Surname Index

Surname Index

to the 1870 Census



Every individual, listed alphabetically by surname, first name, and numerically by age, found within the 1870 Federal census of Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  

Compiled from a transcription of National Archives microfilm rolls Publication M593, microfilm rolls #1373 and #1374, transcribed by John MacDonald, March 1999 through October 2000.


©John MacDonald 1999, 2000. Any and all commercial use is strictly prohibited.


1870 Census Index 

for Surnames beginning with....

A A-Ak Al Am-Ao Ap-Ar As-Az  
B B-Ba Be Bi-Bl Bo Br Bu-By
C C-Ca Ce-Cl Co Cr-Cz    
D D-Da De Di-Do Dr-Dz    
E-F E - Ed Eg-Ez F-Fe Fi-Fl Fo-Fz  
G G-Gh Gh-Gl Go Gr-Gz    
H H-Ha He Hh-Hi Ho Hu-Hy  
I-K I Ja-Je Ji-Jy Ka-Ke Ki-Ky  
L La-Le Li-Lo Lu-Ly      
M M-Ma Mc-McC McD-McH McI-McW Md-Me Mi-Mk
Mo Mu-My        
N-P N O Pa Pe Ph-Pl Po-Py
Q-R Q R-Ra Re Rh-Ri Ro Ru-Ry
S S-Sa Sc-Se Sh Si-Sl Sm-Sn So-Sr
St Su-Sy        
T-V Ta-Te Th-Ti To-Ty U V  
W W-Wa We Wh Wi Wo-Wy  
W-Z Y Z        


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