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Scanned 1907 Postcard from Bill Klauk


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Hello, Iím Bimmy Urso. I have volunteered to be the coordinator for Union Township.

I was born in Union City and lived a good portion of my early life in the Union and Amity Townships of Erie County.† My family lines all settled in the Erie, Crawford and Warren county areas of Pennsylvania, so I have very deep roots there. Since retiring I have moved back to the Erie area.

I have the following reference materials and will do lookups:
1865 Erie County Atlas
1876 Erie County Atlas
Nelsonís Biographical Dictionary and Reference Book of Erie County

Check out my personal webpage www.bimmy.com and see what surnames I am researching.† Maybe we can help each other.† Letís work together to make this a very informative township page.† Please contact me at bimmy@bimmy.com with any questions or if you have any Union Township information you would like to share with others.


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