Monroe County, PA 1817 Tax List: Ross Twp.

Tax List - 1817

Ross Twp, Monroe Co, PA

Contributed by Dorothy M. Bond-Dittmer

Note: As the Federal Census is only taken every ten years, the County tax lists and assessment rolls have come to play an important part of our genealogical research. It helps to track the movements of our ancestors in or out of the county. It can also estimate death dates and some will even list the single men seperately. Here again - check for all possibly spellings.

Altemose, Michael
Andrew, John
Barleib, Philip
Barleib, Stofle
Barlib, John
Boskirk, Andrew
Boskirk, Andrew, Sr.
Brotzman, David
Brotzman, Frederick
Burger, Daniel
Burger, Henry
Burger, Henry
Burger, Henry, Jr.
Burger, Jacob
Burger, John
Burger, Nicholas
Burger, Sofia
Buskirk, Daniel
Buskirk, George
Buskirk, Jacob
Buskirk, Jesse
Christman, David
Christman, Henry
Christman, John
Christman, Joseph
Christman, Stoffle, Sr.
Christman, Stoffle
Correll, Adam
Cowell, Nicholas
Davis, John
Engler, Adam
Engler, Simon
Flite, Abraham
Flite, Adam
Flite, George
Frantz, Daniel
Frantz, George
Frantz, Henry
Frantz, Jacob
Frantz, Jacob, Jr.
Frantz, John
Frantz, Philip
Frantz, Samuel
Fravel, George
Fry, Henry
Greentzweig, ---
Greentzweig, David
Greentzweig, Eliza
Greentzweig, Gotleib
Greentzweig, Henry
Greentzweig, Jona
Hane, Jacob
Henry, William
Hess, David
Hopple, Jacob
Hower, Henry
Hower, Ludwig
Hower, Stoffle
Kern, George
Kern, Peter
Kitchlin, Peter
Kitz, Adam
Kitz, Conrad
Kitz, George
Kitz, John
Kitzer, Jacob
Kitzsen, Conrad
Kitzsen, George
Kleindop, Conrad
Kleindop, John
Komer, George
Kremser, John
Leaning, Philip
Levers, George
Levers, Widow
Lockharsh, Michael
Mackes, Christian
Marsh, John
Mixsell, Jacob
Mixsell, John
Mockes, Adam
Mockes, Frederick
Mockes, Jacob
Mockes, John
Oyer, Adam
Patterson, Alex, Esq.
Richard, Samuel
Rilbert, John
Rittman, Peter
Rommel, Jacob
Ross, John
Roth, John
Serfass, John
Shuyned, Frederick
Siddle, James
Sigler, Jacob
Smeal, Jost
Smeal, William
Smith, Alexander
Smith, David
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Jacob
Smith, John
Smith, John, Jr.
Strohl, John
Strohl, Peter
Sulfer, Henry
Sylfus, Jacob
Washbourn, Daniel
Washbourn, Jacob
Yonkee, Henry
Young, John
Zacharias, John

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