Resources for West Mahoning Township

Click here to see the Beers map for West Mahoning Township.

  • West Mahoning Township history
  • Cemeteries located in West Mahoning Township
  • Towns and Boroughs in West Mahoning Township
  • Census information for West Mahoning Township (available at the Society on microfilm)
  • A Brief History of West Mahoning Township:
    West Mahoning Township was formed when the western half of the original Mahoning Township was divided into four parts (East, West, North, and South), in 1846.

    Cemeteries of West Mahoning Township:

  • Good (moved to Smicksburg)
  • John Evans Lantz Family Burial Ground (private, moved to North Point)
  • John McClelland Family Burial Ground (private)
  • North Point/Sellarsville
  • Smicksburg (very bottom section across road)
  • Smicksburg/Salem Evangelical Lutheran (moved to bottom section, Smicksburg)
  • Smicksburg Episcopal (moved to middle section, Smicksburg)
  • Smicksburg Union Methodist (moved to top section, Smicksburg)
  • Smicksburg United Presbyterian (moved above Lutheran section, Smicksburg)
  • Unknown (on Neal Flat Road - private)
  • Some Historic Towns and Boroughs of West Mahoning Township:

  • Smicksburg -- Click here to see the Beer's Atlas map of Smicksburg
  • Sellarsville (North Point P.O.)
  • Goodville
  • Loop
  • Census Data in West Mahoning Township (available at the Society on microfilm)

  • 1800 (Westmoreland Co.)
  • 1810 (Mahoning Twp.)
  • 1820 (Mahoning Twp.)
  • 1830 (Mahoning Twp.)
  • 1840 (Mahoning Twp.)
  • 1850
  • 1860
  • 1870
  • 1880
  • 1900
  • 1910
  • 1920