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Welcome to Mercer County, PA.....

We're making some changes here, so take a look around and see what's going on!  We've added some interactive features.  Visit our Mercer County Genealogy Databank and add your Surnames, Ancestral Heroes, Add-a-Grave Grave Listings, Biographies, Obituaries, and other information and see the results instantly!!!  You'll want to try this out!

All you need to do is create a user name and a password, then log in and submit you data.  That way, when you need to change the information or add to it, you can. 

Do you have to create a user name and password?  No.  You can view all the submitted materials without one.  And you can even leave comments on them (click on the "Add a Comment" link) with out a user name and password.  But if you want to add something, you'll need one.

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Mercer County Schools

Grove City, PA High School 1934 Pine Knot Yearbook


Farrell, PA High School Alumni 1904-1926



Mercer County
Old Photos

Unknown Woman and Child

Several thousand old photos  of people and places in Mercer County

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History On Line!

Twentieth Century History   of Mercer County 1909
Read it online at Google Books >>
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