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Baptism Register - St John’s Catholic Church

Marian Fromknecht has taken on a project to transcribe baptism records from about 1869 to about 1908, from St. John's Roman Catholic Church at 509 E 26th Street, Erie, PA. [FYI - church phone number is (814) 454-2873]. Marian began with records from her own family, and since she has started this project she has indicated that she might as well do as many more transcriptions as time will permit. The handwriting was hard to decipher, and some letters were hard to distinguish apart from one another (n, r, o, u, v, l, b). Marian has tried to interpret to the best of her knowledge, and most spellings are exactly as seen on the Register, for example, Ebel/Abel and Jochim/Yochim. These spellings were shown both ways, without a doubt. If you have any questions as to whether a mistake transcribing was made or whether that was how it is shown on the register, please feel free to contact Marian at and she will be more than happy to look again at the copies that she has made. If anyone would like to volunteer to proofread, Marian will send copies of the Register sheets that she has made. Marian has used a red * (asterisk) where the information is either unreadable or has been cut off on working copies. If there is a question mark shown, this is how it is on the register. Marian has also indicated that there are several terms used - AC placed behind an individual’s name and ‘conditionally’ - for which she does not know the meaning. Please let Marian know if you have knowledge of these terms. If there is anyone out there in the Erie area that would like to help Marian transcribe additional records, or anyone anywhere who would like to proofread, please contact Marian. In the meantime, enjoy researching these.

Due to the size of the tables, all data is being split up into separate pages in about 5 year time spans. Data will at some time in the future be indexed, but for now is only presented by time. Click on the time period below to view data.

Dec 1869 – 1874 1875 - 1879
1880 - 1884 1885 - 1889
1890 - 1894 1895 - 1899
1900 - 1904 1905 - 1908

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