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Danville Past and Present
Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania
A Collection of
Historical And Biographical Sketches,
By: D. H. B. Brower
Harrisburg, PA.:
Lane S. Hart, Printer and Binder

Mahoning Presbyterian Church

This church was built in 1853, on Mahoning and Ferry streets, the congregation, as before stated, retaining the name and the or- ganization of the original church. The building is handsome and well-arranged. It is surmounted by a steeple containing a bell and a town clock. Some years ago a storm blew down the spire, which was never replaced. There is a fine memorial window in the rear of the pulpit. The designs in color are elegant and appropriate, having been placed there by E. B. Reynolds, in memory of his mother, who had been a member of the congregation for many years. Rev. Doctor Yeomans, who was the pastor in the old church, continued his ministrations in the new for a number of years, and died greatly lamented by the community, as well as the members of his own religious household. Rev. Doctor Yeomans was a man of very superior powers of mind; in truth, he was a great as well as a good man. He may not have been fully appreciated at home, but he ranked with the most eminent divines of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. His reputation extended all over the country, and his great ability was not only acknowledged by making him Moderator of the General Assembly, but in according to him the deference that exalted merit demands on all occasions.

Rev. Ijams succeeded to the pastorate of Mahoning Presbyterian church, after the death of Dr. Yeomans. He was something of a sensationalist; eleoquent he was, and, withal, rather dramatic. Of course a sermon would be dull and lifeless without it; yet it should not be all drama, nor yet the most prominent feature of a discourse. His imaginative powers were good, and as an orator he stood de- servedly high, but the people missed the solid, glowing force of truth they were wont to hear from Dr. Yeomans. Rev. Ijams resigned, and Rev. A. B. Jack was called to the charge of Mahoning Presby- terian church. He was distinguished for originality, for a wide range of though and power of language. His descriptive powers are some- thing remarkable, his oratory peculiar, startling, and effective. For sublimity of conception and beauty of expression, some of his dis- courses were unsurpassed. After officiating for several years, he re- signed to take charge of a congregation in Hazelton, where he still remains. Rev. F. R. Beeber succeeded him in this place, and if not as brilliant as his immediate predecessor, he is a sold thinker, a good speaker, and an excellent pastor. In his earnest life-work, Rev. Beeber endeared himself to the hearts of many; his faithfulness as a minister, his ability as a teacher, and his fidelity as a friend, will not be forgotten. Rev. R. L. Stewart, the present pastor, has just entered upon his work in this place, and the indications point to the best results.

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