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KEIFER, Alexander M. 13 Feb 1862     Superintendent of St. Paul's Orphans Home, pastored at Greenville and Plum Creek  more
KEITH, M. Wilson     Presbyterian pastor at Princeton (Hermon) Presbyterian and Mahoningtown Presbyterian source more 
KELLER, Adolph 4 Feb 1868 14 Nov 1944  Catholic served at St. Joseph's Church, Mt. Oliver; St. Joseph Orphanage, Troy Hill; founder and pastor of All Saints Church, Etna more
KELLY, Jonathan C.     Presbyterian pastor at New Castle 1st Presbyterian Church, 1897-1905 source
KEARNS, John P. 31 Dec 1865   Catholic pastor at St. Michael's Church, Greenville more
KENNEY, James 11 Jan 1806   Methodist pastor of Liberty Chapel and Centerville ME Church, Washington County more
KERR, Thomas Williams 20 Jan 1804 29 Oct 1847 Presbyterian born in Venango Co., pastored at Scrubgrass and others more
KERSCHNER, William H. 13 Jan 1870   Reformed St. Pauls Classis, pastored at Watson Run Charge and Plum Creek Charge  more 
KETTL, Frank X. 22 Jan 1865   Catholic born in Blair Co., pastor of St. Mary's Church, Kittanning, more
KING, Martin M. 5 Dec 1824   Baptist Pastored at Fairview Baptist, Mercer County and in Bucks Co and Missouri more
KINGSLEY, Calvin (Bishop) 8 Sept 1812 6 Apr 1870 Methodist Saegertown, Meadville, Professor at Allegheny College  
KIRKPATRICK, David 9 Jan 1795 5 Jan 1869 Seceder Presbyterian Minister for over 50 years, pastored at Poke Run, taught at Milton Academy more Researcher Nelson R. Kerr
KINNEAR, Gideon Draper 13 Apr 1809 8 Sept 1875 Methodist Born in Venango County, died in Allegheny County, more
KINNEAR, John 2 Mar 1810 10 Nov 1840   Born in Venango County  more
KIRKBRIDE, Sherman A.     Presbyterian pastor at Leesburg and Center Presbyterian Neshannock Presbyterian Church source more 
KLINGER, Paul Gerhart 19 Aug 1867   Lutheran born in Butler, pastored in Philadelphia and other parts of PA and OH, more
KNAPPS, Henry   20 May 1827 Methodist early Methodist circuit rider, died at age 31, more
KNESAL, Charles A. 27 Mar 1854   Methodist pastored at Centerville, Butler Co.; Pardoe and in NY more
KNOX, Edward Joseph     Methodist born Armstrong Co., Drew Theological Seminary, pastored in Indiana, Beaver, McKeesport and others more
KRIBBS, J.A.     Lutheran superintendent of the Orphans Farm School in Zelienople, Civil War Veteran, pastored at Lutheran Church in Kittanning more
KUNKLE, I.E.U. 5 Jan 1863 29 Jan 1917 Reformed born in Westmoreland Co., pastored at Sharpsville and others in Western PA and OH,  more
LANE, Ebenezer B.   10 May 1864 Methodist died in West Middlesex, PA at age 49; buried in Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA source 
LANE, Isaiah   13 Jan 1863 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 53; buried in Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA.  source
LANE, J. Claude     Presbyterian pastor for the Shenango Presbytery, 1896-1897 source
LANGDON, Benjamin F.    18 Feb 1852 Methodist died in South Salem, PA at age 33; buried in Bethel Cemetery, Otter Creek, Mercer County, PA.  source
LAWTHER, James H. 1871   Presbyterian born in Kittanning, PA; Grove City College, pastored at Scrubgrass Presbyterian Church more
LEASON, Thomas Sharp 29 Apr 1817 29 Jul 1891 Presbyterian pastor at Mt. Tabor, Pine Run, and others more
LEBERMAN, David D. 16 May 1841   Reformed pastor at Titusville, St. Paul's Reformed, Meadville, more 
LENTZ, A.P. 25 Feb 1869   Lutheran Pastor at Trinity Lutheran in Ellwood City, Mt. Hope or Zion in Lawrence Co., churches in Sunbury, Beaver Co. and others more
LESTER, William H.     Presbyterian Member of the Washington Presbytery, missionary to Santiago, Chile more
LESLIE, Jonathan     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Harpersfield, 1809-1815, source
LESLIE, William H.     Presbyterian pastor at Ellwood City Presbyterian Church, 1898-1905 source
LIGHT, David Albert 1856   Methodist born Lebanon, PA, Drew Theological Seminary, pastored at Sewickley, Bennett, PA more
LITTLE, Robert     Presbyterian pastor at First Presbyterian Church, New Castle, 1913-1919, moved to  Iowa, more
LIMBERT, George Elias 30 Dec 1865 25 Feb 1907 Reformed died in Altoona PA at age 41; more
LOCKE, David M. 5 Apr 1844   Methodist born in Lawrence County, Civil War Veteran, more
LONG, Bertram J.     Presbyterian pastor at Wampum, Moravia Presbyterian, 1902-1907 source
LOUGHNER, John R.     Presbyterian pastor at Moravia Presbyterian Church, starting in 1908 source photo
LOVE, R. Buell 22 Sept 1851 17 Sept 1919 Presbyterian pastor in the Hopewell Presbyterian Church, New Bedford, and several churches in Ohio, more Researcher Margo Hall
LOVEBERY, John Wade     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown Sept 20, 1783. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
LOWRIE, N.S.     Presbyterian pastored at Harmonsburg and Conneautville more

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