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 Listed below are the books, periodicals and reference material in the library of the    

 Mahanatawny Chapter of the DAR.  This material is available to the members of the

chapter upon request. Please contact Mrs. Susan Yoder, Librarian, at

grizsue@dejazzd.com or requesting them at the regular Mahanatawny Chapter 





America by Alistair Cook, 1973, Alfred A. Knopf.  A beautifully illustrated and easy-to-

read  history

 of theUnited States.

Betsy Ross’s Five Pointed Star by John Balderston Harker.  A most informative narrative

and   true accounting of the creation of the American flag.

The Daughters by Peggy Anderson.  This is a provocative narrative of the DAR (including

the   Marian Anderson incident).

Miracle in the Hills by Mary T. Martin Sloop, M.D.  This is the story about the founders and   

history of Crossnore School.  It is written in a most delightfully interesting narrative that   

makes reading an intriguing experience.

Miracle in the Mountains by Harriett T. Kane with Inez Henry. This is the story of Martha

Berry,   founder of Berry Schools--partially supported by DAR.  (Autographed by Inez Henry

to Helena Ladis Garrett and daughter Caroline Jacob.)

Pennsylvania State History of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1976.  Factual    

information of the various Chapters--including Mahanatawny Chapter.

Quare Women’s Journals by Stone and Summers. This is the intriguing and humorous

story of   the founding of Hindman Settlement School, which is partially supported by the


Twenty Years at Hull House by Jane Adams. An accounting of the establishment of a

famous   settlement house in Chicago--a precursor of Hindman Settlement School.

The Suitcases by Anne Hall Whitt, forward by Charles Kuralt. This is an accounting of three   

sisters  in the South during the Great Depression, who were taken from their home and   

place in Crossnore School.  It is a heart-wrenching biography and real success story.


                                           PERIODICALS AND REFERENCE MATERIALS


American Spirit Magazine, “Quilts,” November/December 2002.

                                    Children of the American Revolution Magazine, Fall 2004, Fall 2006, Winter 2006.


DAR Patriotic Index, 1966.


DAR Patriotic Index, 1967, First Supplement.


DAR Patriotic Index, Volume II, 1980, Ancestors Lists.


Daughter of the American Revolution Magazine, February 1932, December 1932,

February1933. The National Geographic Magazine, “The DAR Story,” November 1951.

                                    National Historical Magazine, Fiftieth Anniversary, October 1940.

                                    National Historical Magazine, “September 1940, December 1940.





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