SUVCW 502, Mt Union Church Camp. 2015 Memorial Service

2015 Civil War Veterans Memorial Service

Civil War Veterans in Union Cemetery, New Centerville

                        1. John Bittner, 1st Batt. PA INF
John was born Jan. 30, 1806 in Somerset County. He married Rebecca Gibler, and they had the following known children: Jonathan L, a veteran, Joseph A, a veteran, Jacob, also in the 142nd PA, and buried at Rockwood IOOF, and a daughter, Elizabeth.  John mustered in July 24, 1863 in New Centerville, Pa. as a Private in Captain William M. Schrock's Co., after Oct. 2, 1863 1st Battalion Pa. Infantry Co. H. John’s son, Joseph H was killed July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pa, just weeks before his own enlistment.  John would have been 57 years old. He mustered out Jan. 8, 1864 in Harrisburg, Pa. having served July 24, 1863 - Jan. 8, 1864 - 5 month 14 days. He died Feb. 12, 1882 - age 76 years 0 month 13 days. His wife, Rebecca, died 5 years later.   Memorial

John’s son, Jacob, is buried at Rockwood IOOF. 


2. Jonathan L Bittner, 148th PA INF

Jonathan was born in 1838 in Somerset Co. Pa., son of John and Rebecca Gibler Bittner. Jonathan was a shoemaker and was married to Rebecca Humbert. They had children, Minerva, Esther Harriet, Joseph H (named after his brother who was killed in Gettysburg), John J, and Aaron.  Height - 5' 8 1/2"; Hair - Light; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Blue.
He was drafted into Co I 148th Regiment Pa. Infantry, just about 8 weeks after his younger brother, Joseph, died in Gettysburg. Mustered in Aug. 31, 1863 at age 26 as Private in Chambersburg, Pa. He transferred to Co. E 53rd Regiment Pa. Infantry, as a private. He served Aug. 31, 1863 - June 22, 1865, 16 month 29 days. On Dec. 29, 1874 he applied for an Invalid Pension. He died May 30, 1893 and was buried in New Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, Pa. His wife, Rebecca applied for and received a Widow’s Pension after his death. Memorial


3. Joseph H Bittner, 142nd PA INF

Joseph was born about 1840, the son of John and Rebecca Gibler Bitter, farmers living in Milford Township in 1860. He had a sister, Elizabeth, and a brother Jonathan L Bitner, also a Veteran. Unable to find evidence that he was married. He enlisted Aug. 12, 1862 at age 22 in Somerset, Pa as a Corporal in Co. C, 142nd Regiment Pa. Infantry. Mustered in Aug. 25, 1862 in Harrisburg, Pa. He was killed July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pa. - age 26 years 11 month 23 days and body remains on Battlefield at Gettysburg, Pa. His mother, Rebecca Gibler Bittner applied for Mother’s Pension on Mar. 9, 1864  His stone IS listed in the WPA cemetery census, but is incorrect. The mention of Joseph on his mother’s stone would be considered a Centograph – a memorial stone with no body.



4. Hiram W.  Boucher, 54th PA INF

Hiram was born Sept. 13, 1829, the oldest son of John and Joanna Critchfield Boucher of New Lexington. They were farmers with a large family. Other children were Mariah, Isabella, Minerva, Hannah, Walter, Emma, Joanna, Sara, and Susanna.
Height - 5' 10 1/2"; Hair - Sandy; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Grey. It doesn’t appear that he ever married.
Hiram enrolled Sept. 4, 1861 at age 31 in Somerset, Pa. as a Sergeant Co. C 54th Regiment Pa. Infantry, but mustered in Sept. 30, 1861 as 1st Corporal in Harrisburg, Pa. He died Mar. 9, 1862 of Diphtheria. He is listed on the Civil War Monument in front of the Court House. He served Sept. 30, 1861 - Mar. 9, 1862 - 5 month 9 days.  Memorial

5. Chauncey F F Boyd, 39th PA INF

Chauncy was born Feb. 1, 1840 in PA. Parents could not be verified, however, it is thought that he is a grandson of Scottish immigrant James Boyd who died in Elk Lick Township. Chauncey was residing with Delila Boyd and her husband Joseph Smith at Gebhartsburg before the war. Smith was a cooper, and Chauncey learned the trade. He was - 5' 4 1/2"; Hair - Light Brown; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Grey. He married Hester A. ?Hoover, and had two children, Belle Boyd, born about 1868, and George, who was born after his death.
 He Enrolled Apr. 18, 1861 at age 21 in Somerset Co. Pa. He mustered in as a  Private, in Co. A, 39th Regiment 10th Pa. Infantry on June 20, 1861, at Camp Wilkins, Harrisburg, Pa on the roll of Roll of Capt. James S. Hinchman. He was wounded Sept. 14, 1862 at South Mountain and discharged May 26, 1863 for wounds received there. He served June 20, 1861 - May 26, 1863 - 23 month 6 days . He applied for an Invalid Pension Sept. 18, 1865, but  died July 1, 1869 of “consumption of the lungs” or what is now known as Tubercululous.
 In 1870, Hester is living in New Centerville boro, with children, Mary Lichty, born about 1856, and Ellen Caldwell, aged 6, and Belle, aged 2.  Hester moved to Somerset Boro, and is counted in the 1880 census with two children. She was counted as his widow during the special 1890 Veterans Census. She received a monthly pension of $10. a month. Memorial
Chauncey’s date of death may be incorrect. Stone says he died July 1, 1869, but son George was not in the July 1970 census yet.

Who was the Chauncey Forward for whom so many were named? (February 4, 1793 – October 19, 1839) was a Jacksonian member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. In 1817 and began practice in Somerset, Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1820to 1822 and the Pennsylvania State Senate.He was appointed prothonotary and recorder of Somerset County, Pennsylvania in 1831. He died in Somerset in 1839. Interment in Ankeny Square Cemetery.

6. Henry F Clay,  52nd PA INF

Henry was born Mar. 10, 1829 in Saxony, Germany, who immigrated in 1840. He was a shoemaker. He married Lucy Ann Heckler.  They had children, Mary, born in 1854, John, born 1857, Isabelle, born 1858, William Wesley, born 1863, Mariah E, born 1865, Elmira Walker, born in1869, Elnora, born in 1871, and Martha born in1875.
Height 5'8"; Hair - Dark; Complexion - Light; Eyes - Blue
Drafted as a Private in Captain Henry Jenks' Company I of the 52nd Regiment Pa. Infantry. Mustered in Sept. 26, 1864 at age 36 in Chambersburg, Pa.
He was discharged June 2, 1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina by reason of G. O. #73 Dept. N. C. June 2, 1865 Paid in full July 2, 1865, Served 8 month 27 days
Henry applied for Invalid Pension Feb. 3, 1888, due to Disease of Binary Organs, Rheumatism and resulting Disease of Heart. He was awarded $24. per month. He later asked for an increase to $72. a month due to the need to have constant assistance.
He died June 4, 1902 in Middlecreek Twp. Somerset Co. Pa.  Memorial

7. Samuel H Dull, 142nd  PA INF

Samuel was born 30 August 1831, in Milford Twp., the youngest son of Peter and Eve Knable Dull. In 1850 he was apprenticed to wagon maker, Aaron Will, and is still at that trade in 1880. He married Cinderella Walter, and they had the following children: Belle, Caroline, Alice, Jennie, Edwin S., and Eva.
Samuel enlisted Aug. 20, 1862 at age 24 in Connellsville, Pa. He was living in Fayette County at that time.  He mustered in Aug. 27, 1862, into Co. H 142nd Regiment Pa. Infantry. Promoted to Sergeant Major, date unknown. He transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps (Previously called the Invalid Corps) on Aug 1, 1863 by order of War Dept, presumably from injuries from Gettysburg. He mustered out June 1865, close of war. He served Aug. 27, 1862 - Aug. 1, 1863 - 11 month 4 days. He applied for Invalid Pension: Applied Oct. 9, 1879, for heart disease. He received $17. a month.  He died Mar. 30, 1902. Memorial

Samuel’s older brother, Daniel W Dull, served above him as 1st Lt. in Co. F of the 142nd.  Daniel was discharged on Surgeon’s Certificate May 26, 1863, then re-enlisted in the Co. F, 14th PA Cavalry on Feb. 23, 1864, and served until the end of the war. Daniel is in Indian Creek Baptist, near Mill Run, Fayette Co., PA  Memorial


8. Leonard Ferrel, 142nd PA INF

Leonard was born 18 Oct 1829, the son of James and Anna Marie Dively Ferrel (sometimes spelled Fearl) of Berlin. He married Catherine Ann Geiger in 1853, and had the following children: James, Margaret, John, Leonard, Jennie, Robert N, Bertha, Myrtle, and George. They lived in Kingwood in 1880, and he worked as a blacksmith. He was appointed Postmaster in Glade in 1895.
He enlisted Aug. 22, 1862 at age 31 in Stoystown, Pa as a Private in Co. D 142nd Regiment Pa. Infantry. He mustered in Aug. 22, 1862 in Harrisburg, Pa.
On extra duty in Bny. Train 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th A. C.  Absent, on detached service at muster out. He was discharged at Harrisburg, Pa. Served Aug. 22, 1862 - May 29, 1865 - 33 month 7 days. He applied for Invalid pension on Nov. 4, 1876 and Apr. 6, 1907.  After Catherine died in 1876, Leonard remarried, to Sarah Humbert, daughter of David and Joanna Humbert. Sarah did apply for Widows Pension after Leonard’s death, but she died at the County Home in 1917. Her death certificate indicates that no one even knew her husband’s or parents’ names at her death. She is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, in Milford Township, with her parents.
Leonard died Mar. 22, 1911 age 81 years 5 month 4 days. Memorial


9. William Flick,  54th PA INF

William Flick was born in 1833, the son of George T and Sarah Flick. He married Ann M Scott on 30 May 1854, in Berlin, PA.  Ann was the daughter of Wm and Nancy Rush Scott, buried nearby, and was the sister to David Colson Scott, and James McVey Scott, also remembered this day, and buried nearby. William and Ann had two daughters, Sarah E, who died in infancy, and Georgiana, who died in California in 1954. William was listed as a merchant in 1860, and as cabinet maker in 1880. William died in 1899, at the age of 66. He was re-appointed Post Master of Glade after the passing of Leonard Ferrell.
Quarter Master Sergeant Co. C 54th Regiment Pa. Infantry. William enrolled Sept. 4, 1861 at age 29 in Somerset, Pa. Mustered in Sept. 30, 1861 as Sergeant in Harrisburg, Pa. Promoted Mar. 1, 1862 from Sergeant Co. C. Promoted from Sergeant to Quarter Master sergeant. Served Sept. 30, 1861 - Sept. 3, 1964 - 35 months, 3 days. Height - 5' 10"; Hair - Black; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Gray.
He applied for an Invalid Pension Dec. 3, 1879 and his wife, Anne applied for Widow’s Pension after his death. Memorial

Death of William Flick, Somerset Herald, May 10, 1899
Postmaster William Flick, a civil war veteran, died at his home in New Centreville, Saturday morning, aged 65 years, 10 months and 25 days, from heart failure. He had suffered from heart weakness since early boyhood and his death was not unexpected. Mr Flick was a cabinet maker by trade and was considered a fine workman; many specimens of his skill are still to be found in some of the residences of the county. He was appointed postmaster at Glade, and served during the Harrison administration. He was recently reappointed postmaster of that town. In addition to serving as postmaster Mr. Flick presided over the Flick House, a popular country hotel, patronized during the summer months by city guests. He was a commissary-sergeant of the 54th Pa. Vol., and served three years in the army.   The funeral tok place Monday afternoon and was conduected under the auspices of Rockwood Grand Army Post. The services at the house were led by Rev. Biddle, of Confluence, assisted by Rev. Peter Vogle of Somerset. Rev. A Miller, of New Centerville, officiated at the grave. The funeral was a very large one, having been attended by hundereds of neighbors and old soldiers from various sections of the county. Mr. Flick was a good man and an excellent citizen. He leaves a wife and one daughter.

10. Jacob Heinbaugh, 188th PA INF

Jacob was born Feb. 6, 1818, the son of Daniel and Catherine Enos Heinbaugh. He married Eliza Snyder, and they had a large family. His height - 5' 9"; Hair - Sandy; Complexion - Light; Eyes - Grey
He enlisted Sept. 1, 1861 at age 42 in Harnedsville, Somerset Co. Pa. Mustered in Nov. 12, 1861 as Private in Uniontown, Pa. He re-enlisted Feb. 20, 1864 at age 44 in Hilton Head, South Carolina He was promoted to Wagoner Feb. 20, 1864 in Co. H 85th Regiment Pa. Infantry. He mustered in Feb. 30 [sic] 1864 in Hilton Head, S. C.
He transferred to Co. B 188th Regiment Pa. Infantry June 28, 1865. He transferred from Co. B to Co. F Sept. 29, 1865 Discharged Oct. 23, 1865. Jacob had an accident with a team of mules and was injured. He also got ill once and simply went home. For this he was charged with desertion and the provost marshal went to get him and brought him back to the army but after that it seems that he was in and out of the hospital a lot. They said he had many infirmities due to old age - he was in his forties. Jacob applied for Invalid Pension: Applied Jan. 4, 1866. He died May 9, 1905 at age 87, at his home in Rockwood.
Jacob was evidently very involved with the GAR following the war, and was a revered man. He is mentioned in a news article in 1896, as carrying the flag in a celebration when President McKinley visited his brother Abner, in Somerset.  Memorial

Jacob also had two sons in the war: Cyrus who was killed in Fredericksburg, and whose  body was never returned. Cyrus was married to Lavina Warner, and had two children, Colonel E & Missouri. (Is Missouri married to James Campbell of Idewild Park?) His second son, John S, a blacksmith, was a Private in Co C, 142 PA Regt. He died June 4, 1896, In his 55th year. He is buried in Greenlick Cemetery, Bullskin Twp., Fayette Co., PA  Memorial


OBIT Memorial Day will have a new interest for hundreds of Somerset county soldiers. Trembling, but loving hands, will plant a flag and deposit a wreath on the new made grave of “Uncle Jake” Heinbaugh, for whom “taps” sounded Thursday night. May 9th, at his home in Rockwood. No resident of the county had a wider circle of friends and none was better loved by his comrades in arms than the bearded veteran who has been called before the great Captain. At the various New Year gatherings of R. P. Cummins Post G..A.R.  There always appeared to be a peculiar significance to the homage paid to “Uncle Jake” by those who had been his comrades in the stirring days of the rebellion. The greeting given him was probably a little bit warmer than accorded other out-of-town comrades, and a circle of admiring friends loitered around him anxious to contribute to his comfort and to enjoy his conversation. This was probably due to the fact that when he volunteered “to help save the Union” he had passed the meridian of life, and in camp was looked upon by many of his comrades in the light of a father, or because they felt that in him they had a protector and friend to whom none were ever known to have appealed in vain. A man of great physical strength and strong personal character “Uncle Jake” would have attracted attention in any assemblage. Mr Heinbaugh was born in February 1819, and lived all his 87 years in the vicinity of Rockwood. He served throughout the war as a member of 85th Pa. Vol. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Simon R. Parker, or Rockwood, and by one son, Solomon Heinbaugh, of Beaver Falls. The funeral Thursday afternoon was largely attended, a squat from R. P. Cummins Post, under command of John C. Pile, being resent and frising a volley as the casket was lowered into the grave, in the cemetery at New Centerville. Obit – courtesy of Donna Lee D'Agostino of Michigan.


11. Franklin B Long,  54th PA INF

Franklin was born 19 January 1830, the son of Nathan and Catharine Berkey Long. Both parents were born in Elk Lick Township, but are buried in Imel Cemetery, Fayette Co, near Cranberry Lake. Franklin married Mary J Auginbaugh in Somerset County in 1855, and they had the following children: Mary A, Laura H, and William P, before the war, then Carrie B, Lola M, Lillie, and Maggie after the war.  In 1870, the family was living in New Centerville, and Frank was employed as a dry goods clerk, but they later moved on to Pittsburgh, where Frank got employment as a street car conductor.  Height - 5' 11"; Hair - Dark; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Dark.  He worked as a clerk
Franklin joined while a resident of Fayette County, as a Captain, in Co. G, 54th Regiment Pa. Infantry. He mustered in Oct. 20, 1861 at age 32, and was discharged Mar. 2, 1865 by reason of expiration of term of service.  He served Oct. 20, 1861 - Mar. 2, 1865 - 40 month 12 days. He filed for an Invalid Pension Oct. 18, 1883. He died Apr. 4, 1891 at age 61 years 2 month 16 days, and Mary applied for Widow’s Pension after his death. Memorial


12. Joseph D Miller, 54th PA INF

Joseph Daniel Miller was born Mar. 21, 1839 in Milford Twp., the son of Daniel D and Mary Miller, farmers. Joseph was a school teacher in Gebhart before the war. Height - 5' 10 1/2"; Hair - Sandy; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Blue   He enrolled Sept. 4, 1861 at age 22 in Somerset, Somerset Co. Pa. to serve 3 years or the duration. He was 1st Sergeant in Captain Iranaeus L. Smith's Co. C, 54th Regiment Pa. Infantry commanded by Colonel J. M. Campbell. He mustered in Sept. 30, 1861. He was discharged Sept. 3, 1864 at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia by reason of expiration of his term of service.   He served Sept. 4, 1861 - Sept. 3, 1864 - 35 month 29 days

After the war, Joseph married Helen Will, daughter of John Will. They had the following children: John Will, James McPherson, Jane Corday Wolf, Joseph Ernest, Chester Arthur, and Howard Payne Miller. They operated a general store in Rockwood for many years.  He filed for Invalid Pension on May 7, 1879 and again on Mar. 24, 1909 for his disability – a gunshot wound in right leg below knee received in battle of New Market, Va. May 15, 1864, from a Minnie Ball. He was sent to Post Hospital and later to Clarysville, Md.  Joseph died in 1913. His wife, Helen applied for Widow's Pension on Dec. 13, 1913. She, in turn, died in 1926 in Rockwood. Joseph and Helen are the Grandparents of Helen Wolf, and Chester Miller.
Some of their buildings are still standing in Rockwood, the grocery now a private apartment, and another apartment renamed from Miller Building to the Stoner Building.


13. Cyrus Benford Moore, 5th PA Heavy Artillery

Cyrus was born in Dec. 10, 1841 in New Lexington, the son of William and Rosanna Pyle Moore.  He married Ellen A Brant, and they had the following children: Minnie Moore Shaff, Louise Moore Ross, Sarah Edith Moore Wills, Annie, George, and Clarence. Cyrus became a merchant in New Lexington, but Ellen died in 1878. He remarried to Catherine, Ellen’s sister in 1882, and they had two additional children, Ralph Waldo Emerson Moore, and Jennie Moore Brubaker.
Cyrus enlisted Sept. 1, 1864 at age 22 in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Lt. Snyder as a Sergeant in Battery K, 204th Regiment 5th Pa. Heavy Artillery. He mustered in Sept. 8, 1864 in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Lt. Williams for 1 year. Mustered out June 30, 1865 with battery. Discharged July 7, 1865. He served Sept. 8, 1864 - June 30, 1865 - 9 month 22 days. He died Aug. 31, 1916, at West Penn Hospital, in Pittsburgh of an intestinal obstruction. Pension application: Widow applied for pension after his death. Memorial
OBIT   As the seven o'clock whistles of the city of Pittsburg on Thursday morning
last were ushering in another day of toil, the spirit of Cyrus Benford Moore was
taking its flight to begin the eternal day. Mr. Moore died at the West Penn
Hospital whither he had been taken the Monday preceding his death. He suffered
from intestinal adhesions and an operation had been preformed but he could not
survive the attending shock. His death came as a great grief to his own
immediate relatives as well to his very wide circle of friends. He was aged 74
years, 8 months and 21 days. For half a century he conducted a general store at
his home at New Lexington, this county and directed very successfully a large
farm owned by him. This farm was originally caller "Enjoyment Farm," which had
changed hands but four times since it was owned by John Penn, a brother of
William Penn. As a merchant he was also postmaster and served for fifty years
there with the exception of the time when Cleveland was president. Mr. Moore
took a keen interest in the events of his day and was always active in the
furtherance of the best things for his community. He was a well informed man,
and his conversation was to the profit of those with whom he talked. His
disposition was cheery and he passed for a much younger man than his years would
ordinarily indicate. He served in the Civil War 1864-1865. He is survived by his
widow and the following children: Mrs. Robert E. Ross, of Addison; Mrs. Greely
Will, of Meyersdale; Mrs. Hague Schaff, of St. Anthony, Idaho; Mrs. John
Brubaker of Berlin; George Moore at home; Clarence Moore Assistant Cashier of
Citizens National Bank of Meyersdale and Ralph Moore of Pittsburg. He is also
survived by one brother, Dr. H. D. Moore, of New Lexington and one sister, Mrs.
W. F. Cunningham of Lavansville, Pa. The funeral was held Friday afternoon at
two o'clock from the late residence of the deceased, and was one of the largest
ever seen in the southern end of the county. Delegations from R. P. Cummings
Post G. A. R. and from James Hinchman Camp Sons of Veterans were present. The
obsequies were conducted from the Lutheran Church at New Centerville of which he
was a lifelong and active member. His pastor, Rev. F. B. Fasold assisted by a
former pastor, Rev. J. H. Zinn D. D., of Oesterburg conducted the services.
Meyersdale Commercial, Sept. 7, 1916


14. John A Phillippi, PA 88th INF 

John was  born  June 16th, 1837, the son of Abraham and Elizabeth Zufall Phillippi in Milford Township. He married Joanna Griffith, and they had the following children:  Milton, Benjamin F, Bertha Susan Shultz, and Mary Ella Phillippi. John was a lumberman. He was drafted as a Private Co. I 88th Regiment Pa. Infantry, mustering in Mar. 11, 1865 at age 27 in Chambersburg, Pa. He mustered out June 30, 1865 with company. Served Mar. 8, 1865 - June 30, 1865 - 39 month 19 days. He applied for Invalid Pension: Applied July 16, 1890 and Aug. 1, 1907, for Rheumatism and Chronic Diarrhea. He died Dec. 19, 1928 at age 91 years 6 month 3 days  Memorial



15. David Colson Scott, 39th PA INF

David was born June 3, 1839, the son of William and Nancy (Rush) Scott, farmers of Gebhartsburg.  Height - 5'10"; Hair - Brown; Complexion - Fair; Eyes – Gray. He married Martha Ann Price in 1864, and they had the following children Charles, Mamie, Margaret (Levi) Deal, James B, Nancy B (Frank) Sanner. 
David enrolled Apr. 18, 1861 at age 22 as a 1st Lieutenant in Captain John C. Gaither's Co. A 39th Regiment 10th Pa. Reserves Infantry,  commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ayer Jr. He mustered in June 20, 1861 SS, July 21, 1861 FS at Camp Wright, Harrisburg, Pa. Wounded Dec. 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg and at Gain's Mill. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant Apr. 26, 1864. Discharged, with company, June 11, 1864 at Pittsburgh, Pa. by reason of expiration of service. Served Apr. 18, 1861 - June 11, 1864 - 37 month 24 days. He was paid in full at Pittsburgh June 14, 1864.
He applied for an Invalid Pension July 2, 1880 due to a weak left leg due to a shell wound, Deafness, Heart Disease, and deformed feet. He received $6.  Memorial

David was the older brother to James McVey Scott, also a Veteran.

16. James McVey Scott,  204th, PA HART

Corporal James Scott was born 1843, the son of William and Nancy (Rush) Scott, farmers of Gebhartsburg. Height- 5'11"; Hair - Brown; Complexion - Florid; Eyes – Grey.  He married Clara Mary Young in 1863, and they had three children: William E, b. 1864, Martin Everette, b. 1866, and Mary Allie, b. 1868. James died in 1872, only 4 years after the birth of his last child, and his wife evidently died soon after, as the children are living with Grandparents and relatives by 1880. He applied for an Invalid Pension July 28, 1870. His wife applied for Widow’s Pension Sept 29, 1879, and his daughter, Anna, et al, applied as a minor on June 2, 1890.  James was a Corporal in Captain John M. Kent's Battery K 204th Regiment 5th Pa. Heavy Artillery. He enrolled Aug. 29, 1864 at age 21 in Somerset, Pa by Lt. Snyder to serve 1 year or the duration of the war.  He mustered in Sept. 1, 1864 by Lt. Williams and he mustered out with his regiment June 13, 1865 at Vienna, Virginia.  He served Aug. 29, 1864 - June 13, 1865 - 9 month 15 days. Memorial

17. George Sechler, 204th PA HART 

George Sechler was born 1845, the son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Dull Sechler.  George married Minerva Boucher, and they had the following children: Charles, Edwin, and Whitelaw, Allen, and Harry.  He was a Private in Battery K 204th Regiment 5th Pa. Heavy Artillery. He Enlisted Sept. 4, 1864 at age 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Lt. Snyder He mustered in Sept. 8, 1864 in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Lt. Williams for 1 year. He mustered out June 30, 1865 with battery. Served Sept. 4, 1864 - June 30, 1865 - 9 month 22 days
Died in 1920 Memorial

18. Samuel H Smith, 133rd, PA INF

Samuel was born in Dauphin Co. Pa.
Height - 5'10"; Hair - Light; Complexion - Dark; Eyes – Blue. He was a Cooper, but enlisted as a Musician (Private) in Captain George F. Baer's Co. E 133rd Regiment
Pa. Infantry on Aug. 6, 1862, in Addison, Somerset Co. Pa. to serve 9 months. He mustered in Aug. 14, 1862 in Harrisburg, Pa. He was discharged Feb. 24, 1863 at Camp Humphrey, Virginia on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability.He re-enlisted as a Private in Captain Guy Bryan Jr's  Co. B, 3rd Regiment Prov. Pa. Cavalry on Feb. 18, 1864.  He mustered out Oct. 31, 1865 from Co. B and was discharged at Cumberland by reason of G. O. #144 C. S. A. G. O.   Samuel was living is Salisbury in 1880 as a divorced man, and listed as a disabled soldier. Filed Oath of Identity Oct. 5, 1888 while a resident of Salisbury, Somerset Co. He applied for Invalid pension on Apr. 20, 1863 due to Heart Disease, Dropsy and Piles. In 1883 Samuel received a pension of 6 dollars a month for Dropsy, and heart disease. Memorial

19. John D Snyder, 61st PA INF

John was born May 9, 1823 son of Dewalt and Christina Miller Snyder, also buried here. John married Elizabeth Meyers, daughter of Henry H & Adeline Faidley Meyers. They had four children: Iraneus, Albert, Harvey, and Mary Snyder Lanning, who died in KS. John was drafted as a Private in Co. G, 61st Regiment Pa. Infantry. Mustered in Sept. 26, 1864 at age 41 in Chambersburg, Pa. Discharged June 20, 1865 by Special Order #471. He served until June 20, 1865 - 8 month 24 days. He applied for Invalid Pension on May 15, 1891, and his widow Elizabeth applied for Widow’s Pension after his death on Jan. 22, 1898.  Memorial
John had a grandson, Albert Snyder, who later developed world renowned snap-dragon seeds at Rockwood Floral Company, on Greenhouse Rd, behind Rockwood.


20. Daniel W Will,  54th PA INF

Daniel W Will was born in 1839, in Milford Township, the son of John and Nancy (Scott) Will. He remained single, and was a teacher. Height - 5'10 1/4"; Hair - Brown, Complexion - Dark; Eyes – Grey. He enrolled Oct. 10, 1861 at age 21 as a Sergeant Co. B 54th Regiment Pa. Infantry.  He was Captured Sept. 1862, and Wounded at Lynchburg, Va. June 19, 1864 Again wounded at Winchester, Va. July 1864 He was discharged Nov. 30, 1864. Served Oct. 10, 1861 - Nov. 30, 1864 - 37 month 20 days. He applied for Invalid Pension Nov. 28, 1882 and Aug. 27, 1907. Disability - Shot through thigh. Died Dec. 13, 1927 in Rockwood, Somerset Co. Pa at age 88.    Memorial


We remembered the service of 20 of the 42 Civil War Veterans buried at Union Cemetery in New Centerville today. We can...

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