Welcome to the website for the Mahanatawny 

                                Chapter of the DAR located in

                                   Pottstown, Pennsylvania.


               The DAR was founded in 1890 and is a volunteer women’s organization. Our chapter stands on the same principles and obligation put forth by the NSDAR.  These include, but are not limited to, promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing our future through better education for children.


                       The Mahanatawny Chapter of the DAR was founded on May 11, 1939, in the clubroom of the Pottstown Y.W.C.A. by Mrs. Joseph G. Forney, the State Regent.  Mrs. Forney appointed Ms. Amelia Klink as the organizing regent.  The name Mahanatawny or Manatawny (more current spelling) means “the place where to drink.” Click here “Mahanatawny/ Pottstown Area” for more information area.                             


For information on the Mahanatawny Chapter of the DAR please contact our regent

Marlene Armato at mailto:marmato@comcast.net



                                  Promoting patriotism:

             The Mahanatawny Chapter promotes patriotism with our service to the community.  Every month members of our chapter help to host a bingo party at the Southeastern Veterans Center, and at Christmas time pack homemade cookies for the residents.   Each member is encouraged to fly her flag throughout the year and on special days.


                       Through our service we honor the memories of those who fought for freedom and forged a great nation.



                                       Preserving American history:

               The DAR preserves American history by erecting markers on patriot’s graves, encourages the research of historical events in our nations history. Click on this link to a list of our members and their ancestors “Members and our Ancestors”.   Click on this link to see an inventory of our library “Library”.




               Each year the Mahanatawny Chapter holds an essay contest in local elementary schools for children in grades 5th to 8th called the “American History Essay Awards.”  Children are encouraged to submit essays on a predetermined topic.  A winner from each grade is selected and awards are presented at the February meeting of the chapter.  The chapter also presents awards to high school seniors who demonstrate good leadership, patriotism, and service to their communities.


                    The DAR also operates and supports schools across the country for children who come from broken or economically challenged homes. For more information on these schools: click here “School.



        National Society of the Daughters

                                             of the American Revolution

                  Information on the National Society Daughters American Revolution is available at www.dar.org.                                                                     


        Pennsylvania State Society of the Daughters

                                                  of the American Revolution

        The Pennsylvania State Society, along with the local chapters, stands on the same principles and obligation put forth by the NSDAR.  For questions on membership in the Pennsylvania State Society, please send an email to harold12@epix.net or you can visit the Pennsylvania State Society website at www.pssdar.org .      


             For information on similar societies for children and men click on the links below. 


                                   The Pennsylvania State Society of the Children of the American Revolution

                   Children 21 years and younger: http://www.pennsylvaniacar.org./.


                                                            Sons of the American Revolution

                                                                                      Men 18 years and older: http://www.sar.org/


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