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Contributed by Marian Fromknecht

Marian Fromknecht has provided the following information about Catholic Churches in the City of Erie and surrounding area who are known to have old baptism and marriage information. Please address any feedback to Marian concerning any research efforts. And of course, if anyone is willing to do large transcriptions of data from these church holdings, I (Bill Klauk) would be more than willing to post it and feature your name in print. A further listing of other Catholic churches in the city and in all of Erie County has also been compiled by Marian and has been added. In the three tables below, the first is mainly with churches known to have historical and genealogical information, the second section is just a directory listing of the other City of Erie churches, and the third section is all other listings.

Catholic Churches Directory (known to have info)

Not sure if this was the first Catholic church or just the first church for the Germans, but St. Mary's records begin in the year 1840. The congregation was formed in 1833 and mass was held in a log house on the north east corner of 10th and State. A church was built in 1837. There is a lady there by the name of Helen Zimmerman who will do look-ups. Predominantly German Congregation. Send requests and donation by mail.

St. Mary's Catholic Church
c/o Helen Zimmerman
315 East 9th St.
Erie, PA 16503
(814) 452-2410

St. Joseph's was founded in 1853. It was a predominantly German Congregation. Their address

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
147 West 24th St.
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 452-2982

*** The church is looking for a parishioner to volunteer look-up services ***

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was founded in 1869 and was a predominantly German Congregation. Records begin 1869 and are being transcribed now. Send baptism requests to Marian Fromkneckt at

St. John's Catholic Church - Erie
509 East 26th St.
Erie, PA 16504
(814) 454-2873

St. Patrick's was founded in 1837 and is a predominantly Irish congregation. No information has been obtained with regard to records or contact.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church
130 East 4th St
Erie, PA 16507
(814) 454-8085

St. Paul's was founded in 1891 and was and is a predominantly Italian Congregation. No information has been obtained with regard to records or contact.

St. Paul's Catholic Church
1617 Walnut St.
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 459-3173

St. Boniface in Greene Twp on Rt 8 in the village of Hammett was founded in 1857. It was a German and Irish Congregation. No information has been obtained with regard to records or contact.

St. Boniface Catholic Church
9367 Wattsburg Rd
Erie, PA 16509
(814) 825-4439

A very old congregation, St. Francis Xaviar in McKean is listed as being founded in 1833. The site of the original church and cemetery is on Buman Road in McKean Township. The present church is in McKean borough.

St. Francis Xaviar
8880 W Main

(814) 476-1622

St. Matthew-in-the-Woods in Summit Township was founded in 1867. No information has been obtained with regard to records or contact.

St. Matthew-in-the-Woods
1390 Townhill Rd
(814) 866-6248

St. Andrew
Founded 1871
Erie, Erie Co.
1116 W 7th (6th & Raspberry)
(814) 454-2486
Holy Rosary
Founded 1923 (small wooden church on corner). New church built 1954.
Erie, Erie Co.
2701 East Ave
(814) 456-4254


More City of Erie Catholic Churches

Blessed Sacrament
Erie, Erie Co.
1626 W 26th
(814) 454-0171
Bread of Life Community
Erie, Erie Co.
424 E. Grandview Blvd
(814) 825-9250
Holy Family
Erie, Erie Co.
913 Fulton
(814) 452-4832
Holy Trinity
Erie, Erie Co.
2220 Reed
(814) 456-0671
Immaculate Conception
Erie, Erie Co.
233 E 16th
(814) 454-1615
Mount Calvary
Erie, Erie Co.
2004 E. Lake Rd.
(814) 454-0061
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Erie, Erie Co.
1553 E Grandview Blvd
(814) 825-7313
Our Lady of Peace
Erie, Erie Co.
2401 W. 38th
(814) 833-7701
Sacred Heart
Erie, Erie Co.
816 W. 26th
(814) 456-6256
St. Ann
Erie, Erie Co.
921 East Ave
(814) 453-4681
St. Casimir
Erie, Erie Co.
629 Hess Ave
(814) 459-7361
St. George
Erie, Erie Co.
5145 Peach St
(814) 864-0622
St. Hedwig
Erie, Erie Co.
521 E 3rd
(814) 454-8096
St. James
Erie, Erie Co.
2635 Buffalo Rd
(814) 899-6178
St. Jude
Erie, Erie Co.
2801 W. 6th
(814) 833-0927
St. Julia
Erie, Erie Co.
638 Roslyn Av (W. 8th & Powell Ave)
(814) 833-4347
St. Luke
Erie, Erie Co.
421 E. 38th
(814) 825-6920
St. Mark the Evangelist
Erie, Erie Co.
695 Smithson Ave
(814) 899-3000
St. Peter Cathedral
Erie, Erie Co.
230 W 10th
(814) 453-6677
St. Stanislaus
Erie, Erie Co.
516 E. 13th
(814) 452-6606
St. Stephen
Erie, Erie Co.
1237 W 21st
(814) 459-0543
SS. Peter and Paul
Erie, Erie Co.
3415 Wallace
(814) 825-8140


Other Catholic Churches in Erie County

St. John the Evangelist
Founded 1853
Girard, Erie Co.
142 E Main
(814) 774-4108
St. Gregory
Founded 1854
North East, Erie Co.
136 W Main
(814) 725-9691
St. Theresa Parish
Founded 1857
Union City, Erie Co.
Not Listed
St. Peter
Founded 1870
Greene, Erie Co.
St. Thomas
Founded 1860
Corry, Erie Co.
Not Listed
St. Elizabeth
Founded 1875
Corry, Erie Co.
Not Listed
St. Cyprian
Founded 1878
Waterford, Erie Co.
12773 Donation Rd
(814) 796-4329
St. Lawrence
Albion, Erie Co.
Our Lady of the Lake
Founded 1950
Edinboro, Erie Co.
128 Sunset Dr
(814) 734-3113
St. Philip
Edinboro, Erie Co.
25797 State Hwy 98
(814) 734-7395
Holy Cross
Fairview, Erie Co.
7100 W. Ridge Rd
(814) 474-2605
Our Lady of Mercy
Harborcreek, Erie Co.
837 Bartlett Rd
(814) 899-5342
St. Michael Chapel
Fairview, Erie Co.
6366 W. Lake Rd
(814) 835-6748
St. Michael's
Erie, Erie Co.
West 17th
destroyed by fire
St. Patrick
Franklin, Erie Co.
Our Lady of Fatima (Canandohta Lk)
Union City, Erie Co. ??? Is this perhaps in Crawford Co

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