Presbyterian born in Washington County, married Mary Orr
MC CLURE, Walter E.     Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church New Castle, 1924-1934, moved to MO, more
MC COMB, John 15 Jun 1814 29 Sept 1898 Methodist died in London, PA at age 83; buried at Nazareth Cemetery, Mercer Co., PA  more
MC CONKEY, William J. 28 Jun 1837   Presbyterian pastor at Presbyterian church in Grove City, earned D.D. from Grove City College  more
MC CONNELL, William G.     Presbyterian pastor at New Castle 4th Presbyterian, beginning in 1904  more source
MC CORMICK, Arthur B.     Presbyterian pastor of New Castle Central Presbyterian starting in 1907; more 
MC COY, Alexander 1754 17 Jun 1834 Presbytery first pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of West Alexander, Donegal twp, Washington Co., pastored in Ohio more
MC COY, John Brice   18 Oct 1841 Presbyterian grandson of Rev. John Brice, member of the Presbytery of Washington source
MC DONALD, George 25 Feb 1825   Presbyterian licensed by the Presbytery of Washington, pastor of Upper Ten Mile Church more
MC DONALD, Raphael [Robert]     Catholic born in Oil City, Franciscan Friar for 60 years, priest for 56 years more Researcher Tim McDonald
MC DOWELL, John     Presbyterian pastor at Shenango Presbytery 1894 (dismissed soon)  source
MC CREARY, Thomas G. 19 Jun 1809 26 Sept 1874 Methodist died at West Middlesex, PA at age 66; buried in Haywood Cemetery, West Middlesex, PA.  source, info
MC GILL, David Frazier   26 Apr 1931 Presbyterian born in Washington County, professor of at the Pittsburgh Theological seminary more
MC HUGH, Henry 8 Dec 1835 14 Feb 1920 Roman Catholic born in Cambria County, served congregations in Cambria, Fayette, and Allegheny counties  more Mark O'Neill, gr gr nephew
MC ILVAINE, John J.     Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church New Castle, 1930s-1940s more
MC INTYRE, Robert A.   11 Nov 1912 Methodist died near Meadville, PA at age 67; buried at West Middlesex, PA  source
MC KAY, James W.   1921 Presbyterian President of Waynesburg College, founder of the Shady Avenue Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, born in Mercer Co.  obituary
MC KEE, John S. 22 Jun 1850   United Presbyterian pastored in Mercer and Butler counties and others more
MC KEE, William (M'KEE) 13 Sept 1832   Presbyterian pastor of the United Presbyterian Church, Robinson and churches in WV and NY more
MC KINNEY, Horace 3 Oct 1869 31 Dec 1911 Methodist born in Meadville, died in Punxsutawney, PA at age 42; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA   more source
MC MILLAN, Hugh D.     Reformed father of Rev. Robert McMillan source
MC MILLAN, Robert   24 May 1876 Reformed, Presbyterian son of Rev. Hugh McMillan, member of the Shenango Presbytery, more
MC PHERRIN, John 15 Nov 1757 10 Feb 1822 Presbyterian one of the founders of Presbyterianism in Western PA, pastored at Unity, Salem, Concord, Muddy Creek, Concord, Butler, Harmony, member of Erie Presbytery more
MATTHEWS, John     Presbyterian pastor of Gravel Run Presbyterian, Crawford Co., 1810-1814 more
MEAD, Charles Orville 12 Mar 1854     Pastored at Sugar Grove, New Castle, Mercer and others more
MEAD, Orville L.    18 Feb 1902 Methodist died in Hartford, OH at age 80; buried at Sharon, PA  source
MEALY, John M.     Presbyterian pastor of the Neshannock Presbyterian Church more
MEANS, S.C.     Baptist third pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa source
MENDENHALL, James K.   29 Jan 1911 Methodist died in Linesville, PA at age 87; buried at Linesville, PA  source
MERCHANT, Andrew Jackson 23 Dec 1831 19 Nov 1899 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 68; buried at Greenville, PA  more source
MECHLIN, Joseph L.   10 May 1917 Methodist died in Grove City, PA at age 80; buried at Mercer, PA  source
MERRIAM, W. A.   2 Mar 1895 Methodist pastored at Kane, Ludlow, Sunville, Clarksville, New Lebanon, Edenburg and others more
MERRILL, Loriston G.   9 Dec 1909 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 84; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
MERRILL, Philip Shull 29 Jan 1850   Methodist attended Drew Theological Seminary; pastored at Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, NY, and others more
MILES, Joseph W.     Methodist from Meadville, attended Allegheny College and Drew Theological Seminary, pastored in Pittsburgh, Sewickey and Braddock more
MILLER, Amos Christian 23 Sept 1847 4 Jul 1915 Evangelical born near North Freedom, PA, died at Dry Ridge, PA; Evangelical Assoc. Church and United Evangelical Church, more Clarence Shirey
MILLER, Michael A.     Catholic pastor at St. Bartholomew's in Sharpsville more
MILLER, Norman Monroe 15 Feb 1877 31 Mar 1927 Evangelical born near Dry Ridge, Redbank twp., Armstrong Co., PA, died in Windber, PA, more  Clarence Shirey
MILLER, Samuel Austin 22 Jun 1894 25 Jul 1966 E.U.B. born near Dry Ridge, Redbank twp., Armstrong Co., PA, died in Harrisburg, PA, more  Clarence Shirey
MILLER, William H.     Presbyterian pastor at Little Beaver Presbyterian, Enon Valley, starting in 1905.  more source
MINER, Clement W.     Methodist pastor of the First Methodist Church, Sharon, more
MOHNEY, Harry Monroe 3 Dec 1885 1972 E.U.B. son of Samuel G. Mohney & Rebecca Shick Mohney, born in Lower Mudlic, PA more Clarence Shirey
MOON, John bef 1812     "of Pine Township, Allegheny Co." more Researcher Christine Adams
MOORE, Floyd H.   12 Apr 1926 Methodist died in Chicago, IL at age 31; buried at Townville, PA  source
MOORE, Samuel H.     Presbyterian pastor at New Castle Central Presbyterian Church, 1899-1906  source
MOORHEAD, James D.     Presbyterian pastor at the Beaver Falls Presbyterian Church for 32 years, more
MORRIS, Isaac     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown May 21, 1775. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
MORRIS, Nathaniel   30 Jun 1894 Methodist died in Fay, PA at age 73; buried at New Wilmington, PA  source
MOSSMAN, William H.   28 Feb 1905 Methodist died in Greenville, PA at age 76; buried at Greenville, PA  source
MUNSON, John 22 Feb 1874 18 Dec 1866 Presbyterian pastored at Center Presbyterian Church for 41 years, died at London, Mercer County more
MURCH, J. C. 20 Mar 1820 27 May 1829 Presbyterian member of the Presbytery of Chartiers, pastored in Washington County and in OH more
NEIL, William abt 1800   Presbyterian educated at Franklin College, pastored in Washington Co. more
NIBLOCK, Isaiah 1794   Presbyterian born in Ireland, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church, Butler, PA. more
NICHOLSON, Harvey S. 28 Dec 1861   Reformed pastor in the Beaver Charge for 10 years, also at Grove City  more
NOETLING, George C.     Presbyterian pastor at Unity Presbyterian Church, 1907-1908  more
NORRIS, James H.     Presbyterian pastor at Bethany Presbyterian Church, Lake twp, Mercer Co. more
NORTON, Niram   14 Apr 1878 Methodist died at Meadville, PA at age 61; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA source
O'CONNOR, Michael 27 Sept 1810 18 Oct 1872 Catholic Rt. Rev. Michael O'Connor, first Bishop of Pittsburgh, more
O'MAHONY, Denis 1 Jul 1870 26 Apr 1948 Catholic priest at All Saints Church, Mercer County more
O'NEAL, John    5 Sept 1881 Methodist died at Fredonia, NY at age 53; buried at Greenville, Mercer County, PA source 
O'SHEA, Florence F. 1863   Catholic pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church at New Castle, Peter's Church, Allegheny and St. James' Church, Sewickley more
OLLER, William E. 1852   Presbyterian born Washington Co., pastor of Presbyterian Church, Butler PA. more
ONLY, Joseph     Baptist first pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa 1911 source
ORMOND, Marcus   Nov 1881 Presbyterian pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of West Alexander, Donegal township, Washington Co. more
OW, Johann Gerhardus Hermanus 17 Feb 1778 20 Jul 1861 United Brethren born in Germany, died in Indiana County, PA; father of ten, more Researcher Chris Kale Concoran
OWEN, John W. 26 Dec 1830 13 Jun 1885 United Brethren, Methodist born in Clearfield Co., United Brethren pastor for ten years, became a dentist and merchant more

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