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Schools of Greenfield Township

Contributed by Larry Sugden

To the early residents of Greenfield Township, education was as important as religion.  From the earliest records, there appears to have been more schools than churches.  More than a few of the early congregations met in schoolhouses long before they had churches.  Although our founding fathers declared that "a school or schools shall be established in each county," it wasn't until around 1835 that a public school system was passed into law.

I'd like to extend a very special THANK YOU to Ruby Kimball, of the Hornby School Restoration Society. Most of the detailed information on the individual schools came from original documents that are owned by the Society.  With Ruby's help, I was able to scan many of them so that they are digitally preserved on this web site. Included are teachers' names and photos, Board of Education members, and class lists.  To see these documents, click on the highlighted school name. I will add more as time permits. Other information has been extracted from the Bates 1884 History of Erie County that is included as a part of the Erie Co (PA) Genealogy Web site.

If you have information about a school in the township, please email me.


Schools of Greenfield Township
east of Miller School  1816  A. Young 
eastern part of township  before 1816  John Griswold, William Leonard, George Selkregg, Miss Phillips, Miss Mary A. Platt 
Station School Colt's Station  1820  Porter Rogers, Lorenzo Rogers, Asa Hall, Maude Mitchell
Wilson School  southeast: 
Findley Lake 
& North East-Wattsburg Rds. 
Davis School  northeast: 
North East - Wattsburg Rd. 
1884  Maggie T. Donlon, Lola Farnsworth, Bertha C. Cole, Clyde L. Carnahan, M.J. Pellor
Miller School Greenfield village  1876  Mary O. Davies, Mattie A. Morgan
Parmenter School  near North East line  1884   
Moore School south: 
Waterford & Wildman Rds. 
1884  Hazel C. Raymond
Wildman School  southeast: 
near Greene Twp, line 
Prindle School on road to Harbor Creek  1884  Mary O. Davies, Clyde Carnahan, George E. Wilkinson, John Prindle, Anna Prindle, Mary D. Orton
Shadduck School  Colt's Station Rd. west of Shadduck's Corners (Hornby)  1884  James G. Morgan
Bissell School  north: 
Nasby community 
Calkins Rd & Route 89 
1896  Dayton Carnahan, Charles W. Cardot, Anna M. Causgrove, Kittie Morgan
Greenfield High School      

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