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Historic Danville: The Susquehanna River Bridge

 Photos courtesy of Peter Hubicki

Until 1829 when a covered toll bridge was built across the river between Danville and Riverside (South Danville), travelers relied mainly upon ferry boats to reach the opposite shore.  Unfortunately, floods and ice jams have taken their toll on Danville's bridges over the years.  That first wooden bridge was destroyed in a flood in 1846.  A second bridge was erected the following year and was lost to a flood in 1875.  Below is a photo of the remains of the third  bridge that was destroyed in the Spring of 1904.  The iron bridge which replaced it withstood many floods and was a Danville landmark for nearly a century, finally being replaced by a concrete structure which opened in 2000.

A trolley car traversed the new bridge, completed in 1905.

A view of the new bridge over the Susquehanna River in 1906.

The bridge and Riverfront Park in 1944.

A new bridge from Factory Street to Riverside, tunneling under the Market Street historic area, was completed in 2000.  This photo, contributed by Bob McWilliams, shows the old and new bridges side by side.

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