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Samuel Kissinger.  Sam is my great great grandfather.  He was born May 20, 1819 in Hagerstown, Maryland.  His mother died when he was 3 days old and his father died when he was 8.  He was brought to the attention of the Orphan's Court in Hagerstown and indentured as a servant to Isaac Clymer, a cooper by trade, for the term of 12 years or until he reached age 21.  Clymer brought Sam to Huntingdon County in 1833.  They located on a tract of land just south of James Creek.  When Sam turned 21 he obtained his freedom and bought some land from Clymer.  He married Mary Ann Snare and had six children.  Sam Kissinger died on February 23, 1899.  The house he helped Clymer build is now the Raystown Field Station of Juniata College.  Sam's home is at the bottom of the lake.  Submitted by Lynn Ayers


Mary Ann (Snare) Kissinger was born January 4, 1821 in Penn Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Conrad Snare and Anna Clark.  On October 6, 1842 she married Samuel Kissinger and they had six children.  Mary Ann Kissinger was also known as Polly and is described a meek and mild woman.  She died on October 17, 1895.  Mary Kissinger lived her entire life within a two mile radius.  The home where she was born was not more than a mile from the home where she died.  Sam and Mary Kissinger are buried in the Reformed Church Cemetery in Marklesburg.  Submitted by Lynn Ayers


Sam and Mary Kissinger built a home for themselves just down the hollow from where Sam had been indentured as a servant to Isaac Clymer.  This picture was taken around 1890 and shows the family home.  Mary (Snare) and Sam Kissinger are standing in the front yard and their daughter, Catherine (Kate) is by the front gate.  When the Raystown dam came through this house was covered in water.  The graves of their two children who died in infancy were also covered.


These are the four daughters of Samuel and Mary (Snare) Kissinger, all born in Penn Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  From left to right in the photo: Catherine "Kate" Kissinger born November 17, 1850 and never married; Delilah Jane "Jenny" Kissinger born March 26, 1845 and married to Isaac Lamp; Margaret "Maggie" Kissinger born May 28, 1848 and married to T. Wilday Black; and Lucinda "Dud" Kissinger born March 5, 1853 and married to Franklin Benjamin Martin.  This photo was taken about 1880.  Submitted by Lynn Ayers


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