Signal Item 12-14-1916 EXPLOSION FATAL TO THREE Reports Cirulate That Bomb Caused Deaths of Three Men..Whole Community Shaken by Concussion The explosion which occurred Sunday about 3:45 pm, in the munitions plant of the Aetna Chemical Co, near Fort Pitt, a Mile west of Carnegie, shock the country for miles around, and it is said that houses as far away as Wilkinsburg were shaken. Considerable glass in windows, pictures knocked from walls, etc., in the vincinity and some in Carnegie were broken as a result of the concussions. Three men were killed. Those killed were; W B Williams, aged 42, a pipe fitter of McDonald; Charles Liesen, aged 29, a laborer of Glendale; Adolph Chome, aged 15 a laborer, of Sturgeon. The bodies od the dead men were brought to McDermott Bros. and Fulton & Bradwell's ndertaking rooms. The explosion was heard and felt all around Carnegie. Worshipers in the churches felt the shock and all thought it had come from Heidelberg plant of Aetna Chemical Co. The explosion caused great uneasiness among all who heard it, as buildings many miles from the explosion were shaken. No official information is given out but it is said that in addition to the chemicals exploded, 3000 lbs of "T.N.A.", in a magazine near failed to explode. It is also said that the "T. N. A." is made at Noblestown and shipped to the new works just erected at Fort Pitt for the purpose of drying and mixing it and that it would not explode under ordinary conditions. Wheather the explosion is a result of an accident ot carelessness, or weather it was caused by a bomb is nor positivley known, but it seems that officials of the company and the U S Government suspect a plot to destroy the various chemical works in the vincinity and James Reed, aged 28, supposed to be a 'German sympathizer" was arrested a few hours after the explosion, in a house in Noblestown. The chain of evidence against Reed appears to be entirely circumstancial and not very strong, as far as we can learn. His arrest was made by federal agents, who say they shadowed him while he was supposed to be attempting to excape. Reed had been employed at the Oakdale plant for only a few days as as soon as he Fort Pitt plant blew up he was suspected of a complicity in causing the diaster. Reed was let go ny the Federal authorities on Tuesday. The only evidence against him was the fact that Reed threstened to blow up the Oakdale plant when he was discharged for carelessness recently. Whether this was a mere bluff or not is only guesswork. It is said that he was rearrested by Pittsburgh police as a suspicius person. 12-13-1916 DANGER TO BE REMOVED Aetna Chemical Co. Will Take Dangerous Part of TNT and TNA Operations to Mt Union Heidelberg, Noblestown, Oakdale and Fort Pitt residents will be relieved to learn that the Aetna Chemical Co. decided yesterday to move the dangerous portion oc the work from the above towns to Mt Union, 43 miles east of Altonna, about 125 miles from Carnegie. The removal will bein at once.