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Beale Township
Cemetery Directions and Photographs

Book Indian Mound
Beale Township

From Mifflintown, take SR 3002 [Old Rt. 22] towards Mexico. Turn right at the intersection of Rt. 75 and drive south/west through Port Royal. Look for Academia signs. At the Spruce Hill Lunch, the road forks, Rt. 75 is the left fork and SR 3013 is the right fork. Take the right fork SR 3013. Drive approximately 1.5-2 miles to the stop sign, intersection of SR 3013 and SR 3008. Turn left and drive 1.4 miles, turning left at SR 3019. Drive 0.4 miles; the Indian Mound is in the field on the right. A marker placed there in 1929 states “here lie the remains of twenty-six Indians excavated by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission”

Brubaker Cemetery
Beale Township

In 2002, no visual evidence remains of this Brubaker family cemetery located outside of Walnut. In 1974 [from Historical Society documents], several of the stones were found along the edge of the field or were buried “under shale at the edge”. The cemetery was still enclosed by a woven wire fence with a top wooden rail and was about 10 feet x 20 feet and held as many as a dozen graves. Shortly after this visit, the cemetery stones were removed from the site and “dumped in a limestone quarry”.

According to surviving documentation, the cemetery contained the remains of the Brubaker family that are related to John Brubaker, an early settler, who originally owned the land on which the Koons Cemetery in Bunkertown is situated.

Take Route 35 South/west across the river bridge through Mifflin to the village of Walnut. After leaving Walnut, drive 1.1 miles and turn left onto Cross Road. [T388] Drive 0.1 miles. Cemetery was on the left side and apparently on the very edge of the road situated in close proximity to utility pole # 9-4984 [this pole present 2002].

Lower Tuscarora (Academia) Presbyterian Cemetery
Beale Township

One of the older cemeteries in a beautiful county setting. From Mifflintown, take SR 3002 (Old Rt. 22) towards Mexico. Turn right at intersection of Rt. 75 driving south about 5 miles (through Port Royal). Look for Academia signs. At the Spruce Hill Lunch, the road forks, Rt. 75 is the left fork, SR 3013 is the right fork. Take the right fork SR 3013. Drive approximately 1.5 - 2 miles to stop sign, intersection of SR 3013 and SR 3008. Turn left. Go very short distance turn right onto SR 3015. At next stop sign (Tuscarora Academy on the left) intersection of SR 3015 and SR 3017 turn left, cross the road and drive up the hill Church and cemetery are together on the hill.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Beale Township

The original Church built of logs was dedicated in 1835. The present brick building was erected in 1876. The Cemetery surrounding the church dates from about 1835. The Church and Cemetery are located on Route 35 about 9 miles south of Mifflintown

Schwarey Family Cemetery – Amish
Beale Township

This enclosed family cemetery, about 21 ft x 42 ft., is said to contain about 30 graves. Most of the stones marking sites are of native stone and are not engraved; most grave-sites are not marked. The earliest engraved stone [death date] is dated 1849 and the latest engraved stone is dated 1867. Surnames include Zook, Hartzler, Schwarery, Schmuker, Yoder and Hostetler. The Swarey family of the Belleville-Allenville area in Mifflin County visits the graveyard annually for mowing and maintenance.

From the square in Mifflintown, follow Route 35 across the Juniata River Bridge through Mifflin for approximately 6 miles passing the village of Walnut. At T 338 [Cross Rd.] turn left and drive about 0.4 miles to Walnut Way. Turn right and follow Walnut Way, about 0.4 mile to the end. The cemetery is on the right side of Walnut Way, at the upper end of the field on the right, near the woods line. Please note that this cemetery is on private property. The owners do not object to visits to the cemetery for historical or genealogical research.

Some cemetery transcriptions are available online at the Juniata Co PAGenWeb site.

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