Churches of Lackawanna County, PA

Churches from 1942-43 Scranton City Directory
Adventist Seventh Day Adventist 1405 Wyoming Ave. Scranton
African Methodist Episcopal Bethal African Methodist Episcopal 714 Washington Ave. Scranton
Baptist Bethany Baptist 1632 Pittston Ave. Scranton
Baptist Bethel Baptist 1132 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Baptist Blucher Ave. Baptist 1225 Bleucher Ave. Scranton
Baptist First Baptist 156 S. Main Ave Scranton
Baptist First Russian Ukranian Baptist 913 W. Lackawanna Ave. Scranton
Baptist First Welsh Baptist 215 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Baptist Green Ridge Baptist 1544 Monsey Ave. Scranton
Baptist Hickory Street Baptist 525 Hickory St. Scranton
Baptist Immanuel Baptist 346 Jefferson Ave. Scranton
Baptist Jackson Street Baptist 1202 Jackson St. Scranton
Baptist North Main Ave. Baptist 1735 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Baptist Pine Street Baptist 613 Pine St. Scranton
Baptist Welsh Baptist Mission 123 N. Garfield Ave. Scranton
Baptist West Market Street Baptist 418 W. Market St. Scranton
Christian Missionary Alliance Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian Missionary Alliance 1501 Wyoming Ave. Scranton
Christian Missionary Alliance Providence Tabernacle 2119 Wayne Ave. Scranton
Christian Science First Church of Christian Scientists 520 Vine St. Scranton
Congregational First Welsh Congregational 231 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Congregational Dr. Jones Memorial Congregational 1936 Wayne Ave. Scranton
Congregational Plymouth Congregational 1125 Jackson St. Scranton
Congregational Puritan Congregational 212½ W. Market Scranton
Congregational Tabernacle Congregational 135 S. Hyde Park Ave. Scranton
Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 1780 Washington Ave. Scranton
Episcopal Grace Reformed Episcopal 415 Monroe Ave. Scranton
Episcopal St. David's Episcopal 106 S. Bromley Ave. Scranton
Episcopal St. John's Episcopal 1820 Church Ave. Scranton
Episcopal St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal 232 Wyoming Ave. Scranton
Episcopal St. Mark's Episcopal 109 Potter Dunmore
Evangelical First Evangelical Church of Hyde Park 132 N. Bromley Ave. Scranton
Evangelical Trinity Evangelical 828 Prospect Ave. Scranton
Evangelical Zion Evangelical 1420 Capouse Ave. Scranton
Greek Catholic Hellenic Orthodox 505 Washington Ave. Scranton
Greek Catholic St. John's Greek Catholic 318 Broadway Ave. Scranton
Greek Catholic St. Mary's Greek Catholic 103 Linden St. Scranton
Greek Catholic St. Michael's Greek Catholic 515 E. Drinker St. Dunmore
Greek Catholic St. Nicholas' Greek Catholic 505 Jefferson Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Achavas Achim Synagogue 428 S. Washington Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Ahavath Sholon Synagogue 1733 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Beth Hamedrasch Hagodel Congregation 420 Penn Ave. Scranton
Hebrew B'nai Israel Congregation 523 S. Washington Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Kneseth Israel Congregation 121 Linden St. Scranton
Hebrew Linden Street Jewish Synagogue 121-125 Linden St. Scranton
Hebrew Machzikeh Hadas Congregation 505 Madison Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Madison Ave. Temple 523 Madison Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Ohev Zedel Congegation 1432 Mulberry Scranton
Hebrew Temple Israel 742 Monroe Ave. Scranton
Hebrew Temple of Israel 509 E. Drinker St. Dunmore
Interdenominational Berean Interdenominational 2754 Jackson St. Scranton
Latter Day Saints Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1169 Luzerne St. Scranton
Lutheran Christ Lutheran 830 Cedar Ave. Scranton
Lutheran Immanuel Lutheran 240 Reese St. Scranton
Lutheran Peace Lutheran 2506 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Lutheran St. John's Lutheran 425 Jefferson Ave. Scranton
Lutheran St. Mark's Lutheran 1525 Washburn St. Scranton
Lutheran St. Paul's Lutheran 1019 Wood St. Scranton
Lutheran St. Peter's Lutheran 1000 Taylor Ave. Scranton
Mennonite Menonite Brethern in Christ 1021 Taylor Ave. Scranton
Methodist Allis Mission 400 S. Keyser Ave. Scranton
Methodist Asbury Methodist 1657 Monsey Ave. Scranton
Methodist Bradley Memorial Methodist 3500 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Methodist Court Street Methodist 816 Court St. Scranton
Methodist Dunmore Methodist 222 S. Blakely St. Dunmore
Methodist Elm Park Methodist 700 Linden St. Scranton
Methodist Elm Park Methodist (Italian) 325 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Methodist Embury Methodist 942 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Primitive Methodist First Primitive Methodist 412 E. Market St. Scranton
Methodist Myrtle Street Methodist 842 Harrison Ave. Scranton
Methodist Providence Methodist 1924 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Methodist St. Paul's Methodist 729 Prospect Ave. Scranton
Methodist Simpson Methodist 227 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Methodist West Park Methodist 1224 Oram St. Scranton
Pentecostal Green Ridge Pentecostal 825 Green Ridge St. Scranton
Pentecostal Pentecostal Highway Mission 2020 Pittston Ave. Scranton
Pentecostal Italian Pentecostal 339 S. Hyde Park Ave. Scranton
Pentecostal Italian Church of Christ 1146 Luzerne St. Scranton
Polish National Polish Church 1608 Elizabeth Scranton
Polish National Providence of God (Lithuanian) 223 Oak St. Scranton
Polish National St. Stanislaus Polish National 535 Locust Scranton
Presbyterian Bethania Welsh Presbyterian 1029-31 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Christ Presbyterian 1519 Dorothy Scranton
Presbyterian Dunmore Italian Presbyterian 216 Calvin St. Dunmore
Presbyterian Dunmore Presbyterian 139 Chestnut St. Dunmore
Presbyterian Ebenezer Welsh Presbyterian 137 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Free Magyar Reformed Presbyterian 1010 Albright Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Green Ridge Presbyterian 1031 Green Ridge St. Scranton
Presbyterian Hickory Street Presbyterian 437 Hickory St. Scranton
Presbyterian Petersburg Presbyterian 933 Prescott Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Providence Presbyterian 2022 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Suburban Presbyterian 2620 Olyphant Ave. Scranton
Presbyterian Washburn Street Presbyterian 1122 Washbirn St. Scranton
Presbyterian Westminster Presbyterian 550 Madison Ave. Scranton
Reformed Second Reformed 634 Prospect Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic All Saint's (Slovak) 330 Ward St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic Chuyrch of the Nativity of Our Lord 645 Orchard St. Scranton
Roman Catholic Holy Cross 301 5th Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Holy Family Roman Catholic (Slovak) 746 Washington Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Holy Ghost 1101 Froude Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Holy Rosary 320 William St. Scranton
Roman Catholic Immaculate Conception Chapel (Cathedral Mission) 814 Taylor Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Mount St. Mary's 2300 Adams Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Sacred Heart 1221 Prospect Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Ann's Monastery Parish 1239 St. Ann's St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Anthony's (Italian) 316 Smith St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic St. Anthony's 1011 Wood St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St.Casimir's 106 Prospect St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic St. Francis of Assisi 624 Genet St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Gabriel of Our Mother of Sorrows Chapel 1600 Green Ridge St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic St. John the Baptist (German) 414 S. Main Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. John the Evangelist 1501 Pittston Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Joseph's Catholic (Syrian) 130 N. Chestnut Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Joseph's (Lithuanian) 1625 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Lucy's (Italian) 945 Scranton St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Mary's Roman Catholic 424 River St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Mary's of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic 322 Chestnut St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic St. Michael's (Lithuanian) 112 S. Garfield Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Patrick's 1409 Jackson St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Paul's Roman Catholic 1535-37 Penn Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic Sts. Peter and Paul (Polish) 1303 W. Locust St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Peter's Cathedral 315 Wyoming Ave. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Rocco's 132 Kurtz St. Dunmore
Roman Catholic St. Stanislaus (Polish) 307 Oak St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Stephen's (Hungarian) 1714 Clearview St. Scranton
Roman Catholic St. Vincent DePaul 1145 Providence Road Scranton
Russian Orthodox Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox 1820 Division St. Scranton
Syrian St. Ann's Syrian Maronite 204 N. Sumner Ave. Scranton
Ukrainian "St. Michael's Ukrainian National, Eastern Rite" 540 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Ukrainian St. Wlademir Ukrainian Catholic 426 N. 7th Ave. Scranton
Universalist John Raymond Memorial 445 Madison Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous American Rescue Workers Inc 203 Linden St. Scranton
Miscellaneous City Mission Neighborhood Center 412 S. Washington Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Dunmore Christian 126 Barton St. Dunmore
Miscellaneous Endeavor Bible Mission 1550 Gardner Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous First Christian 2047 N. Main Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Gospel Hall 308 Cedar Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Gospel Mission 413 Cedar Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Grace & Hope Mission 339 Adams Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous "Jehovah's Witness, Kingdom Hall" "316 Washington Ave., rm 320" Scranton
Miscellaneous Pentecostal Mission rear 1044 John Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Salvation Army 1033 Price St. Scranton
Miscellaneous Salvation Army 128-130 Penn Ave. Scranton
Miscellaneous Trinity Hall P. E. Mission 1317 Brook St. Scranton
Miscellaneous Young People's Church of Scranton   Scranton

Contributed by Richard M. Reese, 2001

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