This is a picture of my father Albert Crump He lived at 517 Arch St.
He is buried in Chatiers cemetery.He died January 1981.
He worked at the post office in down town Pittsburgh.

This is a picture of my mom Bertha Mae Crump
she lived at 517 Arch St. Carnegie Pa.

My mom Bertha Mae Crump the one in the flowered dress,
with a few people I think the lady next to her is Honey or Bayo this picture
was taken on Arch st right across from our house 517 Arch St. Carnegie

This is Albert Dickerson, he lived at 519 or 515 Arch St.,
before moving to 517 Arch St. He was my mother, Bertha Mae Crump's adopted father.
She grew up with him until he died in 1958, he is buried in Chartiers Cemetery.
He worked in the coal mine somewhere, I was told one was Epsom not sure still trying to find out more information.

This is a picture of two of the Crump children and there
friends at Carnegie park Summer camp in the 70's

Bertha Mae Crump's children

I am searching for information about my family and have more infromation
to share with another family researcher. Please contact me. Alberta

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