John S. Fisher

Marker Text:

Governor of Pennsylvania, 1927-1931, was born on a farm, 1 mile NE of here, in 1867. He supported an extensive State building program, revised the State fiscal system, and promoted the conservation of natural resources. He died in 1940.

John S. Fisher was nicknamed "The Builder" because he had a record of 4,000 miles of new highways and thousands of miles of improvements. He bought 400,000 acres for state forests. He was the only citizen of Indiana County to hold an office with the government of Pennsylvania. In May of 1894-95, Fisher was elected chairman of the Indiana County Republican Committee. In 1900, he was the Republican candidate for senator of Pennsylvania, and was elected. In 1904, he was reelected senator. February 1907, Fisher, while in the State Senate, was appointed chairman of a special Capitol Investigation Committee and drew national attention as the probe of capitol graft proceeded.


Directions to the John S. Fisher Historic Marker

Start at the Indiana Courthouse (on Philadelphia Street between 8th and 9th).

Take Route 286 East (Philadelphia Street) for 1.9 miles.
Stay in left lane as road becomes Route 119 North and RT. 286 branches off.

Continue on 119 North (Left Lane) as 119 South branches off. This is 3.1 miles after the previous branch.  (Total distance 5.0 miles).

Continue along for another 5.8 miles.  And then turn left onto route 85. (Total distance 10.8 miles).

Go along 5.3 miles and the sign is directly in front of you as the road veers left and intersects with 210.  (Total distance 16.1 miles).


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