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The MARTINS were about the first of the early settlers in Charlestown township, and owned several tracts of land adjacent to each other.

Lewis Martin bought from John Budd what is now the farm of H. S. Walker; he was assessed 1722 to 53.  He was one of the organizers of the Charlestown Presbyterian church.

Llewellyn Martin bought from John Budd 150 acres and assessed 1725-1753.

Matthias Martin, son of Llewellyn, bought 150 acres from John Budd; assessed 1722-1765; sold to Joel.

Roger Martin owned farm later Stockwell; he was born 1707 and died 1770.

George Martin assessed 1753 and naturalized 1763.

William Martin, son of Lewis Martin.

Joel Martin 1774 assessed with 135 acres and in 1784 sold 37 acres to Roger Little, Sr.

Rachel Martin assessed 1785.

Jane Martin assessed 1774 with 60 acres.

David Martin owned farm later David Hartman.

James Martin 1774 assessed with 140 acres.

William Martin 1774 assessed.

Margaret Martin 1780 assessed with 133 acres.

The Martin clan owned about 1000 acres.  The last resident descendant of this large family was Bable Little, a daughter of Roger Martin Little.

The Martin land today known as Stockwell, Eastwick, Walker, Little, Hartman, Fritz and Shupert.

The largest land owners and among the first were the DAVIS Clan-- Davis, David and Davies.  Reference to the Davis stronghold made before on page    .  In 1722-1724 there were Davis' assessed as land owners-- Stephen, Llewellyn and Thomas.  Fifty years later many Biblical names are added, Mashock, Mathusalem, Theophilus, Zedediah, John, David, Jonathan, Levi, Israel, Samuel, Isaac, Jesse and Sarah and many others less distinguished forerunners.

The Davis name held till to about 2000 acres, and of this fast number of early land owners we find as the resident descendants---  B. Frank Davis, the Fishers and the Rees.  The Davis land owners today, Foster, Fisher, Stonerow, Peak, Soulen, Berger, Smith, Mingles, Otto, Sugerman, Donaghue, Oats, Clothier, Large and Bergen.

SNYDER-  In 1797 John Snyder-- "Shoemaker"-- came down from Pikeland and bought a farm of 104 acres and several of his descendants have been land owners.  The Snyder properties included the following farms-- Baker, Pyle, Coryell, Mains, S___worth.  The resident descendants are Benjamin Rapp, Joseph Snyder, Mrs. John Wells, and the Edward Ott family.

YOUNG-  Peter Young a young emigrant from Germany married ------- Snider, a sister of the above mentioned John Snider.  They moved from Pikeland and bought a farm from the Martins; he was assessed in 1785.  Later known as the David Hartman farm.  They had a large family, most of which settled in the township.  Land later known besides the homestead, Foster bird farms, Moll, Histon, Cortright, Sugerman, Devault Beaver, Dr. Wells and Sugerman farms.  The resident descendants today-- John and Edwin Wells, Mrs. J. w. Carns, Mrs. Samuel Smith and the Rees'.

BUCKWALTER-  Francis Buschwalder bought 620 acres in Charlestown township.  This land was north of French Creek, so is now in Phoenixville and Schuylkill districts.  He had three sons, John, Jacob and Joseph.  John Buckwalter bought in 1751 102 acres, now Samuel Buckwalters.  He was assessed in 1753-1774 with 400 acres some of which was later in Schuylkill township or Phoenixville.
Beside the homestead tract of 102 acres now 146 acres, the Buckwalters owned - now Edith Foster farm.  Of the seven generations of this family Samuel Buckwalter family is the only resident descendant of John and Franics.

BYERS- from 1753-1788 the Byers owned about 600 acres in the western end of Charlestown township, Joseph, father of John and Samuel also Ann, Benjamin and Jacob.  The location not determined but there are no descendants residing within.

COFFMAN-  John Coffman owned farm at Sidley Station now Yerger, later owned Peak, the Mill and Ice Dam farm; his son Daniel owned the Peak farm and Samuel the Ice Dam farm.  John Comman (sic) had 14 children.  Danile had a large family. There are no resident descendants except Mrs. Samuel Buckwalter.

FUNK- While the Funks were not residents of this township they owned five farms; four were in the township.  They were Clothier, Large, Matthews and Fisher.  The only resident descendants are the Fishers.  The Funks go back as far as 1780 as land owners.

GRIFFITH-  The Griffiths owned about 400 acres and in 1722 Harry Griffith is assessed as a land owner.  __dish, James, Harry, David, Samuel, Evan and several John's which seemed to be a favorite name in the Griffith family.  They owned now John Ott, Donoghue, Oats, Mysauka and Berger.  There are no resident descendants.

JONES-  The Jones clan was a large land owner in the township.  In an assessment in 1722 there was a Griffith, John, James, Philip, David and Emanuel Jones.  Griffith and John owned land as early as 1715.  In 1743 Griffith and Emanuel were trustees in Charlestown Presbyterian Church.  Other Jones's land owners before the 18th century besides the above, Phineas, Levi, Griffith, Ephraim, David, William, Levi and Amos Jones.  This clan owned about 2000 acres, some of which is now Schuylkill township.  Land owners since 1800 were Benjamin and Thomas; one Griffith Jones owned the farm of Don Newton in 1797.  None of the Jones clan are resident land owners.

JOHN-  The John clan owned several hundred acres.  In 1724 there were Thomas, David, James, Philip, and Nathaniel, sons of Griffith John who owned the Samuel Buckwalter and Kenneth Rhoad farms, besides woodland 340 acres.  David helped organize Charlestown Presbyterian Church 1743.  Daniel, Joshua, Amos and Samuel.  In 1842 Samuel John owned farm of Leonard Himes and other land in that area. No resident land owners in the township of the John Clan.

KING-  The first of this clan Philip 1737 tavern keeper.  1797 John King owned farm of Harry Peck.  1813 his son Philip owned same farm.  1813 George King owned 23 acres of the Snyder tract.  1841 Isaac King, store at Charlestown Village.  1873 his son Moses, same store.  Michael King 1780 farm later H. D. Rees.  Lawrence son of Michael and owned same farm.  The only surviving descendants of the King clan in the township is John D. Wells.

LITTLE-  The first land owner of this clan was Roger Sr.  1780 owned 60 acres later Southworth.  1784 bought 37 acres from Joel Martin.  1819 he bought 100 acres from John Sahler Est.  These two tracts now 137 acres, Mable Little.  He also owned the Eastwick and Stockwell farms.  William and Major sons and Rebecca a daughter, these located on the three farms of their father, Roger Jr. son of Major and Mable daughter of Roger.  She was the last resident descendant of the Little clan.

LLEWELLYN-  In 1780 Wiliam Llewellyn was listed as a carpenter.  No doubt the founder of the Llewellyn clan in the township, 1827 Thomas and William carpenters and cabinet makers owned now the Llewellyn Gardens and Mrs. Wesley Pyle farms.  They were sons of William.  William, son of William Jr. and Thomas, son of Thomas, later owned above farms.  Harry Llewellyn son of Oliver founder of Llewellyn Gardens.  No resident descendants.

McCURDY-  The only property owned by this family was a farm on Route 29, now Yerger.  DAniel 1823, a Justice, taught school at Flat Meeting House.  One of the first Methodists located here and was a member of the Anderson Society.  His son John M. followed his father as Justice, Surveyor, School teacher  1832 and farmer.  A class leader Charlestown M. E. Church.  Wesley son of John farmed the above farm.  No resident residents.

McVEIGH-  In 1796 Nathan McVeigh bought farm later Carl Engle and M. Aubrey Pyle.  Nathan died 1842.  His son Major kept store and tavern at Charlestown village.  Moved to West Vincent township and kept tavern.  He later moved to Phoenixville and kept the Washington House.  His son Wayne was born Phoenixville in 1833.  Major McVeight was an important citizen.  No resident descendants.

PRITCHARD-  In 1715 Griffith Pritchard owns 340 acres a part of Pickering tract.  Later Walton and Stonerow farms.  His son Anthony helped organize Charlestown Presbyterian church in 1743.  And owned 200 acres of above.  In 1734 Richard Pritchard lived in Pikeland and owned land in Charlestown.  No Pritchards since 1800.


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