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FAIRLEY, S. L.     Presbyterian only pastor of the Associate Reformed Congregation of Venice, Washington Co. more
FERER, Benjamin Beatty 21 Nov 1853   Reformed ordained by Westmoreland Classis, pastored at Riegelsville and Meadville more
FERGUSON, Robert Gracey 16 Feb 1842   Presbyterian President of Westminster College, pastor at Mercersburg and UP Butler more
FIDLER, Sylvester 29 Dec 1840   Methodist born in Mercer County, graduated Westminster College more
FINDLEY, John R.   1907 Presbyterian pastor at Sharpsville Presbyterian Church, Shenango Presbytery 1896-1907  source
FLOWER, Josiah   15 Apr 1875 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 72; buried in Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA.  source
FORD, L.B.     Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church, Aliquippa from 1917-1927 source
FORSYTHE, Robert D.       buried at Hiland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburgh (Rev. Dr.) source
FOSTER, Henry C.     Presbyterian pastor at Hopewell Presbyterian, 1893-1902 source
FOSTER, William 17 Aug 1740 30 Sept 1780 Presbyterian married Hannah Blair more
FOULKE, Charles W.   14 Jan 1910 Methodist died in New Castle, PA at age 707; buried at Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, PA  source
FRANCHE, Nicholas J. 1851   Roman Catholic born in France, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church at Villa Maria, in Lawrence Co., more
FREEMAN, Issac S. abt 1890 abt 1961 A.M.E. Methodist founding pastor of Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, Aliquippa, Beaver County in 1924, photo
FRY, Francis A.     Presbyterian pastor at Little Beaver Presbyterian Church, 1895-1897  source
FULTON, John E.     Presbyterian pastor at Sharpsville Presbyterian Church, Shenango Presbytery 1902-1907  source
GALLAGHER, J.M. 28 Apr 1821   Presbyterian preached in Mercer and Venango Counties, more
GALLAGHER, Joseph Francis 3 Jan 1844 11 Aug 1906 Catholic pastor at St. Mary's Church, New Castle for nearly 30 years more
GALLITZIN, Demetrius Augustine   6 May 1840 Catholic pastor in Cambria Co. for 42 years more
GARDNER, Paul D.     Presbyterian pastor at North Sewickley Presbyterian 1895-1897  source
GARDNER, R.B.     Methodist pastored at Franklin, New Castle; became minister for Wesleyan Methodist Church more
GARNETT, Jeremiah   20 May 1899 Methodist pastored at Spartansburg, Kinzua and others,  more
GARNETT, W. H.     Methodist pastored at Knox, Cherry Creek and others  more
GARROWAY, William T.     Presbyterian pastor at Enon Valley Presbyterian Church, 1894-1898  source
GAUPP, F. A.     Methodist transferred to the Oklahoma conference  more
GEARHART, C.M.     Methodist admitted on trial in 1901, transferred to Northern New York  more
GEARHART, W.S.     Methodist pastored at New Bethlehem, Mt. Zion and others  more
GEHR, William R.    24 Mar 1862 Methodist died in Athens Township, Crawford County, PA; buried at Hydetown, PA   more  source
GEIGER, Jacob 1793 1848 Reformed born in Lehigh Co, son of Jacob Geiger and Eve Catherine Kern, settled in Western PA and buried in the cemetery at Rimersburg, Full biography in Fathers of the German Reformed Church, 1872
GEORGE, S. A.     Presbyterian pastor at Shenango Presbytery 1894 (dismissed soon)  source
GIBLIN, J.J.     Methodist licensed by the Erie Conference, transferred to Colorado  more
GILFILLAN, J. Brewster    22 Oct 1863 Methodist died at Stoneboro, PA at age 33; buried at Mercer, PA  more source
GILFILLAN, James   4 Jan 1864 Methodist pastored at Pine Grove, Corsica, Pleasantville and others  more
GILLETT, S.G.     Methodist pastored at Blooming Valley, Linesville, Erie and others  more
GILLETTE, E.S.   17 Nov 1897 Methodist pastored at Conneaut, Mercer; and in Eastern Ohio  more
GILLETTE, John C. 17 Oct 1855   Methodist pastored at Harlansburg, Volant; transferred to California  more
GILLMORE, Hiram   20 Aug 1877 Methodist pastored in Allegheny County, transferred to Indiana more
GILLMORE, James   27 Sept 1866 Methodist pastored at Youngsville, Conneautville, Hartford and others  more
GINAGER, B.A.     Methodist pastored at Sugar Grove, Mayville, and others  more
GINAGER, J. G.     Methodist pastored at Espyville, Sharpsville, Clarendon, Fredonia and others  more
GLASGOW, Ezekiel     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Beavertown, New Salem, 1813-1814   source
GODFREY, Joseph L.     Presbyterian pastor at Pulaski Presbyterian, 1891-1895 source
GOOD, John D.     United Brethren pastor of the New Florence United Brethren Church, Westmoreland County, in 1916 source
GOODRICH, Archibald S.   22 Aug 1893 Methodist died in Corry, PA at age 67; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA   more source
GOODRICH, I.B.     Methodist pastored at Jefferson, Mayfield, transferred to Ohio  more
GOODWIN, Timothy     Methodist member of the Erie Conference, practiced medicine, pastored in Ohio  more
GORDON, S. M.     Methodist pastored in Greenville, Butler, Cambridge Springs, Brookville, Titusville and others more
GORNALL, Oliver   13 Jul 1922 Methodist died in Cambridge Springs, PA at age 52; buried at Lake View, Jamestown, NY  source
GOULD, F. A.     Methodist pastored in Ohio, Pittsburgh, more
GOURLEY, John C.     Presbyterian pastor at Ellwood City Presbyterian, 1894-1897 source
GRAHAM, John   18 May 1898 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 81; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
GRAHAM, William P.   28 Dec 1924 Methodist died in North Girard, PA at age 71; buried at Mercer, PA  source
GREENE, Joel     Baptist pastor of the Carmel Baptist Church, Seven Day Baptist Church, publisher of Baptist newspapers and journals more
GREER, Thomas   10 Apr 1891 Methodist preached in Lawrence Co., also a blacksmith more
GRIMES, Joseph S.     Presbyterian pastored at First Presbyterian, New Castle and at Mahoningtown more
GROFF, Addison Hershey 22 Jun 1891   Reformed ordained by the Allegheny Classis, pastored at Pittsburgh  more
GROVES, James M.   17 May 1913 Methodist died in Cambridge Springs, PA at age 84; buried at Grove Summit, PA  source
GRUENSTEIN, Elias E. 5 May 1848 16 Aug 1914 Reformed died at Wimbledon, ND, at age 66; more

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