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History of Mercer County Pennsylvania, Its Past and Present, 1888, 2 volumes 

Lynne Nuibe 

Brent Dean Morgan

Suzie Hawk 

Linda Genik

20th Century History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 1909 2 volumes & Surname index.

Volume 1 & Surname Index

Robert Sutherland-Wedding   

Suzie Hawk

Linda Genik

Volume 2 

Suzie Hawk

Linda Genik

Combination 1873 Atlas and 1877 History of Mercer County
Brent Dean Morgan
Mercer County, the Nineteenth Century and Before, searchable CD, contains both the History of Mercer County, PA, 1888 and the Mercer County Directory, 1898. Tom Felt

Mercer County Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 1 - Deed Book 1 (4 July 1803 - 15 March 1806), Article Book A 

(4 July 1803 - 10 September 1814), compiled by Mark S. Painter.

Gerald Larson

Lynne Nuibe

Mercer County Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 2 - Naturalizations from Dockets I & II (1804-1870's),  compiled by Mark S. Painter.

Eve Olson

Lynne Nuibe

Mercer County Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 3 - Orphans Court Books (1804-1839), compiled by Dr. James K. Sewall. Lynne Nuibe
Mercer County Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 4 - Naturalizations from Dockets III, IV & V (1870's-1906), compiled by Mark S. Painter. Lynne Nuibe
Mercer County, Pennsylvania Will Book Index 1804-1900, compiled by Dr. James K. Sewall. Available from

Robert Sutherland-Wedding 

Lynne Nuibe

Mercer County Cemetery Inscriptions

16 Volumes, compiled by Loretta Barker DeSantis and Sally Glaser Dufford.

Janet Stanko
Mercer County Cemetery Inscriptions CD, index to the Cemetery books Lynne Nuibe

Shenango Valley Cemetery, Book 1 (1882-1913) by Mark S. Painter, Compiled from the record books of the cemetery, includes: name of the deceased, place of birth date/place, permit obtained by, etc. 

Tom Felt
Mercer County One-Room School Story: 1800-1960, by Joannie Appleseed (Caldwell School Museum Curator Mae Beringer). Volunteer needed
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