Applique Quilts

Appliqué Quilts  

Appliqué quilts used smaller pieces of fabric sewn on to a larger background fabric, creating a motif design. They became common in America in the mid-nineteenth century.

Appliqué Quilts

Quilt #7

Made by Margaret Mabon in 1848, this quilt pattern, "Carolina Lily," is made with 16 pieced lily flowers and green stems and leaves appliquéd onto muslin blocks and is in excellent condition. The nine-inch appliqué border around the quilt is designed with tulip buds and leaves on a vine. Ms. Mabon’s name and date appear on the front and her initials are on the back, both in counted cross stitch. This quilt is hand pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted.

Quilt #57

Quilt #64

Quilts #59 and 64

The society's collection also contains these two Carolina Lily block quilts, made in 1848 and 1849. Information that came with the quilt notes, "The quilts were made by Elizabeth Johnston Stewart (1826-1855) and Mary Jane Johnston Elwood (1820-1902). These two were sisters and daughters of Robert and Jane Huston Johnston, born near Manor, now Cherry Hill Township."