Fermanagh Twp. Juniata Co. Pa. Taxes

Erected October 1754
contributed by Vi. P. Limric


ARMSTRONG, Alexander, 100 acres

ARMSTRONG, George Col., 200 acres

ARMSTRONG, John, 200 acres

ARMSTRONG, William, 200 acres

BRIGHTROCKH, Robert, 100 acres

BRINGHAM, Alexander, 200 acres

BROWN, Charles, 300 acres

BUCHANAN, William, 200 acres

BURDGE, Moses, 100 acres

CALHOOEN, Robert, free, 200 acres

CHAMBERS, Thomas, 100 acres

CRAMPTON, James, 100 acres

CURRAN, William, 300 acres

DUGLIS, Andrew, 200 acres

ENGLISH, James, 50 acres

FOUGHTS, John, 600 acres

GABRAIEL, George, 200 acres

GALLAGHER, James, 100 acres

GREENWOOD, Joseph, 500 acres

GUTHREY, Robert, 200 acres

HAYES, George, 100 acres

HENDERSON, William, 200 acres

HUFF, John, 50 acres

HUFF, Lawrence, 100 acres

HUNTER, Samuel, 300 acres

LAFERTY, Alexander, 200 acres

LONG, Andrew, 100 acres

MAN, Stufell, 100 acres

MCBRIDE, John, 100 acres

MCCALESTER, Hugh Jr., 100 acres

MCCLURE, Andrew, 200 acres

MCCORMICK, Hugh, 400 acres

MCKEE, Thomas, 400 acres

MCLEVY, William, 100 acres

MITCHELL, Samuel, 100 acres

MONTGOMERY, John, 100 acres

NEILSON, John, 100 acres

NICKLE, William, 100 acres

NEILSON, Robert, 160 acres

PATTERSON, James, 400 acres

REED, Azariah Sr., 100 acres

REED, Azariah Jr., 100 acres

REED, John, 100 acres

RODMAN, William, 300 acres

STANFORD, Jacob, 300 acres

STEWART, William, 300 acres

STORNS, Jean, Widow, 400 acres

SUAGERT, Frederick, 100 acres

STURGEON, John, 100 acres

WERT, Francis Esq., 400 acres

WHITE, William, 200 acres


a=acres, ac=cleared land, h=horses, c=cows, s=sheep


ARMSTRONG, Alexander, 50a, 3ac, 2h, 2c

ARMSTRONG, James, 50a, 4ac, 1h, 1c

ARMSTRONG, John, 200a, 5ac

ARMSTRONG, William, 50a, 7ac, 2h, 2c

BARTON, Rev. Thomas, 400 patented, uns.

BROWN, John, 200a, 3ac, 1h

CARSON, Adam, 100a, 10ac, 3h, 1c

CHENEY, Ezekiel, 100a, 3ac, 1h

CHEW, Benjamin, 1000a, uns.

CLARK, William, 50a, 5ac, 2h, 1c

COCKS, Charles, 3700a, uns.

COLLENDER, Robert, 600a, uns.

COONS, Adam, 200a, 10ac, 3h, 1c

COWAN, James, 200a, 39ac, 2h, 1c

CRAMPTON, James, 100a, 5ac, 1c

CRAWFORD, Robert, 50a, 3ac, 1c

CROGHAN, Charles, 100a, 1ac, 3h, 2c

CYLE, James, 100a, 10ac, 2h, 2c

DAVIS, William 2c

DICKEY, James, 150a, 5ac

DOUGLAS, Andrew, 100a, 10ac, 2h, 2c, wounded in the 

     Kittanning expedition of 1756. Died after 1790.

DUFFIELD, George, 1700a, uns.

EVANS, Thomas, 100a, 6ac, 2h, 1c

GALLAGHER, James, 100a, 10ac, 2h, 2c

GAMBLE, John, 100a, 7ac, 1h, 1c, 1 negro

GIBSON, James, 100a, 3ac, 2h, 3c

HALL, Thomas, 50a, 2ac, 1h

HAMILTON, Widow, 100a, 15ac, 2h, 3c

HAMILTON, William,  100a, 2h

HAYS, George, 100a, 15ac, 2h, 1c

HENDERSON, William, 500a, 30ac, 2h, 3c

JOHNSTON, Edward, 50a, 5ac, 2h, 2c

JONES, Daniel, 400a, uns.

JONES, Daniel, 150a, 20ac, 2h, 2c

KEARSLEY, Jonathan, 150a, pat, uns., 3ac

LACKENS/LUKENS, John, 100a, 10ac, 2h, 2c, 1 negro

LOWREY, Alexander, 300a, uns.

LYON, William, 50a, uns.

MARTIN, William, 100a, 3ac, 2h, 2c

MCCALESTER, Hugh, 100a, 40c, 2h, 1c

MCCALESTER, William, free, 100a, 4ac

MCCARTNEY, John, 100a, 10ac, 1h, 1c

MCCARTNEY, John, 2h, 2c

MCCARTNEY, William, 100a, 20ac, 3h, 1c

MCCLAY, William, 300a, 20ac, 100a, uns.

MCCORMICK, Hugh, 100a, 20ac, 3h, 2c, took over land from 

     brother, Thomas, was also brother of William McCormick.

MCDANIEL, Duncan, 100a, 6ac, 1h, 1c

MCDANIEL, John, 100a, 3ac, 1h

MCELHATTON, William, 100a, 3ac, 1h, 1c

MCKEAVER, John, 100a, 5ac, 2h, 1c

MCMULLIN, 50a, 3ac, 1h, 1c

MINNER, Ezekiel, 1h, 1c

MINNER, Isaac, 1h, 1c

MITCHELL, John, 1h, 1c

MITCHELL, Samuel, 100a, 15ac, 1h, 2c

MITCHELTREE, James, 100a, 6ac, 2h, 1c

NEILSON/NELSON, Robert, 200a, 3ac, came from Derry Co. 

     Ireland, In 1800 he and his sons moved to Ohio. 

     Settled at the present site of Columbus. Died ca.

     1804/5 at Bowling Green, Ky. aged 85 yrs. at son 

     John's home. Wife, Martha, died 26 July 1794 aged 

     63 yrs. Buried Cedar Spring grave-yard, Juniata Co. 


     Children: David, Rev. War vet., moved to Ohio, 

     Andrew, Rev. War vet., moved to Ohio, James P., 

     surveyor, moved to Mooundsville, W.Va., John 

     moved to Bowling Green Ky., Nancy, lived with 

     brother James, Mary, (m) David Allen, Juniata Co.,

     buried Cedar Spring grave-yard, and Catharine, (m) 

     James Banks, son of James Banks.

PATTERSON, Captain James, 500a, pat, 15ac, 3h, 4c, 

     4 negros, 1 grist-mill, 1 saw-mill

PATTERSON, William, 50a, 1 saw-mill

PETERS, Rev. Richard, 900a, uns.

PURDY, James, 100a, 2h, 1c, oldest son, John, (m) Nancy, 

     a dau. of Thomas Wilson. Sons, Hugh and William 

     killed at Gen. Arthur St. Clair's defeat in 1791. 

     Youngest son, Robert, officer in the War of 1812. 

     Two daughters, Elizabeth and Jane.

REED, John, 100a, 8ac, 2h, 2c

RIDDLE, William, 50a, 5ac, 1h, 1c

RODMAN, William, 100a, 15ac, 3h, 3c

ROSS, William, 200a, 10ac, 2h, 2c

SHERRAN, Hugh, 100a, 2ac, 1h, 1c, son of James

SHERRAN, William, 100a, 5ac, 2h, 1c, son of James

SMITH, John and Buchanan, William, 400a, uns.

SMITH, Dr. William, 1300a, uns.

STARNS, Widow, 200a, 15ac, 2h, 1c

STEPHENS, John, 200a, uns.

STEWART, William, 50a, 2ac, 1h, 1c

TRENT, Captain William, 600a, uns.

WALLACE, Samuel, (Mr. Tea's district), 7200a, uns.

WALLACE, William, (Mr. Tea's district), 1800a, uns.

WEST, Francis, 100a

WEST, Francis, above ye narrows, 100a, 5ac

WEST, Francis, Cedar Springs, 100a, 5ac

WHARTON & BOYNTON, 600a, uns.

WRIGHT, David, 100a, 5ac, 2h, 1c

WRIGHT, Joseph, 100a, 10ac, 2h, 2c