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The British period is divided into 2 parts:
1839 - 1858: British East India Company
1858 - 1947: British Raj
Karachi was the first area taken over by the Company in 1839, the entire province of Sindh (except for the princely state of Khairpur), was taken in 1843 and the province of Punjab in 1849 after the 2nd Anglo-Sikh War.
The British government took over the running of the affairs in India after The Mutiny/First War of Independence in 1858. The Government of India Act of 1858 officially ended the rule of the Company and begin the period of "the Raj." Queen Victoria was declared Emperess in 1876/77.
Information here pertains to both eras and I have tried to add as much information as I can on the various aspects of life during that time.

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