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Disciples or Christian Church. This organization in Sharon owes its origin to the visit of Adamson Bentley and Walter Scott, in the spring of 1828. These gentlemen were advocates of the doctrines then being promulgated by Alexander Campbell, and came to Sharon by invitation of the Baptists of the village, for whom they held a series of meetings. Thirteen candidates were baptized, but a difficulty arising as to the manner of their reception into the church they, with twenty from the Baptist organization, thirty-three members all told, formed themselves into a new organization on the last Monday of June, 1828.

Of these charter members the following names have been recovered by Joseph McCleery, to whom we are indebted for the collection of most of the facts herein contained. The following is the list: Bashara Hull and wife Rhoda, Obadiah Hull and wife Mary Ann, Anna Hoagland (still living), John

Within three years from the date of the organization the following, with others whose names cannot be recalled, were added: Jesse Hoagland and wife Elizabeth, Joseph Hoagland and wife Anna, Richard Hoagland, John McCleery and wife Sarah, Samuel McCleery, John Dunlap, Daniel Upson Budd, Martin Dunham and wife Polly, Hannah Morford, Phoebe Morford, Almira Hull, Lemual Clark and wife, Sarah DeWolf, Rachel Hover, Leah Hover, Mary McCleery, Sr.

The first preaching was done in the barn of Daniel Budd, who prepared the building specially for such use. This building answered the purpose well enough for summer and autumn services. It was occupied because the feeling engendered by the organization of a new congregation prevented their using the Baptist house. The second regular place of worship was the cabinet-shop of Jesse Hoagland, which was so occupied for several years. When he sold it preaching was done in private houses and school buildings until 1840. At that time a frame structure, about 30x40, was erected outside of the town limits, near the present furnace of Spearman, Collord & Co. It was occupied until 1852, when, owing to its ineligibility as a place of worship, it was sold to the furnace for a store-house. In 1852 a brick edifice, 40x54, was erected on Rail Road Street at a cost of about $2,000. It was dedicated in December of that year, Elder Isaac Errett, then of Warren, Ohio, but now editor of the Christian Standard, of Cincinnati, delivering the address. In October, 1881, the congregation purchased its present house on the corner of Vine and Pitt Streets for $3, 500. It was erected in 1874 by the Second Presbyterian Church, and dedicated by them February 14, 1875, the entire expense being $10,500. It was re-dedicated by the Christian Church, Prof. Burke A. Hinsdale, of Cleveland, Ohio, delivering the address.

This congregation has had quite an array of preaching talent. At the organization were present Walter Scott, Adamson Bentley and Thomas Campbell. As an assistant in this preliminary work was George McCleery, father of Joseph McCleery, who is still president of Sharon, and an active worker in the congregation which his father assisted in establishing. George McCleery was for many years after the organization of the congregation its

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cherished pastor and spiritual adviser. Following George McCleery came, in regular succession, John T. Smith, John T. Phillips, Harvey Brockett, Calvin Smith, Thomas Munnell, C. C. Foot and Edwin Wakefield. These men, employed usually about a year each, nurtured the congregation from the time the pastoral labors of George McCleery ceased to the year 1857, when the records begin to be more definite and authentic. Matthias Christy, H. D. Carlton and Dr. Goodrich were then employed a portion of their time for a year or so each. Their labors preserved the flock up to 1862. From this date to 1870 meetings were suspended on account of the agitations of the war, sickness, removals, apathy, etc. From July to October, 1870, John T. Phillips preached every two weeks. In October of that year William Baxter, of New Lisbon, Ohio, reorganized the congregation with seventy-two members. Its sustenance from the close of this meeting until April, 1871, was obtained from supplies received from various quarters. In April, 1871, Orange Higgins was employed, and remained as pastor four years. He was succeeded by Peter Vogel, who continued one year. In September, 1876, T. B. Knowles was secured, and remained as pastor two years. For a year following the congregation again depended upon supplies, John T. Phillips and William Baxter being the chief reliance. In February, 1880, W. F. Parker was employed, and continued to labor one year. In April, 1881, E. A. Bosworth was secured. He staid three years. C. G. Brelos was in charge of the work from February, 1885, to September, 1886; Resort was again had to supplies until the summer of 1887. From that time to February, 1888, L. Osborn, of Youngstown, preached every two weeks. During the month of January, 1888, a protracted meeting was held by H. B. Sherman, of Lock Haven, Penn. A. A. McCorkle has been employed to take pastoral charge of the church, commencing February 1, 1888. There have been many irregular preachers at Sharon, preachers who have aided in protracted meetings and on special occasions. Among these may be mentioned Isaac Errett, William Hayden, A. S. Hayden, John Henry, Jonas Hartzell, B. A. Hinsdale, Dr. W. A. Belding, Wesley Lanphear, J. Harrison Jones and H. B. Sherman. The membership at present is about ninety.

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 388-389



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