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Danville Past and Present
Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania
A Collection of
Historical And Biographical Sketches,
By: D. H. B. Brower
Harrisburg, PA.:
Lane S. Hart, Printer and Binder

Our School Houses

Danville is furnished with at least three of the most complete school buildings in the State. The people of this place have always felt a warm interest in the subject of popular education, and have employed every agency to advance and sustain our public schools. The care and taste exercised in the construction of our school buildings, is in keeping with that which is exercised in selecting teachers and watching the education of the young. The school building in the Third ward, is a fair sample of all, and a brief description of this imposing structure, will answer for those of the First and Fourth wards, only they are much larger.

The size of the building is __

At either side a wide door opens into a central hall, from which two splendid stairways lead to the second story; each floor being divided into two rooms, very large, high ceilings, well ventilated and heated by two large heaters located in the basement. The primary department is in the west wing on the first floor. We have never seen, either in city or country, fixtures and furniture better adapted to the purpose. There are twenty-eight desks in each room, and fifty=six very neat little chairs, immovably fixed on iron pedestal, and suited to the size of the scholars. In the center of each desk, imbeded in the lid, is an inkstand that can only be moved with a key. The chairs and desks are all of maple wood, nicely varnished and polished, with metal supports firmly screwed to the floor. The four rooms are all furnished alike, only the desks and chairs in each room are suited to the size of the pupils. The wood work of the interior is neatly and handsomely painted and grained to match the furniture. This complete and artistic part of the work was executed by Mr. M. B. Munson, and attests the skill with which he handles the brush.

The brick work was done by Mr. C. Books, and is one of the most substantial and finished jobs of the kind that can be found in our place. Look at those neat, yet massive walls, and you will indorse our opinion.

The construction of this grand edifice was in the hands of Mr. Robert McCoy, contractor and builder, of this place, and every part was designed by him and finished under his personal supervision. This, as well as other structures erected by Mr. McCoy, places him among the first architects of this part of the State; and while the children enjoy the benefits of pleasant, convenient, and healthy school-rooms, he may well feel an honest pride in the building itself, as the result of his skill and experience in the science of architecture.

There are twenty-eight schools in the borough of Danville, with an average number of seventeen hundred scholars.

F. C. Derr is principal of the high school and has been for a number of years. There are twelve directors in the town, three for each ward by special act of the the Legislature.

Rev. Horine is superintendant of schools for this county at the present time. The school term is ten months in each year.


This page is maintained by Terri Cook as part of the USGenWeb Project. ©2002. Terri Cook. All rights reserved.