The Mifflin County Historical Society


Frysinger’s Dream

George Ritter Frysinger 1842 - 1933

    2011 marks the ninetieth anniversary of the Mifflin County Historical Society.  As part of the remembrance of the founding in 1921, the society announces the dedication of the present research library to the memory of George R. Frysinger.  He was one of the original charter members, and was the organization’s first president. However, Frysinger was more than the society’s first leader, he was the heart and soul of the group’s enduring motto, Preserving the Past for the Future.

    “Frysinger’s Dream” was his concept of an organization of like-minded individuals, dedicated to collecting, conserving and preserving the artifacts of Mifflin County’s rich and diverse heritage. In addition, he envisioned a repository - an archive - of written materials and photographs assembled for future citizens, researchers and genealogists to consult and explore.  As a writer and historian

himself, Frysinger knew the importance of preserving the words, thoughts and deeds of the people living and dying in a county founded in 1789.

    In his quest to preserve the long forgotten, Frysinger was known to even poke through smoldering trash piles to rescue original documents significant to Mifflin County history.

    George Frysinger’s position as editor and publisher of local newspapers, like the Lewistown Gazette and the Lewistown Free Press, gave him a bully pulpit from which to alert and prod the reading public on a broad range of historical topics.  His knowledge of county history was as broad as it was deep. Frysinger’s Civil War articles and commentary are legendary among researchers seeking documentation of local events during that period. He was one of the early proponents of establishing a monument to the memory of those who served in that war, and editorialized regularly for what now is known as the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Lewistown’s historic center.

  The Mifflin County Historical Society recognizes his inestimable contribution. You are invited to take advantage of the services available in the George R. Frysinger Memorial Library, Historic Courthouse, Lewistown.