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Hello, I‘m Bimmy Urso. I have volunteered to be the coordinator for Amity Township. Since retiring I have moved to the Erie area. I was born in Union City and grew up in Amity and Union Townships and have deep roots in Erie, Crawford and Warren counties.

Amity Township is a very rural area with no towns, famous landmarks or much to write about, so I will need all the help that any of you can provide. Please send pictures, family histories or whatever you would like to share. Let’s work to make this a successful township page. You can contact me by clicking here --> Bimmy Urso email

The only villages in Amity Township have long since gone, Hatch Hollow was the birth place of Ida Tarbell, who was known as one of the greatest investigative journalists in history. Her crowning achievement, The History of the Standard Oil Company, led to a Supreme Court decision to break up the Standard Oil Trust. Arbuckle, formerly Milltown, located on the outlet of Lake Pleasant, once had several mills, homes and was a thriving little community.

I have copies of the following publications and will do look ups for:

1865 Erie County Atlas
1876 Erie County Atlas

With some help from other Amity Township researchers we can make this a successful page and something that we can be proud of.

Check out my personal website at to see the surnames that I am researching. Maybe we can help each other.

"To preserve the memory of our ancestors is one of the marks of a high state of civilization. Among enlightened people if a child is born a record is made of it. A man dies, the fact is set down with a day and date in a public register. In this way men may trace the history of families and individuals"

Charles Eagan Chapin

Above is Old Townline School that was  located on Route 8 at Union Amity Road. Click on the image for a larger copy.

Historical Marker for Ida Mae Tarbell. Click on the image for a larger copy.

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