Canoe Township, Indiana County, PA

Canoe Township, Indiana County, PA




Fairview Cemetery/United Brethren Church Cemetery
Fry Cemetery
Pearce Cemetery
Pierce Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery/Ferry's Schoolhouse Cemetery/Richmond Cemetery
Pine Cemetery/Pine Salem Cemetery/Evangelical Association Church Cemetery
Rossiter Catholic Cemetery/St. Francis Cemetery/Church of the Resurrection Cemetery
Union Cemetery/Rossiter Union Cemetery/Cumberland Cemetery
Zion Methodist Episcopal Cemetery/Mock Cemetery


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Recognize people around girl?

Unknown PhotoMy great-grandparents, Joseph and Frona Powell resided in Juneau in 1910. They had eight children, one of whom was my grandmother, Emily U. Powell. Joseph Powell, who resided in Juneau, walked to Rossiter where he worked in the mines. In 1912, he received his citizenship in Indiana County.

Recently this picture (click to enlarge), that may very well be my grandmother, was found among my mother's photos. My brother-in-law, who is a photo-journalist discovered the photo. He thought the girl holding the rabbit was my grandmother, who was born in August, 1898. He assumed that the family surrounding the girl with the rabbit was the "Powell" family. I know for a fact that the family surrounding the girl are not Powells.

This is where the story gets interesting. My grandmother often talked about being sent to work for a family when she was very young. I suspect that this is that family. However, I have no recollection of a name. I have looked at the Census for Canoe, the first has 67 pages and the second 11 pages.

If you do recognize these people, would you please contact me? Thanks, so much. Sincerely, Cheri Heny




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