Juniata Historical Society
contributed by Vi P. Limric

1845- 2 Jan, George G. Davidson, Cumberland Co. to Jane E. Davidson, Juniata Co.
14 Apr, John F. Saiger, Mifflintown to Maria Rhinehart, Marietta, Lancaster Co.
10 May, Benjamin F. Grosh to Mary Zeigler, both Juniata Co.
25 Sep. John Gallagher to Mary Zeigler, both Juniata Co.
21 Oct, Wm. L. Beale to Ann I. Ewing, both Tuscarora Twp.
4 Nov, John Tyson, Fermanagh Twp. to Eliza Jane Riddel, Delaware Twp.
9 Dec, Joshua P. Evans to Mary Jane Taylor, both Turbett Twp.

1846- 29 Jan, Alex. Jacobs to Mary Glasgow, both of Milford Twp.
10 Feb, Jacob Koons to Catharine Robinson, both of Turbett Twp.
1 Apr, Jacob Wilson of Mifflintown to Rachael Linden, Mexico
7 Apr, Immanuel Wise of Mifflintown to Elizabeth Rice, Port Royal
7 Apr, John Thompson to Margaret Wright, both of Delaware Twp.
16 Apr, Wm. Henry Lees to Mary Jane Gustine, both of Millerstown
23 Jun, Robert Jackson to Lovina Stahl, both of Lewistown
13 Aug, Daniel Shurk to Sarah S. Swales, both of Lost Creek Valley
18 Aug, Jos. Berriman of Mifflintown to Mary Jane Thompson of Tuscarora
24 Sep, Jas. Cameron to Melinda E. Wallace of McAllisterville
10 Nov, Theopbulus H. Steese of Walker Twp. and Mary Maria Berrman of
11 Nov, D.M. Jamison to Mary McAlister, both of Fayette
17 Nov, John P. Kelly of Milford to Lucinda McAlister of Fayette
9 Dec, John M. Pomeroy of Concord, Franklin Co. to Rebekah C. Kelly, Beale Co.
22 Dec, Andrew Shover to Mary Ann Prey, both of Milford Twp.
24 Dec, Archa Smith to Lydia Crabb, both of Mifflintown.

1847- 12 Jan, Isaac Hawn of Perrysville to Eliza Jane McAlister of Fayette
9 Feb, Samuel Fasick to Louisa Cameron, both of Walker Township
18 Feb, Jesse Reynolds to Elizabeth Grominger, both of Milford Twp.
4 Mar, Wm. Chestnut of Turbett Twp. to Mary Adeline Swaltztande of
Delaware Twp.
11 May, Wm. Bell of Mifflintown to Sara W. Mason of Tuscarora Twp.
19 May, Daniel Kurtz to Sarah March, both of Walker Twp.
26 Oct, Samuel Buck to Mary Jane Beale, both of Beale Twp.
4 Nov, Joseph Douglas to Susan Baker, both of Perry Co.

1848- 4 Jan, S. McWilliams to Eliza Motzer, both of Mifflintown
13 Jan, Cyrus Morrison and Lydia Crabbe (colored), both of Mifflintown
10 Feb, Jos. W. Hamilton of McAlisterville to Elizabeth Kurty of Delaware Twp.
15 Feb, Peter P. Imrie of Walker Twp. to M.E. McAlister of Fayette
18 May, Dr. Jos. Frow of Mifflintown to Mrs. Mary Gustine of Walker Twp
11 Oct, Thos. Dunn to Evelina Coltrider, both of Fayette
28 Nov, John McManamy to Rosamina Powell, both of Mifflintown
18 Dec, Samuel Valentine to Rebecca Bell, both of Lost Creek
28 Dec, Samuel Clare to Phoebe Pennebaker, both of Lost Creek

1849- 2 Jan, Samuel M. Elliott to Hannah Kessinger, both of Milford
2 Jan, Samuel Krimmel to Hester Dunn
24 Jan, Geo. W. Stuart to Phoebe Varnes, both of Tuscarora
31 Jan, Michael Stower of Fermanagh to Mary M. Augley of Milford
6 Feb, Henry C. Umholts to Martha W. Wilson
6 Feb, John Stitzer of Union Co. to Sara McAlister of Fayette
6 Feb, Samuel Funk to Elizabeth Sieber, both of Walker
20 Feb, John Krimmel to Sophia Heffly
22 Feb, David Sieber to Elizabeth Witmer
22 Feb, Wm. Gingerich to Elizabeth Spitler
7 Mar, David A. Doughman to Sara Ann Anderson
13 Mar, Wm. S. Oles to Elizabeth Christy both of Fermanagh
15 Mar, Benj. F. Fogleman to Susanna Pry
20 Mar, Wm. Wise to Sara A. Fasick both of Mifflintown
7 May, Wm. Mitchell of Mifflintown to Mary Ann Brackbill of Turbett
9 May, Jas. L. Hershey of Milford to Jane Brackbill of Turbett
28 May, Geo. W. Stroup to Sara Ann Wise both of Mifflintown
30 May, Thos. A. McKennan to Anna Fleager bothof Milford
2 Jul, Daniel Huhn of Milford to Eleanor Beward of Fermanagh
11 Dec, David Strayer to Sarah Longenecker both of Fayette

1850- 15 Jan, S.W. McAlister to Mary Meyers both of Fayette
20 Jan, J. Hans to Sara J.W. Crozier of Fayette
13 Feb, John E. Robison to Isabella C. McKennan both of Milford
5 Mar, Hugh Hamilton to Sara Klose both of Walker Twp.
12 Mar, Joshua D. Sharon to Margaret Bell both of Mifflin
19 Mar, Wm. Green to Maria Uttley of Beale Twp.
13 Apr, John H. Cunningham to J.H. McCrum both of Milford
7 May, Peter Hartman of Fayette to Elizabeth Anderson of Fermanagh
28 May, Jas. P. Sterrett of Pittsburg to Jane J. Patterson of Mifflintown
30 Jul, Wm. L. Carpenter to Isabella Everhart both of Newport
30 Jul, John Lukens to Matilda Crozier
6 Aug, Franklin P. Kirk of Walker to Catharine P. Quay of Milford
17 Sep, Jacob W. Connor of Patterson to Isabella Erntissinger of Milford
3 Dec, Thos. M. Kirk to Marg. Horning both of Fermanagh
24 Dec, Jacob Strayer to Caroline Roberts both of Mifflintown
26 Dec, Jacob G. Snyder to Mary Ann Kennedy both of Mifflintown
30 Dec, John O. Adams to Sara Rice

1851- 21 Jan, Jas. Beale to Sara J. Middagh
12 Mar, John Sutch to Eliza Fertig
25 Apr, Fayette McCurdy to Elizabeth Malehman both of Fermanagh
1 May, Wm. Bratton to Mary J. Alexander
14 May, Sam. Alexander to Jane Haughamont
17 Jun, Robt. Gardner to Charlotte Kelsey both of Mexico
24 Dec, Peter Diffenderfer to Elizabeth Raunels both of Fayette

1852- 13 Jan, Jas. A. Elder of Ohio to Ellen M. Christy of Fermanagh.
13 Jan, John Robinson to Mrs. Mary Marly both of Milford
10 Feb, Alexander K. McClure to Matilda S. Gray both of Mifflintown
11 Mar, Wm. McDonald to Rebecca Foltz
10 Jun, Jeremiah Bussard of Hollidaysburg to Ellen Jones of Fayette
5 Jul, Joseph H. Alter of Lewistown to Martha Webb of Mifflin
15 Jul, Thos. W. McCrum to Cath. Evans both of Patterson
14 Aug, David E.P. Bealor to Nancy Thompson both of Perrysville
8 Sep, Calvin Barton to Mary Clark both of Lackawanna Twp.
18 Sep, Jas. S. Reed to Martha L. Wallace
24 Sep, Robt. P. McWilliams to Mary A. London both of Tuscarora
30 Sep, Scott Eardy to Matilda M. McMeen
6 Nov, Geo. McCullough to P. Dean both of Fermanagh
16 Nov, Mathew Clark to Nancy Jane Clark both of Lackawanna Twp.
23 Dec, John Sonders to Sally Mathers both of Turbett Twp.
25 Dec, Alex. D. Wilson to Elmira M. Culp both of Petersburg
30 Dec, Joseph H. Roush to Mary J. Anderson

1853- 20 Jan, John Reed to Mary Trainer both of Fermanagh Twp.
25 Jan, Wm. Kohler to Magdaline Stambaugh both of Perry Co.
25 Jan, Wm. Kelly to Elizabeth Cunninghan both of Melford Twp.
22 Mar, John Lytle of Dencansville to Mary Lyon of Milford
29 Mar, Charles McMeen to Emily Kurtz both of Fayette
19 Apr, Wm. McKibben to Mary Jane O'Connor both of Mifflintown
15 Jun, Jas. W. Van Dyke of ______ to Annie E. Patterson of Peru Mills
4 Jul, Samuel Valentine of Milford to Susanna Bell of Fermanagh
28 Jul, Henry Frysinger of Lewistown to Mary Darlington McClure of Fermanagh
8 Sep, Oliver P. Harris to Mary Eliza Stewart both of Beale
11 Oct, John Arbuckle to Mary Dobbs both of Turbett Twp.
11 Oct, Samuel Jacobs to Martha Eleanor Hersh both of Turbett Twp.
20 Dec, Robt. M. Thompson of Delaware to Amelia E. North of Fayette

1854- 28 Feb, Chas. Groce to Catharine Shirk both of Fayette
8 Mar, Joseph Coun to Keziah A. Brudge both of Tuscarora
9 Mar, Wm. H. Jackson to Anna Maria Wright both of Mifflintown
24 Jun, David Warren to Franasca H. Kinslow both of Walker
3 Aug, John F. Krause of Milford to Anna B. Pry of Tuscarora
5 Oct, John W. Branthoffer of Delaware to Martha Kinzer of Fayette
12 Oct, Calvin S. Coates of Mifflintown to Catharine E. Dasher of Walker
2 Nov, Stewart Turbett of Turbett to Mrs. Amelia Mathers of Mifflintown
23 Nov, Jacob Etka to Rachel Copeland both of Fermanagh
28 Nov, Joseph Funk to Mary Ward both of Fermanagh
25 Dec, David Imes to Sara M. Wilson
26 Dec, Ezra Dolin of Mifflintown to Sara B. McCrum of Milford

1855- 25 Jan, Jacob G. Snyder of Mifflintown to Mary Fitzpatrick of Philadelphia
30 Jan, Michael Coldren of Delaware to Jemina Kenzer of Walker
22 Feb, Jas. C. Kerlin to Rebecca Ellen Willoughby
24 May, Samuel Bridge to Ellen Dutton both of Mifflintown
31 May, David Koons to Elizabeth Jacobs both of Turbett
19 Jun, J. Shelbourne Robinson to Lizzie R. Burchfield both of Milford
21 Jun, Calvin M. Butler to Mary Elizabeth Dillon both of Tuscarora
5 Jul, Wm. Hill to Martha Belt both of Mifflintown
26 Jul, Henry Benner of Perry Co. to Hannah McFeater of Tuscarora
27 Sep, Wm. Fear to Anna M. Sipe both of Lewistown
9 Oct, John H. Burroughs of Montoursville to Jennie Zeigler of Walker
23 Oct, Richard Woodward of Greenwood to Cath. A. Frest of Walker
5 Nov, John Hittle to Sara J. Jamison both of Fayette
6 Nov, John A. Thompson of Clearfield to Sara A. Robinson of Fayette
25 Dec, John E. McCrum to Mary M. Robison both of Milford Twp.

1856- 3 Jan, John T. Demm to Sara Ann Castles both of Greenwood
15 Jan, Wm. Wright of Patterson to Agnes H. Cunningham of Turbett Twp.
17 Jan, John H. Magonagle of Perryville to Eliza Kerlin of Turbett Twp.
20 Jan, Geo. S. Holsinger of Blair Co. to Mary A. Hart of Juniata Co.
29 Jan, Wm. Collins of Tuscarora Twp. to Mary Jane Thomas of Fayette.
12 Feb, John Foltz to Mary Davis both of Beale
28 Feb, Wm. Stewart to Rhoda M. Stevens both of Tuscarora
6 May, Dr. B.D.F. Baird of Huntingdon to Melinda C. Wallace of Fayette
27 May, W.W. Wilson of Philadelphia to Sara Ann Sharon of Fayette
29 May, Samuel K. Arentz of Jersey Shore to Mary Dunn of Fayette
31 Jul, James A. Criswell to Lucinda Van Ormer both of Fayette
31 Jul, J. B. M. Todd to Adelaide Leonard both of Patterson
12 Aug, John Hair Perry Co. Emily E. Krouse of Milford
2 Sep, John Arnold to Martha D. Gray both of Lackawanna
18 Oct, John Lindsay to Cath. Mills both of Milford
2 Dec, Rev. J.H. Mathers of ______ to Sara E. Jacobs of Mifflintown
25 Dec, Wm. A. Crozier to Sara Bellew both of Fayette
30 Dec, Samuel M. Adams of Walker to Mary Sharon of Fayette

1857- 8 Jan, John Kipner to Rebecca Thompson both of Perrysville
28 Feb, Dr. A.J. Fisher to Hannah Crozier both of Fayette
3 Mar, Wm. Telfer to Mary Milliken both of Tuscarora
28 Apr, Dr. Henry Harshberger to Rachel McAlister both of Fayette
28 Apr, John F. Bohrer of McVeytown to Sara Jane Spiese of Milford
4 Aug, Abram Heifner to Susanna Summers both of Huntingdon
12 Aug, Daniel Pruner of Bellefonte to Julia Ann Holliden of Patterson
20 Oct, John L. Horning of Fermanagh to Mary Melinda Robison of Milford
20 Oct, John W. Haughamont of Fayette to Margarilla Tennis of Walker
19 Nov, Samuel Hostetter of Walker to Anna Maria Brawn of Delaware
24 Dec, Elder L. Guilliford of Turbett to Ada Burchfield of Milford

1858- 21 Feb, Dr. Isaac Rothrock of Adamsburg to Angelina Wallace of McAlisterville.
27 May, Wm.Mahlin to Rachel Angeline Bently both of Fayette
14 Oct, Laxarus Yeater to Jane Campbell both of Lackawanna Twp.
20 Oct, Augustus Burnett to Rebecca J. Pugh both of Harrisburg
21 Oct. Emanuel Smith to Mary Eliza Wilson both of Walker
21 Oct, Samuel Warner to Susanna Shelley both of Delaware
10 Nov, Wm. B. Foster to Emphemia S. North both of Patterson
18 Nov, John H. Patterson of Beale to Louisa N. Mooney of Perrysville
2 Dec, Solomon M. Kaufman of Indiana Co. to Barbara Moist of Walker
30 Dec, Wm. B. Allison of Cincinnati to Jane Hoffman of Mifflintown

1859- 15 Feb, Chilian McMeen to Frances A. Kurtz
17 Feb, Isaac Kenzer to Julia Guyer both of Walker
11 Mar, Martin C. Leonard to Mary Jane Cox both of Patterson
14 Apr, David P. McAlister to Rachel Jane Van Ormer both of Fayette
1 Sep, John Kaufman to Margaret C. Mashman both of Mifflintown
27 Oct, Robert Harris to Catharine Lore both of Beale Twp.

1860- 3 Jan, A.B. Gwen of Indiana to Priscilla McCullough of Beale
26 Jan, Jas. McCanley to Mary A. Ewig both of Fayette
29 May, Jas. Dixon to Margaret Ford both of Milford
18 Jul, E.W.H. Kreider to Catharine Parker both of Mifflintown
23 Oct, John D. Milliken of Beale to Clara Jane Burchfield of Milford
24 Oct, John P. Quick of Juniata Co. to Mary Willison Pitts of Miss.
29 Oct, W. Irwin Kipp of Millerstown to Harriet Suber of Fermanagh
4 Dec, David Worley to Catharine Brandt both of Delaware
25 Dec, S.P. Wishart of Fulton Co. to S. Ellen Moore of Walker

1861- 17 Jan, Ephriam B. Haughawont of Fayette to Maria L. Kauffman of Walker
25 Jan, Thomas Quigley of Altoona to Sara Broonce of Lewistown
19 Feb, John Tennis to Cath. Kaufman both of Walker
26 Feb, John B. Wright to Elmira Jane Cox both of Greenwood
19 Mar, John Karns of Harrisburg to Agnes Hardy of Milford
18 Apr, Jas. Musser to Mary Jane Kinsely both of Walker
23 Apr, David Roush to Margaret Todd both of Delaware
2 May, Ezra P. Titzell of Perry Co. to Jane G. Thompson of Perrysville
28 May, Wm. Coates to Agnes Pry both of Beale Twp.
4 Jun, John P. Layer of Thompsontown to Sara McCoy of Mifflintown
20 Jun, J. Hutchinson McAllister to Mary Thompson both of Fayette
1 Oct, Wm. Banks of Fermanagh to Jane E. Hamlin of Walker
23 Nov, Capt. Joseph Philips to Sally C.S.R. Fauss both of Harrisburg
24 Dec, James L. Moore of Delaware to Elizabeth Wilson of Beaty

1862- 14 Jan, Dr. W.W. Moody of Sunbury to Louisa Sharon of Fayette
16 Jan, Lucian W. Westfall to Elizabeth C. Crozier both of Beale
13 Feb, David Cunninghan of Milford to Virginia Christy of Fermanagh
10 Apr, Wm. L. Cunninghan of Milford to Jane I. McAlister of Fayette
6 Jun, J.D. Allen of Bradford to Kate McMeen of Fayette
19 Jun, Adam Seanear to Sara Walls both of Huntingdon Co.
12 Aug, Wm. Pry of Tuscarora to Elizabeth Walker of Milford
21 Aug, Wm. Kepler to Susan Musser both of Walker
25 Dec, Wm. D. Sieber of Tuscarora to Elizabeth Christy of Fermanagh

1863- 8 Jan, B.F. Schweyer of Mifflintown to Caroline Robison of Fayette
29 Jan, Jas. J. Moore of Alexandrea Va. to Mary McCrum of Mifflintown
12 Feb, Ezra D. Parker Esq. to Mary Hamilton both of Mifflintown
12 Feb, John Funk to Mrs. Jane Reeder both of Patterson
24 Feb, Wm. A. Wright to Rebecca Ann McConnell both of Patterson
Sep, Lieut. H.H. Wilson 16th Pa. Cav. to Lizzie Cunningham of Milford
13 Oct, Robert E. Parker to Catharine Jacobs of Mifflintown
31 Dec, E.B. Myers of Illinois to Mary E. Jamison of McAlisterville

1864- 14 Jun, Samuel Stine to Mary Horning
16 Jun, Wm. M. Allison to Mrs. Ellen E. Allison
27 Oct, Wm. M. Herrington to Charlotte Brawler
1 Nov, George F. Frailey of Juniata Co. to Jennie Cairus of Philadelphia
9 Dec, Wm. B. Young to Catharine M. Coffman both Beale Twp.

1865- 3 Jan, Daniel Westfall of Delaware Twp. to Elizabeth T. McAlister of Fayette
17 Jan, James Wilson of Walker to Mary Ann Moore of Fayette
Feb, John Robinson of Fayette to Eliza Bratton of Walker
14 Feb, Peter Bostin to Mary Ellen Bender both of Turbett
15 Feb, James B. Thompson to Pattie Mary Stewart
4 May, Wm. J. Shirk to Catharine Shirk both of Fayette
4 Jul, Thos. Farrell to Mary E. Zeck both of Mifflin Co.

1866- 25 Jan, Daniel Rickenbaugh of Walker to Martha Rushore of Fermanagh
31 Jan, Lieut. Wilber F. Sharrer of Fulton Co. to Kate E. Moore of Walker
1 Feb, Henry Mast of Baltimore to Barbara Bashore of Fermanagh
1 Feb, Jacob E. Graybill to Hannah Shallenberger both of Fayette
15 Feb, Jerome T. Funk to Isabelle Jennie Cunningham both of Milford
8 Mar, Thomas G. Harris to Martha J. Campbell both of Concord Franklin Co.
29 Mar, Wm. R. Wise to Sara M. Fadden both of Milford
24 May, Joseph W. Smelker of Huntingdon Co. to Nancy McCullough, Tuscarora
8 Jun, Isaac Dasher of Walker Twp. to Henrietta Meredith of Delaware
9 Jun, Samuel Bonsall of Mifflintown to Mary E. Landis of Walker
31 Jul, Jacob Lemon to Lavina Geedy both of Beale
20 Sep, Wm. B. Horning to Mary Ann Kreider both of Fermanagh
4 Oct, Jas. Milliken of Spruce Hill Twp. to Marg. Book of Walker
8 Nov, Wm. J. Barton of Lack to Rachel Jane Anderson of Tuscarora

1867- 29 Jan, James MeMeen to S.C. Watts both of Fayette
21 Feb, Edward T. Naugh to Hannah Mary Henderson both of Patterson
21 Mar, Edward Lyons to Mary Molson both of Walker
15 Jun, Wm. H. Freed to Catherine Ruble both of Granville Twp. Mifflin Co.
18 Jun, Thomas Stone Cypher of Lycoming Co. to Jennie Fowles of Walker Twp.
12 Sep, Abram Sieber to Mrs. Eliza McWilliams both of Fayette
12 Nov, Tobias W. Enker to S. Jennie Caveny of McAlisterville
12 Dec, Wm. W. Sharon to Mrs. Mary Jacobs both of McAllisterville
25 Dec, George R. Henderson, Patterson, to Rebecca Eliz. Given of Fermanagh

1868- 7 Jan, James W. Devling, Clinton Co. to Nellie R. Meyers of Fayette
14 Jan, Jeremiah B. Kipner to N. Eliza Robison both of Patterson
Feb, Abram Sieber of Fayette to Henrietta McCully of McAlisterville
28 May, John H. Rollman to Lavinia Forrey both of Mifflintown
27 Aug, J.M. Sharon to Cynthia Corbett both of McAlisterville
24 Sep, Lewis E. Miller to Margaret Fowles both of Walker
24 Dec, Andrew H. McDonald of Milford to Maggie Kerlin of Turbett
24 Dec, S. Kantz of Harrisburg to Lillie Cunningham of Milford

1869- 15 Jun, John Wensel to Alberteen Fuhrman both of Mifflintown
Oct, Benj. Walters to Bettie Kirk both of Mifflintown
23 Oct, Ferdinand F. Polin of Patterson to Mary Lindsay of Milford
10 Nov, Maj. D.R.B. Nevin of Washington to Rebecca C. Parker of Mifflin
11 Nov, Dr. P.R. Greenleaf of Wilmington to Laura F. Atkinson of Thompsontown
29 Dec, John Shelley to Kate Reynolds

1870- 4 Jan, James A. McAlister of Fayette to Hannah Eliza Westfall of Delaware
5 Feb, J.W. Kenepp to Mary Ann Hoffman both of Lack Twp.
17 Feb, John Bush Harris to Ellie Hacknberger both of McVeytown
15 Mar, Wm. Brannen to Marie Jane Bowers both of Licking Creek
13 Oct, Joshua A. Foreman of Altoona to Sara Matilda Eissinger of Patterson

1871- 5 Jan, Thos. Wilson to Lizzie Jane Edwards
31 Jan, Joseph G. Canby to Adele Adams both of Philadelphia
22 Feb, Malcolm Buchanan of Snyder Co. to Anne Lindsay of Milford
May, Jas. Gilfillen of Millerstown to Ann McAlister of McAlistertown
11 Oct, Michael Bashore to Bell Jane Gallagher both of Walker