Old Presbyterian - Bloom St., Danville
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Old Presbyterian Cemetery
(Memorial Park)
Bloom Street, Danville, PA

I found this file at the Bloomsburg Public Library. This was the note attached to the file:

The following is a list of conspicuously marked graves in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery on Bloom Street in Danville. This does not include all graves and is taken largely from data first obtained in 1887. Since then, scores of bodies have been removed to other cemeteries. All tombs and markers were laid flat over the proper graves and the land was filled up to a uniform grade. There is now a park.

Christina Best, Wife of George Best29 April 1836
John Best19 December 1870
Valentine Best28 October 1857
Hannah M. Boyd24 December 1864
John Boyd29 August 1801
John C. Boyd18 October 1849
Daniel Barton27 April 1808
Emele Barton5 November 1819
Agnes Blue, Wife of Isaiah Blue28 January 1864
Hannah Blue6 April 1870
John Blue25 September 1861
Mary Blue28 September 1838
Peter Blue19 March 1826
Mary W. Caldwell, Wife of William Caldwell15 December 1853
Daniel Cameron16 March 1834
Daniel Cameron 16 March 1831
Catherine Cameron11 July 1849
Mary C. Cameron, Wife of Daniel14 July 1873
Andrew Childs7 May 1864
Elizabeth Childs, Wife of James Childs11 October 1875
Esther K. Childs28 May 1849
James Childs10 January 1871
John Childs12 December 1867
Margaret Childs1 December 1834
Mary G. Childs, Wife of John Childs 31 July 1846
Andrew Clark1831
Florence Clark28 May 1841
Joseph Corneilison18 August 1851
Letitia Corneilison16 September 1863
Sarah Cornelison, Wife of Adam Cornelison13 September 1852
Stewart Cornelison30 July 1881
Thomas Cousart2 August 1853
Jane Curry21 April 1825
William Curry9 November 1852
Fannie EverettJanuary 1829(sic)
Isabella Everett19 January 1849
James Everett18 February 1859
Mary Everett20 November 1789
Obed Everett30 March 1852
Daniel Fraser26 March 1828
Isabella Fraser19January 1856
James Frazier19 March1836
Jane Frazier2 January 1828
John FrazierAugust 1821
Margaret Frazier19 March 1824
Mary Frazier1823
Sarah Garrett5 June 1856
William Garrett20 September 1842
Achsar Gearhart 13 March 1813
Benjamin Gearhart22 October 1868
Benjamin Gearhart, 2nd22 February 1854
George Gearhart17 May 1817
Mary Gearhart12 November 1867
Phoebe Gearhart21 June 1845
William C. Gearhart15 September 1834
Anna Grier10 September 1828
Isabella J. M. Grier12 June 1856
M. C. Grier25 December 1878
Abram Gulick4 March 1852
Catherine GulickJanuary 1840
Isaac Gulick29 April 1862
John Gulick2 November 1837
Margaret Gulick, Wife of John Gulick20 October 1855
Mary Gulick, Wife2 October 1848
Priscilla Gulick4 March 1852
Elizabeth James12 October 1865
Thomas James 17 December 1863
Peter Kolb5 January 1845
James Lemon6 January 1843
James Lemon Sr.11 December 1842
Lucinda Lemon3 September 1849
Ruth Lemon21 August 1840
Thomas Lemon9 December 1849
William Lemon3 January 1847
Mary Martin1856
Hugh McBride2 December 1808
Mary McBride3 December 1818
Nathaniel McBride10 June 1821
Jane C. McCullough12 September 1853
John McCullough15 November 1832
Elizabeth McWilliams9 January 1813
Hugh McWilliams1877
Jane McWilliams4 August 1808
Robert McWilliams4 March 1832
John T. Mervine13 November 1872
George Miller20 October 1843
Alex Montgomery29 May 1848
Christina Montgomery15 November 1848
General Daniel Montgomery30 April 1831
Daniel S. Montgomery26 March 1859
Daniel W. Montgomery 28 August 1830
Isabella MontgomeryOctober 1815
Jane Montgomery29 October 1807
Jane D. Montgomery, Wife of Alex Montgomery   8 March 1876
Margaret Montgomery18 March 1876
General William Montgomery1 May 1816
Honorable William Montgomery8 June 1846
William Montgomery, Jr.1806
Daniel Moore12 March 1829
Robert Moore20 March 1871
Mary Moore16 August 1825
John M. MulfingerMay 1869
James N. Nolan31 March 1857
Reverend John B. Patterson23 September 1832(sic)
Rebecca Patterson20 January 1842
John B. Patterson23 September 1832(sic)
Abner Pitner22 August 1867
Mary Pitner22 August 1867
Anna Reynolds2 January 1839
Charles Reynolds7 May 1842
Mary Reynolds6 January 1877
Thomas Reynolds8 August 1880
Elizabeth Ross26 June 1816
Jane Ross1 July 1820
Catherine Russell27 April 1846
John Russell6 June 1851
John F. Russell11 July 1841
Lucinda Russell14 August 1851
Mary Russell, Wife of Andrew11 November 1866
Robert Russell26 September 1816
Robert G. Russell15 August 1872
Barbara Sechler6 January 1807
Christina Sechler 5 October 1831(sic)
Elizabeth Sechler11 February 1846
Hannah Sechler7 January 1829
Herman Sechler20 July 1826
Jacob P. Sechler31 July 1842
John Sechler5 October 1831(sic)
John Sechler, Jr.16 July 1844
Rudolph Sechler26 June 1857
Sarah H. Sechler4 November 1849
Susannah Sechler20 September 1871
Bridget Sholes, Wife of Cyrus19 February 1820
Catherine Sholes, Wife of Orrin8 June 1826
Elizabeth Shultz26 August 1856
Jacob Shultz13 August 1863
Anna Siglar, Wife of Thomas D.7 December 1843
Elizabeth Snyder, Wife of Jacob2 October 1853
John Sunday17 September 1858
John Thomas7 August 1855
Anna G. Voris26 April 1881
Gilbert VorisMarch 1797
Jane VorisOctober 1816
John Voris5 April 1848
Joseph Voris24 May 1866
Sarah C. Watson25 March 1849
Eleanor Wilson, Wife of George1 October 1827
Captain John S Wilson12 April 1847
Elizabeth G. Wagner27 October 1842

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