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HAHN, Frederick B. 8 Sept 1847 16 May 1901 Reformed Pastored at Zion Reformed Church, Greenville; Meadville, Mt. Pleasant and others more
HALL, Horace Chandler 24 Mar 1853   Baptist Pastor at First Baptist Church, Sharon and others more source
HALL, Leroy     Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church, Aliquippa from 1916-1917
HALLOCK, John K.   3 Apr 1885 Methodist died in Conneautville, PA at age 87; buried at Conneautville, PA  source
HAMILTON, William Ferguson 24 Mar 1824   Presbyterian pastored at Centre Church, Pittsburg; Uniontown, Mt. Pleasant and others  more
HAMPSON, G.W.     Presbyterian pastor at Gravel Run and Oil Creek (Titusville) more
HARE, David     Presbyterian pastor of the Robinson United Presbyterian Church in 1930 more
HARRIS, William H.     Baptist pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa 1930s, formed Holy Institutional Missionary Baptist Church source
HARRISON, Bert B.     Presbyterian pastor at West Middlesex Presbyterian Church, starting in 1906 source photo 
HARTMAN, Henry F.     Reformed Pastored at Greenville, New Hamburg, and others more
HASKINS, John   29 May 1846 Methodist early Methodist circuit rider in Western PA more
HASSINGER, Peter     Presbyterian Pastored at Gravel Run, Harmonsburg, Conneautville, more
HELTMAN, Andrew F.     Presbyterian pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Sharpsville, 1908 more 
HENDERSON, George W. 17 Aug 1915 8 Mar 2001 Presbyterian Grove City College grad, moderator of the Shenango Presbytery, died at age 85, obituary
HENDERSON, William C.  1801 7 Feb 1882 Methodist died at Meadville, PA at age 80; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source more
HERSHEY, Scott F.     Presbyterian pastor at New Castle 1st Presbyterian Church, 1908-1912 more
HERVEY, H.H. 10 Oct 1826   Presbyterian pastor of the United Presbyterian Church in Hartstown, more
HICKS, John P.   3 Feb 1912 Methodist died in Big Run, PA at age 74; buried at Big Run, PA   more
HIGH, John C. 1827 1916   buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Pittsburg source
HILL, James R.     Presbyterian pastor at Rich Hill Presbyterian, Volant, 1891-1893  source
HILL, John W.   23 Sept 1873 Methodist pastor at Meadville, Butler, Geneva, McKean, Clarion, New Castle, Edinburg, Salem, Mercer Co; Cochranton, Cherry Valley, Evansburg, and others more
HILLARD, James E.   10 Dec 1923 Methodist died in West Middlesex, PA at age 69; buried at Volant, PA  source
HIXSON, Fred W.   23 Nov 1924 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 50; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
HOLLISTER, Washington   3 Jan 1895 Methodist died in Knox, PA at age 68; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
HOLMES, J. L.   17 Feb 1877 Methodist pastored at Espyville, Edinburg and at churches in OH more
HOLMES, Nicholas Howell 29 Dec 1841 Dec 1915 Methodist pastored at Conneautville, Franklin, New Castle, Pittsburgh, Union City, North East and others more Researcher Janet Cornell 
HOLT, William B.   14 Jul 1892 Methodist died in Plumer, PA at age 62; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  more  source
HOLTER, H. W.     Methodist member of Erie Conference, preached in IL, KS, NB and WY.  more
HOPWOOD, John     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown Aug 20, 1791. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
HOUK, Jesse Robert 27 Jul 1905 3 Mar 1972 Presbyterian pastored at Harlansburg, West Middlesex, Belle Vernon, Jackson Center and others  obituary
HOVER, William H. 13 May 1835 28 Nov 1910 Methodist born in West Salem, PA, died in Fredonia, NY, more
HOVIS, James Albert 1 Sept 1847 16 Jan 1923   born and died in Clintonville, graduated Allegheny College; pastored at Mill Village and many others more
HUGHES, Thomas E.     2 May 1838 Presbyterian Original Member of the Hartford Presbytery; ordained 28 Aug 1799, died at age 76 years more
HUME, J. Albert   20 Nov 1907 Methodist died in Pleasantville, PA at age 65; buried at Harmonsburg, PA  source
HUNTER, John H.   1900 Presbyterian pastor for the Shenango Presbytery, 1898-1900  source
IMBRIE, David 28 Aug 1777 13 Jun 1842 Presbyterian pastor of Bethel and Darlington congregations, Beaver County more
IMBRIE, David Reed 24 Jan 1812 29 Jan 1878 Presbyterian son of Rev. David Imbrie, pastored at New Wilmington, Prospect, New Castle and others, moved to Kansas more
IMBRIE, John J. 29 Jun 1844   Presbyterian pastor of Wampum, Scotch Hill, Ebenezer, West Unity and others, Civil War Veteran more
IRWIN, Charles F.      Presbyterian pastor at West Middlesex Presbyterian Church, 1901-1907 source
JACK, David H.   23 Sept 1853 Methodist died in West Salem PA at age 41; buried at Greenville, PA source
JOHNSTON, Hubert Rex     Presbyterian pastor at Neshannock Presbyterian Church, 1898-1901  source
JOHNSTON, Robert 7 Aug 1774 20 May 1861 Presbyterian Ordained by the Erie Presbytery, pastor at Scrubgrass, Sugar Creek, Conneaut Lake, Meadville and others more
JONES, Edwin Ruthven 1843   Methodist Drew Theological Seminary, Allegheny Collge, member of the Pittsburgh Conference more
JONES, H. H.     Baptist fourth pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa source
JORDAN, Charles G.     Presbyterian pastor at West Middlesex and Pulaski Presbyterian Churches, 1895-1896 source
JORDAN, Harvey S.     Presbyterian pastor at Sharon Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church New Castle and others more
JUNKIN, David X. 8 Jan 1908 22 Apr 1880 Presbyterian graduated Jefferson College, teacher, lecturer, pastored at Washington, DC, Hollidaysburg, Chicago and New Castle more
JUNKIN, George 1 Nov 1790   Presbyterian from Mercer County, brother-in-law to Rev. James Galloway more

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