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Fermanagh Township
Cemetery Directions and Photographs

Hochstetler – Hostetler Family Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

The exact location of this family cemetery, probably Amish, is not known at this time except for its siting in Fermanagh Township. Notes from the 1970’s locate it on a Brubaker Farm. [1]

[1] Hochstetler/Hostetler Family Cemetery file.

Horning – Stambaugh Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

“March 7, 1755, a warrant was issued from the Land Office to Thomas McCormick, an Irishman, for a tract of land which is now known as Horningtown. It is said he ascended the Juniata to the mouth of Horning’s Run, where he found quite an Indian settlement, with about twenty acres of land cleared.” [1]

Near the point of land between the run and the river is the site of this cemetery. About 1950, a flooded Juniata worked considerable damage to these graves. Markers were toppled, and some bones of those interred were laid bare. The area was regraded, and graves sites and markers were covered.

Documentation at the Historical Society from the 1970’s suggests that at least some of the markers were engraved and that perhaps some of the family names buried there were Whistler, Warner, Schreffler, and Stambaugh. The only identified person buried there is Sarah Horning, daughter of Enoch Horning.
[see reference below for further Horning-Stambaugh history]

[1] History Of That Part Of The Susquehanna And Juniata Valleys Embraced In The Counties Of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union And Snyder In The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania,
Volume I, Philadelphia, Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886, page 818.

Kauffman - Rothrock Family Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

From Mifflintown, take Route 35 North/East towards McAlisterville. Turn right at the traffic light, the corner of Butcher Shop Rd. and industrial Rd (SR 2001) Drive 0.4 miles. Rothrock Cemetery is on the left.

Old Hower Place on Speiglemoyer Run
Fermanagh Township

The information on this cemetery is very limited. Site notes written in 1978 on a visit to the cemetery are the only basis for knowing its existence. Evidently, there were two burials on the site one being “a woman who was married to a Smith who lived there before 1855, this Smith then moved to Port Royal and sold the 60 acres to Mike Speiglemoyer.” Joe and Mike Speiglemoyer lived on this property, Mike from ca. 1855-1873 and Joe from ca. 1855 to 1894 when he died. After that the property was sold to George Hower in 1901 and remained in the Hower family through the 1960’s. At the time of the 1978 site visit only foundation stones for the house and barn were present. Some of the orchard trees were still present and bearing fruit. [1]

[1] Old Hower Place on Speiglemoyer Run File.

Pine Grove United Methodist Church and Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

From Mifflintown take Route 35 north/east traveling approximately 5.2 miles. Turn left at SR 1002; there is a large Brookline Village sign marking this road, but no route sign. The church and cemetery are located 0.6 miles on the right. The cemetery is to the right as you face the church; the cemetery stones are flat in the lawn.

Renno - Sieber Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

This Mennonite/Amish Cemetery is located outside of Mifflintown on Route 35. From Mifflintown take Rt. 35 north/east for about 1.3 miles to an unmarked road on the left side of the road opposite the entrance to Stop 35 Restaurant. The road is next to the entrance to the Family House Restaurant. The cemetery is on the left, up the hill, about 0.2 miles and is fenced and gated.

Russell Place – Rigby Family Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

Today, [2003] the exact location of this family burial site is not known. In 1970 when the information was collected, it was reported that the cemetery had been graded over in the 1940’s or earlier by the land owner. Those individuals questioned stated that it at one time had stone markers with names and dates and held no more than a dozen graves. A Mr. and Mrs. Rigby were reported to be buried there. [1]

[1] Russell Place-Rigby Family Cemetery File

Shields Family Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

No visual evidence remains of this family burial plot. A 6-foot square wall of native stone in neat dry wall construction and perhaps 18 inches in height at one time enclosed the cemetery. The cemetery is thought to have been about 6 feet square. At some unknown time, the stone wall and markers were removed. In 1969, the farm was owned by Lamont Hambright and before that by Jacob Hower. Prior to that, the owners were Thomas and Malinda Shields who were parents of Sara Ann Shields who married Andrew Stuart McLaughlin. Sarah and Andrew's daughter, Miss Sara McLaughlin stated that two small children, brother and sister of her mother, were buried there. One was Mary, of perhaps four years and the other was Jimmy about two years of age. The children died a week apart from diphtheria shortly before Sara Ann Shields McLaughlin was born which was 1863. [1]

[1] Shields Family Cemetery File

Wolfgang or Minertown Cemetery
Fermanagh Township

This burial ground was located on the homestead property of a Tobias Wolfgang who along with his wife was said to be buried there. Historical Society records, collected from local interviews with one county resident in 1969 reported that Tobias Wolfgang and his wife were buried there prior to 1886 and perhaps in the 1860's. In 1969 there were only native stone markers, buried under leaves in a ridge area.

The 1969 directions for this cemetery: From Mifflintown, follow old Rt.. 22 north and east for a distance of 2.2 miles to Arch Rock Rd. Follow Arch Rock Rd for 3.5 miles to Hower Gap Rd. Turn onto Hower Gap Rd. Exact location is not known.

Some cemetery transcriptions are available online at the Juniata Co PAGenWeb site.

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