Silver Spring Pres. Church Marriages 1814-1830


Compiled by Helen l. Harman 1959
Contributed by Herman Stephan
Transcription and additional data by Vi P. Limric

Marriages preformed by Rev. Henry R. Wilson to 1814-1823.

ACCASON, Daniel, to Ann M'BRIDE, 25 May 1816, witness: Henry R.

ADAMS, Isaac, to Hetty CRISWILL, 13 Jan 1829, witness: Thomas
Carothers and Wm. Adams.

ALEXANDER, Wm. to Margaret WEAKLEY, 16 Apr 1816, witness: Thomas
Weakley and John Weakley.

ALLISON, Archibald, to Eliza SCOTT, 21 Feb 1815, witness: Wm.
Rogers and Wm. Lamb.

ANDERSON, Alex., to Mary SMITH, 9 Dec 1814, witness: Widow Smith
and Henry R. Wilson.

ARMSTRONG, John, to Eliza MARTIN, 2 Dec 1824, witness: Eleanor
Montgomery and Ann Martin.

ATKINSON, Geo. to Nancy STARR, 12 Oct 1820, witness: Andrew Matee
and Jane Starr.

AUDENREID, Wm. Esq., to Jane H. WILLS, 24 Apr 1826, witness: Andrew
Shulze and B. Bernard Esq.

BALES, Thomas, to Mary MO_____, 31 Aug 1820, witness: Robert Mood
and Abram Wille___.

BANKS, Linus, to Peggy M'GA____, 31 Jul 1817, witness: John
Caroth___, and July M'Illw____.

BARBER, David, to Ann MILL___, 14 Aug 1823, witness: Elizabeth
Wilson and J.R. Wilson.

BARNHART, John, to Deborah CAL____, 6 Feb 1816, witness: J.W.L.
Hoge and H.R. Wilson.

BARTON, Jno. to Catherine BUTDORFF, 4 Nov 1829, witness: Absalom
Martin and ____ Umberger.

BECHTILL, Sam'l to Jane MYERS, 7 Mar 1816, witness: John Myers and
H.R. Wilson.

BELL, James, to Betsey LOUDON, 29 Jan 1818, witness: Archibald
Loudon and John Loudon.

BIGGS, Wm. C. to Nancy KERR, 26 ___ 1815, witness: Andrew Kerr and
Stephen Kerr.

BOSLER, Abraham to Eliza HARMAN, 25 Feb 1830, witness: Dr. J.
Bosler and Christopher Harman.

BRALLY, John to Polly MILLER, 1 Jan 1816, witness: Benjamin
Anderson and Nicholas Ulerich.

BRICKER, Peter, to Catharine BUTDORFF, 17 Jan 1828, witness: Geo.
Buttorff and _____ Monosmith.

BRINKERHOEF, Geo., to Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, 14 Oct 1830, witness:
Andrew Chapman and Jas. Brinkerhoef.

BROOKS, Joseph, to Elizb't ATKINSON, 3 __ne 1817, witness: Edw.
M'Kee and James Willis.

BROOKS, Hays, to Charity M'KEE, 18 ____ch 1817, witness: Edw. and
Alex. M'Kee.

BROWN, Henry to Sarah BUTLER, __ Jul 1826, witness: John Campblee
and Lucy Canfield.

BRUCE, Wm., to Mary ORRIS, 30 Dec 1819, witness: Thomas Bruce and
John Smith.

BULLOCK, Wm., to Margt. SMITH, 28 ___h 1815, witness: J. M'Gennes
Jr., and Geo. Smith.

BURNET, Gilb't, to Mary THOMAS, 23 Oct 1817, witness: I. Gerhr and

BUSH, John to Rebecca BOILEAU, 7 Feb 1825, witness: James

BUTDORFF, John to Catharine LAUK, 11 Dec 1829, witness: Thos.
Fisher and Henry Butdorff.

CAMPBELL, John to Fanny MILLER, 6 Jan 1825, witness: C. Bowermaster
and J. Williamson.

CARPENTER, Israel, to Cath'n LIVINGSTON, 20 Jun 1819, witness: Wm.
Orr and _____ Livingston.

CHAMBERS, Dr. Wm. C., to Mary EGE, 9 Jan 1816, witness: Col. G.
Gibson and Michael Ege.

CHAPMAN, Andrew, to Rebekah THOMAS, 20 Feb 1817, witness: Thomson
J. Boner and Isabel Crawford.

CHAPMAN, Geo., to Martha ECCLES, 5 Mar 1829, witness: Samuel Eccles
and Andrew Chapman.

CLARK, James to Margaret NELSON, 23 Dec 1829, witness: James

CLENDENIN, Wm., to Mary ECCLES, 7 Mar 1816, witness: Wm. Eccles and
Francis Eccles.

COOK, Wm., to Elizabeth PARKINSON, 18 May 1815, witness: Henry R.

COOVER, David to Mary ECKELS, 25 Oct 1827, witness: Samuel Eckels
and Wm. Harkness.

CRAIG, Hugh to Rachel BOYD, 13 Jun 1826, witness: Benj. Anderson
and G.W. Eckhart.

CRESLER, John, to Mary JONES, 15 May 1827, witness: Peter Lightner
and R. Snodgrass.

CROCKET, Geo., to Emily ARMOR, 2 Apr 1816, witness: George Pattison
and John Smith.

CULBERTSON, John to Hannah REED, 27 Feb 1824, witness: James
Williamson and Ann Dunlap.

CULP, Simon to Ellen SOLANDER, 20 Mar 1828, witness: Valentine
Solander and John Bender.

DAVIDSON, John, to Betsey HOGE, 25 Nov 1819, witness: Martin
Longsdorf and John Davidson.

DAWSON, Joseph to Wilhelmina CRISWEL__, 10 Dec 1817, witness:
Thomas Fisher and James Quigley.

DEAN, Dr. A.T. to Adeline JUNKEN, 2 Dec 1828, witness: Dr. Joseph
Crain and Ellen Crain.

DEFENBACK, Henry, to Sarah STROHM, 26 Sep 1826, witness: John Mason
and I. Daniel Rupp.

DERRICK, Peter, to Cath. CANFIELD, 1 Feb 1827, witness: Jonathan
Mitten and Lucy Canfield.

DILLER, ____, to Sarah LOUK, 28 Jan 1830, witness: Thomas Fisher
and Wm. Walker.

DUNCAN, James, to Elizabeth MILLER, 22 Jan 1818, witness: Wm. Cook
and Jos. Miller.

DUNLAP, James, to Margaret MATEER, 5 Mar 1823, witness: Martin
Dunlap and Robert Mateer.

EATON, John, to Rosanna QUIGLEY, 24 Mar 1818, witness: Peter M'Cann
and Christ. Quigley.

ECCLES, Francis, to Isabel CLENDENIN, 3 Apr 1817, witness: John
Clendenin and Wm. Eccles.

ECCLES, Wm., to Jane STARR, 3 May 1821, witness: Nathl. Eccles and
Wm. Clendenin.

ECKELS, Wm. Jr., to Margaret RUSTON, 25 Mar 1830, witness: John
Trimble and Wm. Ruston.

ELLIOT, John, to Mary LAMBERTON, 30 Nov 1815, witness: Margaret
Elliott and James Giffen.

ELLIOTT, Robert, to Margaret BOY__, 22 Jul 1816, witness: Geo.
Pattison and J. Fought.

ELSMAN, Dr. Geo., to Margaret JOHNSTON, 8 Jul 1819, witness; Mary
S. Wilson and J.R. Wilson.

EPLEY, Joseph, to Mary M'CANN, 28 Mar 1826, witness: Benj. Anderson
and Dr. Goforth.

FAHNESTOCK, John, to Cath. BOSLER, 23 Oct 1827, witness: Dr. Jos.
Crain and John Bosler.

FERGUSON, David to Rachel Eliza. M'KEE, 30 Jun 1825, witness: Hays
Brooks and Alexander M'Kee.

FRANKENBERGER, Sam'l, to Jane CAMPBELL, 13 Aug 1818, witness: James
Loudon and H.R. Wilson.

FEISTER, James to Jane MORRISON, 29 Mar 1821, witness: John Miller
and Stephen Foulke.

FLEMING, John, to Margaret FLEMING, 2 May 1816, witness: James
Fleming and Robert Clark.

FISHER, Samuel, to Mary STOREY, 19 Aug 1819, witness: George
Buttorf and Frances Storey.

FLOYD, Allen to Barbara BERKEY, 1 Sep 1825, witness: Michael
Cockley and David Williamson.

FORD, Daniel, to Cath. KOCH, 7 Dec 1826, witness: David Williamson
and Eliza Ford.

FORTNEY, Samuel, to Catharine WHITE, 19 Dec 1816, witness: _____
White and H.R. Wilson.

FOUGHT, Daniel, to Patty IRVIN, 16 Jan 1829, witness: Peter Fought
and Matilda Armstrong.

FOUGHT, Peter, to Margaret ARMSTRONG, 29 Dec 1825, witness: John
Armstrong and Jonathan Bell.

FOUGHT, Samuel to Ann ARVIN/IRVIN, 6 dec 1821, witness: David Goble
and Wm. Irvin.

GALBRAITH, Robert to Frances QUIGLEY, 23 Feb 1815, witness: Sam'l
Porterfield and Christopher Quigley.

GILL, James to Fanny HYDE, 15 Feb 1827, witness: George Rupp and
John Gill.

GILL, Robert, to Nancy FISHER, 7 Nov 1820, witness: Francis Porter
and James Fisher.

GILMORE, Mitchel, to Lydia JOHNSTON, 15 Aug 1816, witness: James
Johnston and Sam'l Johnston.

GOULD, Thomas to Mary DIVINNIE, 26 Jan 1826, witness: Chas. Godfrey
and Wm. Divinnie.

GRAY, John, to Eliza GILMORE, 24 Nov 1814, witness: Michael

GREEN, Wm., to Hester JOHNSTON, 1 Sep 1825, witness: David
Williamson and Ann Williamson.

GREGOR, Jacob and Ann CAMPBLE, 27 Feb 1827, witness: David Weise
and Samuel M'Kinley.

GRIER, Joseph, to Betsey COOK, 12 Sep 1822, witness: George Ewing
and Matthias Swiller.

HACKET, George, to Betsey TAY, 17 Oct 1815, witness: Polly Tay and
Molly Hacket.

HAGEY, Robert to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 23 Dec 1830, witness: John
Armstrong and Thomas Martin.

HALFERTY, Arthur, to Mary LIGHTFOOT, 28 Jan 1817, witness: _____
Lightfoot and H.R. Wilson.

HALFERTY, Edw'd, to Sarah WESTON, 13 Nov 1817, witness: Ann Thomson
and John Thomson.

HALL, Wm. M'Clay to Ellen M. WILLIAMSON, 8 Mar 1826, witness: G.W.
Harris Esq., and Wm. Walker.

HAMAKER, Isaac, to Sarah WILEY, 21 Feb 1822, witness: Wm. Waugh and
Thomas Fisher.

HARRIS, Dr. John, to Elizabeth H. WALKER, 24 Nov 1818, witness:
James Harris and Thomas Fisher.

HAYNE, Col Arthur P., to Frances DUNCAN, 31 Mar 1815, witness:
Thomas and James Duncan.

HAYS, Thomas, to Jane STEPHENSON, 25 Jan 1816, witness: Geo.
Craighead and H.R. Wilson.

HEPBURN, Sam'l to Rebecca WILLIAMSON, 20 Oct 1829, witness: Thos.
Fisher and Joseph Briggs.

HOUSER, John, to Catharine CAREY, 23 Nov 1814, witness: Joseph
Culver and H.R. Wilson.

HUDDLESON, _____, to Rebekah DICKEY, 1 Mar 1821, witness: Samuel
Ruby and J. Swiler.

HUME, Sam'l, to Elizab't WAGON, 30 Jul 1816, witness: Elizabeth
Wilson and Pevy Everly.

HUSTON, James, to Mary SEXTON, 30 Nov 1826, witness: John Clendenin
and Wm. Huston.

HUSTON, Paul, to Mary CAROTHERS, 21 Jan 1819, witness: James Huston
and Samuel Carothers.

HUSTON, Samuel, to Ann M'KEE, 21 Jan 1830, witness: Wm. Huston and
Geo. M'Kee.

IRWIN, Matthew, to Priscilla BRYSON, 6 Feb 1816, witness: Wm.
Harkness and Robert Bryson.

IRWIN, Joseph, to Mary S. WILSON, 12 Oct 1820, witness: Jacob M.
Haldeman and John Campbell.

IRWIN, Moses, to Elizaabeth O'HAIL, 25 Mar 1823, witness: Hugh
O'Hail, and Thomas Wilson.

JOHNSTON, James, to Jane GRIBBLE, 7 Dec 1820, witness: James Graham
and George Dare.

JUNKIN, John, to Maria ADAMS, 20 Apr 1815, witness: Isaac Adams and
Grancis M'Guire.

JUNKIN, Dr. Jos. to Adaline CRAIN, 19 Apr 1825, witness: Chas.
Godfrey and Ann E. M'Cue.

KAUFFMAN, Christopher to Eliza KAUFFMAN, ___ Mar 1827, witness:
James Martin and Isaac Kauffman.

KELTNER, Jacob, to Rachel PROCTOR, 6 Oct 1814, witness: Henry R.

KELLY, SAMUEL, to Jane FLOYD, 17 May 1821, witness: Robert Bryson
and A.E. M'Cue.

KLINE, Wm., to Jane HAMILTON, 23 May 1816, witness: Walter
Gregor___ and John Ker____.

KLYNE, Wm., to Abbe WYETH, 27 May 1830, witness: Dr. Adam Keagy and
Augustus Wyeth.

LAFFERTY, Pattrick, to Ann DEADO, 11 May 1815, witness: Walter
Gregory and Jacob Bielman.

LAMBERTON, Maj. Rob't to Mary HARKNESS, 20 Apr 1815, witness: James
Lamberton and Wm. Harkness.

LAMBERTON, Ross, to Jane WAUGH, 16 Nov 1826, witness: John Elliott
and Samuel Waugh.

LEBOYD, Wm., to Amanda ANDERSON, 17 Apr 1827, witness: Wm. Orr and
Benj. Anderson.

LEE, Rich'd H. to Mary D. MAHON, 10 Oct 1815, witness: James Duncan
and Jonathan Walker Esq.

LINN, Jacob, to Molly MOORE, 13 Jun 1815, witness: Robert Moore and
Henry R. Wilson.

LOYD, Isaac, to Elizabeth DEPUE, 2 May 1816, witness: J. Depue and
H.R. Wilson.

LUDLUM, Benj., to Peggy M'CARTER, 14 Mar 1815, witness: James
Underwood and John M'Carter.

MANLY, Robert, to Mary MITES, 18 Dec 1817, witness: James Whitehill
and B. Manly.

MARTIN, James, to Elizabeth KAUFMAN, 18 Feb 1817, witness: Andrew
Eminger and Joseph Briggs.

MARTIN, Robert to Mary HEMPHILL, 6 Nov 1817, witness: John

MATEER, James, to Elizbth SPANGLER, 19 Dec 1822, witness: James
Mateer Sr., and Robert Mateer.

MATEER, John to Jane PORTER, 28 Mar 1820, witness, Ross Porter and
____ Mateer.

MATEER, Robert, to Mary BAILEY, 16 Aug 1825, witness: Wm. Walker
and Dr. Theo. Myers.

MATEER, William to Jane WILSON, 9 Jun 1818, witness: James Mateer
Sr., and J. Mateer Jr.

MEANS, John, to Wlizbth WOODS, 18 Jan 1816, witness: William Woods
and Samuel Woods.

MICKEY, James, to Lucetta CAROTHERS, 15 Apr 1819, witness: Thomas
Mickey and Wm. Carothers.

MILLS, George, to Ann SCOTT, 22 Aug 1815, witness: ____ Lizzard and
H.R. Wilson.

MILLER, Jacob, to Catharine HIDE, 7 Dec 1817, witness: John
Phillips and H.R. Wilson.

MITCHELL, Andrew, to Ann MOOR__, 30 Dec 1817, witness: Joseph
Briggs and Robert M'Coy.

MOORE, James, to Charlotte CAMPBELL, 15 Feb 1821, witness: Eliza
Haldeman and Thomas Hunter.

MONOSMITH, Henry, to Jane STOREY, 30 Nov 1814, witness: Elizabeth
Storey and Francis Storey.

MONOSMITH, James, to Sarah MARTIN, 30 Jan 1823, witness: John
Monesmith and Peter Schaeffer.

MORRISON, James, to Matilda ARMSTRONG, 12 Nov 1829, witness: John
Armstrong and Andrew Armstrong.

MULHALL, James, to Cath. SOLANDER, 22 Feb 1816, witness: John M'Cue
and James Eccles.

MULLIN, Alex, to Susan SCHAEFFER, 21 dec 1815, witness: John

MUSSLEMAN, Geo., to Mary MUSELEMAN, 26 Jul 1825, witness: James

MYERS, John, to Elizth FISHBURN, 17 Oct 1815, witness: Mary L.
Wilson and Jane R. Wilson.

MYERS, Dr. Theo., to Sarah A. IRVIN, 28 Apr 1825, witness: Dr. Asa
Herring and Wm. Alexander.

M'CARTNEY, John, to Mary NOSS, 27 Mar 1821, witness: John Trimble
and David Bell.

M'CARTNEY, Jesse, to Mary WALKER, 6 Jan 1820, witness: Jonas Rupp
and P.W. Matthews.

M'CONNEL, Alex, to Mary RENSHANBARGER, 6 ___ 1817, witness, Samuel
Bailer and H.R. Wilson.

M'GRADDY, Sam'l to Mary PECK, 2 Aug 1815, witness: J.W. S. Hoye and
Elizabeth Wilson.

M'GUIRE, Francis, to Sarah SILVERS, 30 Oct 1817, witness: Wm. Orr
and Isaac Adams.

M'HOE, George, to Rebecca TRIMBLE, 6 Apr 1826, witness: John
Clendenin and Samuel Waugh.

M'KEE, Edward, to Lydia M'CAFFERTY, 19 Jun 1817, witness: Jno. &
Wm. M'Cafferty.

M'KEAN, Robert, to Jane JONES, 23 Mar 1815, witness; Lindsay
Spottswood and H.R. Wilson.

M'KINLEY, Samuel, to Eliza EVANS, 29 Mar 1827, witness: Lewis
Talbot and I. Daniel Rupp.

M'MICHAEL, Wm., to Frances SANDERSON, 10 Oct 1816, witness: James
Fleming and H.R. Wilson.

M'WILLIAMS, Sam'l to Frances MARTIN, 17 Jun 1819, witness: Jacob
Bricker and Sarah Martin.

NICKLY, Sam'l to Hannah GIBBLE, 20 Dec 1820, witness, James Graham
and George Dare.

NORTON, Isaac, to Lydia VALE, 28 Mar 1815, witness: Isaac Tate and
____ Norton Sr.

NELSON, Robert to Mary M'__, 24 May 1821, witness: Jno. Bailey and
Wm. Nelso__.

OCCUM, Abram, to Mary NIEMAN, 9 Feb 1826, witness: J. Williamson.

O'HALE, Hugh, to Elizabeth BRINKERHOEF, 10 Jan 1827, witness: Alex.
M'Curdy and Geo. Brinkerhoef.

OLIVER, Dr. James G., to Jane CAROTHERS, 31 Mar 1829, witness: Wm.
Orr and James Graham.

PELLINGER, Geo., to Matilda ETTER, 14 Oct 1830, witness: William
Addams and Agnes Sample.

PHILLIPS, James, to Margaret SMITH, 9 Mar 1815, witness: Alex.
Anderson and Mary Anderson.

PORTER, Alex., to Isabella BONER, 20 Apr 1820, witness: Thomson J.
Boner and James Boner.

PORTER, Ross, to Elizabeth BURNS, 28 Feb 1822, witness: James
Porter and H.R. Wilson.

PROCTER, John, to Molly OFFICER, 17 Oct 1815, witness: John Officer
and H.R. Wilson.

QUAY, George, to Mary WILSON, 7 Nov 1816, witness: George Kosht and
H.R. Wilson.

RAHN, Jacob to Matilda LONG, 24 Apr 1817, witness: Henry and Ann

REISINGER, Geo., to Maria MULHALL, 20 Nov 1823, witness: James
Mulhall and Samuel Johnston.

RITNER, Peter, to Rachel SCOTT, 19 Aug 1819, witness; Stephen Kerr
and Wm. Rodgers.

ROSS, John to Jane POLINGER, 28 Nov 1822, witness: B. Bailey and
John Seesholtz.

ROSS, William, to Elizabeth ROBINETTE, 1 Jun 1830, witness: James
Robinette and Azel Walker.

RUSE, Samuel to Elizbth HUEY, 2 Mar 1815, witness: Wm. Clendenin
and  Henry R. Wilson.

SAMPLE, Samuel to Nancy M'GUIRE, 23 May 1822, witness: John Junken
and Wm. Adams.

SANDS, Samuel, to Mary TATE, 1 Mar 1821, witness: Elizb'th Wilson
and Jane R. Wilson.

SHAEFFER, Emanuel, to Isabella HUSTO__, 6 Feb 1823, witness: John
Clendenin and Wm. Eccles.

SHEPHERD, Wm., to Mary MINO___, 9 Apr 1818, witness: James Graham
and H. R. Wilson.

SHROM, Joseph, to Ann RANDOLPH, 3 Oct 1816, witness: James Fleming
and Jos. Shrom Jr.

SIPE, Christian, to Jane WISE, 7 Apr 1825, witness: John Wise and
George Sipe.

SMITH, Alex., to Cath. WHISLER, 29 Sep 1829, witness: John Whisley
and Eli Smith.

SMITH, Jacob, to Betsey ANDERSON, 13 Jun 1815, witness: James
Anderson and Jane Goforth.

SMITH, John, to Betsey TAYLOR, 21 Nov 1816, witness: Alex. M'Connel
and Wm. Taylor.

SMITH, Simon, to Sarah DAVIS, 2 Jan 1815, witness: Henry R. Wilson.

SOLANDER, Francis, to Jane BRALLY, 29 Nov 1814, James Eccles and
Mary Eccles.

SPELMAN, Nicholas, to Jane BULLOCK, 22 Aug 1815, witness: Wm. and
Ezekiel Bullock.

SPROUT, John to Betsey M'HOES, 25 Mar 1819, witness: Samuel M'Hoes
and Wm. Eccles.

STARR, Samuel, to Elizabeth MOOREHEAD, 22 Nov 1827, witness: James
Starr and M.P. Williamson.

STEEN, John Jr., to Mary DAVIS, 5 Nov 1818, witness: John Stewart
and Thos. Criaghead.
STEWART, John, to Barbara STEEN, 4 Jan 18l16, witness: John Steen
and H.R. Wilson.

STOCK, Jacob to Nancy MURRAY, 24 Nov 1814, witness: Henry R.

STRING, John, to Nancy M'DONALD, 4 Jun 1829, witness: Thomas
M'Donald and Eliza M'Donald.

SWARNER, John, to Nancy WAUGH, 22 Feb 1827, witness: Samuel Waugh
and Ross Lamberton.

TALBOT, Jonathan, to Mary UHLER, 8 Feb 1818, witness: Frederick
Uhler and H.R. Wilson.

TALBOT, Lewis, to Jane HUSTON, 23 Jan 1827, witness: Daniel
M'Kinley and Wm. Huston.

TATE, Isaac, to Cath. GRAY, 28 Mar 1815, witness: Isaac Norton and
_____ Norton Sr.

TRIMBLE, Thos., to Sarah BELL, 26 Dec 1822, witness: Geo. Trimble
Sr., and Wm. Trimble.

TOD, John to Mary HANNA, 29 Apr 1817, witness: Joseph Briggs and
I.C. M'Allister.

VAN ARSDALE, Wm., to Mary WISE, 27 Mar 1817, witness: J. Wise and
Henry R. Wilson.

WALKER, James, to Elizabeth TYTLER, 5 May 1825, witness: Geo.
Schwartz and George Tytler.

WALKER, John, to Peggy JOHNS, 23 May 1819, witness: Jonas Rupp and
Wm. Orr.

WAUGH, Samuel, to Mary CAROTHERS, 24 Sep 1822, witness: John
Carothers and Samuel Waugh Jr.

WEIBLEY, John to Esther MILLER, 27 Dec 1819, witness: John Miller
and Elizabeth Wilson.

WHITCOMB, Martin, to Mary SHOEMAKER, 13 Jun 1830, witness: Ann
Thompson and Phebe M. Williamson.

WHITE, Shartes, to Ellen KIRKPATRICK, 12 Nov 1822, witness: John
White and Cornelius Longrine.

WILLIAMS, David, to ______, 27 Dec 1827, witness: James Williamson.

WILLIAMSON, Rev. M'Knight to Jane WOODS, 9 Mar 1830, witness:
Thomas Trimble and Richard Woods.

WILSON, Thomas, to Jane O'HAIL, 22 Feb 1816, witness: James
Williams and Geo. Crocket.

WILSON, Moses to Betsey HARRIS,  5 Aug 1817, witness:  Robert
Bryson and Hetty Bryson.

WILSON, John to Sarah TRORBET, 6 May 1819, witness: Frederick
Eickelberger and John Bailey.

WILSON, James to Mary BRALLY, 23 Jul 1822, witness: Samuel Neisley
and H.R. Wilson.

WILLIAMS, Andrew, to Mary WILSON, 24 Dec 1816, witness: Henry Logan
and James Graham.

WILLIAMS, Jonathan, to Mary CRAWFORD, 14 Oct 1817, witness: Michael
M'Falls and David Williams.

WILKINSON, Benj., to Mary Ann LEETES, 29 Jul 1819, witness: Thomas
Warren and H.R. Wilson.

WISE, Samuel to Margaret RUMER, 2 Nov 1820, witness: Paul Rumer and
Geo. Sailar.

WOLF, John, to Jane ORR, 6 Mar 1828, witness: Wm. Orr and James

WYKOFF, Leopold, to Elizabeth CRAIN, 16 Dec 1828, witness: Richard
M. Crain and Dr. A.T. Dean.

WYNKOOP, Isaac, to Mary ELLIS, 27 Oct 1814, witness: Samuel Giffen
and Mrs. S. Giffen.

YOUNG, Robert, to Margaret ELLIOTT, 28 Dec 1820, witness: James
Graham and James Giffen.

Sources: Allen Library,  Cumberland County Historical Society
Copyright 1998.