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CALKINS, M.H.     Presbyterian pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church, New Castle for over 25 years more
CARROLL, William     Methodist Presiding elder in the Erie Conference more
CARSON, H. C.     Presbyterian Pastor at Robinson Church near McDonald, member of Chartiers Presbytery more
CANEVIN, John Frances Regis 1853   Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh, born Westmoreland Co., more
CHASE, Amos     Presbyterian Pastor at Oil Creek (Titusville) and Centerville, more
CHESBRO, George W.   28 Sept 1901 Methodist Pastored at Greenville, Franklin, Harrisville, Mercer, Jamestown, Cuyahoga Falls and others more
CLARE, Herbert H.     Methodist Pastor at Cherry Creek, Clarendon, Saegertown, Linesville, and others more
CLARK, Silas M.   27 Jan 1924 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 85; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
CLARK, William A.   20 Mar 1916 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 80; buried at Albion, PA  source
CLYDE, James   10 May 1894 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 67; buried at Sandy Lake, Mercer Co., PA  source
COBERN, Camden M.   6 May 1920 Methodist died in Battle Creek, MI at age 65; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
COLLINS, Joseph     Baptist Licensed to preach by the Great Bethel Regular Baptist Church, Uniontown Feb 26, 1859. History of Fayette County, 1882, page 321
COMSTOCK, Cephas 6 Aug 1809 10 Mar 1886 Methodist died near Jackson Center, Jackson Twp., Mercer County, PA.  more
CONAWAY, Horace 2 Apr 1860 17 Dec 1922 Methodist member of the Erie Conference, pastored at New Castle, Warren, Ridgway and others more
CONDIT, Ira 6 Mar 1772 24 Oct 1836 Presbyterian biography more
CONDIT, John Gordon 9 Aug 1829 15 Oct 1911 Presbyterian born in Mercer County, pastored at Sandy Lake, Mt. Pleasant and in Kansas, Colorado and Iowa more
CONDIT, Philip 1801 20 Nov 1856 Presbyterian father of seven, died at age 55, biography
COOK, Alexander 4 Feb 1760 20 Nov 1828 Presbyterian pastor of churches in New Castle, Slippery Rock, Allegheny Co and Ohio more
COOPER, Henry 24 Feb 1837 19 Jun 1903   buried at Hiland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburg; tombstone inscription: "Father, he rests from this labors, his works do follow him." source
CORE, John     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Youngstown and others, 1817-1823 source
COULTER, James     Presbyterian pastor at Harmonsburg, Evansburg, Conneautville and others more
COULTER, John 26 Jun 1784 6 Dec 1867 Presbyterian pastored at West Sunbury, Butler, Scrubgrass and others  more
COWLES, Giles, H.     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Austinburg, Richfield, 1812-1814  source
COZAD, Frank A.     Presbyterian pastor at Little Beaver Presbyterian and Harlansburg Presbyterian source more 
CRAWFORD, John W.   26 May 1900 Methodist died in Cleveland, OH at age 62; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
CREED, E. K.     Methodist appointments at Sugar Grove, Mercer, Sandy Lake and others more
CRITCHLOW, Benjamin C.     Presbyterian Pastor at New Brighton for 35 years more
CRITCHLOW, George W.     Lutheran Born in Butler Co., pastor at Saegerton, Crawford County more
CRUM, John    10 Jan 1882 Methodist died at Volant, PA at age 73; buried at Mercer, PA  source 
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander     Presbyterian pastor at Gravel Run Presbyterian Church, more
DALE, Wesley W.  10 May 1853   Methodist pastor at the First Methodist, Sharon; Reynoldsville and others more
DALZELL, Charles 1864 1922   buried at Hiland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburg source
DANIELS, Abraham   14 Jun 1847 Methodist early Methodist circuit rider, more
DAVIS (Rev.)     Presbyterian pastor of the Polk Run Presbyterian Church, Armstrong Co. in 1916 view photo of church
DAVIS, Robert M.   1889 Presbyterian pastor at Rich Hill, Leesburg, Harlansburg, in Butler Presbytery more
DAY, William F.    23 Oct 1882 Methodist died at Titusville, PA at age 61; buried at Akron, OH  source 
DE MITA, Nicholas 29 Nov 1875   Catholic pastor of St. Vitus Catholic Church, New Castle more
DENLINGER, Henry K.     Presbyterian pastor at New Castle 1st Presbyterian Church, 1906-1907 more
DERROW, Nathan B.     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, pastor at Vienna, 1809-1920, source
DICE, John Smith 24 Nov 1844   Presbyterian Bethel United Presbyterian Church of North Beaver twp, Lawrence Co. more
DIEFFENBACHER, Eusebius Hottel 3 Aug 1837 27 Nov 1904 Reformed Pastor at London, Mercer County and Pleasant Unity and others more
DIEFFENDERFER, William Martin 11 Nov 1881   Reformed pastor at St. Paul's Reformed Church, Sharon, also taught at Sharon High School  more
DICKEY, James W.     Presbyterian pastored at Conneautville, Evansburg, Harmonsburg, Gravel Run and others more
DIGHT, John M. 30 May 1843   Presbyterian born in Mercer County, studied at Westminster and Allegheny Colleges, supt of schools in Mercer Co., pastored in Allegheny Co. and others more
DILWORTH, Robert     Presbyterian associated with the Shenango Presbytery most of his life, pastor of Little Beaver Church over 30 years more
DODD, N. M.     Presbyterian elder with the Shenango Presbytery, 1908 more
DODDS, Horace G. 21 Jul 1857 28 Feb 1926 Methodist died in Greenville, PA at age 68; buried at Greenville, PA  source  biography photo
DOMENEC, Michael 1816 5 Jan 1878 Catholic Rt. Rev. Michael Domenec, from Spain, Bishop of the Pittsburgh Synod more
DOMENY, Zoltan     Presbyterian pastor at Magyar Presbyterial, 1904-1905, then dropped source
DONEHOO, George P.     Presbyterian pastor at Sharon Presbyterian, 1892-1908 source
DOOLEY, Patrick Aloysius     Catholic pastor at St. Monica's Church, Wampum, Lawrence Co,  more
DOUGLASS, S. W.     Presbyterian pastor at West Middlesex Presbyterian, 1889-1892 source
DOUGLASS, Thomas W.     Methodist Civil War Veteran; licensed to preach in 1873 more
DOUTHETT, Samuel   21 Jul 1837   buried at Hiland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburg, died at age 30 source
DOVERSPIKE, H. Edgar 1907 1946   Headstone photo
DOZIER, Joseph     Baptist Second pastor of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, Aliquippa, 1911  source
DUFF, David Kennedy 8 May 1825   Presbyterian Civil War Veteran; pastored in Westmoreland Co. and Armstrong Co., well known throughout Western PA more
DUNCAN, James     Presbyterian member of the Hartford Presbytery, 1817-1820 source
DUNKLE, Valentine F.   13 May 1926 Methodist died in Los Angeles, CA at age 68; buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA  source
DUNLAP, Cyrus H.     Presbyterian pastor at First Presbyterian Church, New Castle, 1880-1895 more
EATON, Johnston    17 Jun 1847 Presbyterian Original Member of the Presbytery of Hartford, ordained 30 Jun 1808, died at age 71 years source
EATON, Leonidas Hamline 1851   Methodist Drew Theological Seminary, Pastored at Hudson, Waynesburg, and others more
EATON, Theodore N. 1849   Methodist Drew Theological Seminary, pastored in Pittsburgh & Allegheny Co. more
EBERMAN, George M.   7 May 1885 Methodist died in Centerville, PA at age 67; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  source
ECKLES, John   25 Oct 1888 Methodist died in Reno, PA at age 67; buried at Cambridge Springs, PA  source
EDEBURN, C. Y.     Presbyterian elder with the Shenango Presbytery, 1908 more
EDWARDS, Charles E.     Presbyterian pastor at Sharpsville Presbyterian, 1893-1895 source
EGER, Francis Joseph 1863   Catholic pastor at St. Joseph's Church, New Castle  more
ELDER, Thomas McConnell 24 Mar 1826   Presbyterian born Westmoreland Co., first principal of Dayton Soldiers' Orphans School, Civil War Veteran, pastored in Armstrong Co., Allegheny Co., and others more
ELLIS, Andrew C. 4 Dec 1851 26 Jun 1923 Methodist died in Meadville, PA at age 71; buried at Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA  more
ESPY, J. Boyd   23 Apr 1907 Methodist died in New Castle, PA at age 68; buried at Fredonia, NY  source

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