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Johannes Rumbarger Cemetery

Warriors Mark Township


Tombstone inscriptions copied circa 1997 by Justin K. Houser, Warren S. Breon, and Julia V. Breon


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Section.Row.Stone / Name, Age, Data Born Died


1.1 6 Spaces
1.1.1 (Moore), Susanna, (d/o Christopher & Margaret), footstone: S. M. (1799 1813)
1.1.2 Smith, John G., 3.7.13, s/o J. & C., footstone: J. G. S. 08-20-1833
1.1.3 Smith, Thomas R., 1.5.5, s/o J. & C., footstone: T. R. S. 08-25-1833
1.1.4 Smith, Christena, 58.2.6, w/o J., footstone: C. S. 12-20-1852
1.1 1 Space
1.1.5 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.1.6 Cussard, Polly, 52.3.22, footstone: P. C. 04-22-1858
1.1.6 Weep not for me for here you see, My trials have been great,
1.1.6 But now through grace I will quit, This place and leave you all behind.
1.2 Approximately 10 Spaces
1.2.1 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.2.2 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.2.3 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.3 10 Spaces
1.3.1 Hummer, Catharine, 65.11.19, w/o P., footstone: C. H. 04-27-1849
1.4 2 Spaces
1.4.1 Woolheater, Adam, 71.5.9, Peace to his Ashes, footstone: A. W., (Mrs. Curtin
has an 1864 death date) 09-14-1865
1.4.1 (his footstone leans against a tree at the beginning of Row 7)
1.4.2 Woolheater, Mary, 48.6.27, w/o Adam, footstone: M. W. 05-07-1849
1.4.3 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.4 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.5 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.6 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4 2 Spaces
1.4.7 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.8 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.9 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.10 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.4.11 (Unknown), (fieldstone)
1.5.1 Rumbarger, Elizabeth, 73.11.3, w/o J. 12-12-1854
1.5.2 Rumbarger, John, 72.1.26, footstone: J. R. 02-20-1847
1.5.3 Rumbarger, Elizabeth, 26.0.24, w/o John, footstone: E. R. 02-21-1844
1.5 7 Spaces
1.6 6 Spaces
1.6.1 Moore, Christopher, 86, footstone: C. M. 03-11-1827
1.6.2 Moore, Margaret, 84.3.3, w/o Christopher, footstone: M. M. 06-15-1830
1.6.3 Markley, Nancy, 20.11.1, d/o G. & S., (stone laying flat) 05-18-1848
1.6.4 Moore, Peter, 77.6.12 03-12-1852
1.7.1 Davis, Charles, 72.5.0 10-16-1855
1.7 3 Spaces
1.7.2 (Davis?), Infant
1.7.3 Davis, Margaret, 22.3.10, w/o Adam 05-25-1848




Cemetery inscriptions copied circa 1997 by Justin K. Houser, Warren S. Breon, and Julia V. Breon. Cemetery visited and photographed June 2007 by Justin K. Houser and Rev. Kelly Marshall, descendant of the Rumbarger family. Mrs. Flora Curtin copied this cemetery in 1963 and her reading has been compared with our reading.


Mrs. Curtin indicated that the parents of Superintendent Davis were buried here. Whether these are the Davis stones found by us, or some other burials, is not presently known.


This cemetery is located in the woods on the Eugene Wertman farm (2007). You must go behind the house and follow the edge of the field up toward the top of the hill, and then cut into the woods about 15 or 20 feet, and the cemetery is in the midst of the woods just before a stream gully. It is not maintained although Mrs. Wertman said that it was cleaned up by the Boy Scouts soon after she and her husband moved there in 1950. This farm was originally the Johannes and Elizabeth (Ellenberger) Rumbarger place. The original log house was built in 1812(?) according to a datestone found in the attic. The original barn burned in 1919 and the one there today is a replacement which was moved there. There is an old building in back of the house, almost attached, which Mrs. Wertman says was built for a child who married and lived with the Rumbargers. (This may have been John Rumbarger b. 1810).


The cemetery appears to be a private farm cemetery for the Rumbarger family, their friends and neighbors. Since the Rumbargers were early members of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ in this area, it is possible that the majority of people buried here were also United Brethren. The oldest marked grave is that of Susanna Moore, 1813; the most recent marked grave is that of Adam Woolheater, 1865. The large number of unmarked fieldstones may date before, during, or after this period; they probably mark children or neighbors not wealthy enough to afford a professional stone.


Within the cemetery the stones are read from left to right in the rows. The first row is on the south side of the cemetery (the lower part of the hill) and the rows are numbered as they climb the hill (toward the north).




From Warriors Mark village, travel North on route 350 (toward Tyrone). In the village of Spring Mount turn left on Ridge Road (PA Route 4025). Travel (2.5?) miles and the farmhouse will be on your right. Inquire here before visiting the cemetery as it is private land.



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