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The taxables in 1754 were as follows:

Job Ruston, John Dennis, Esabell Woodside, Robert Loughead, John Aull, John McCurdy, William Howerd, John Hamilton, John Mess, William McMullin, David White, Robert Turner, John McCissock, Robert Chochran, Allin Simson, William Lowbrey, John White, John Simson, James Dickey, Hugh Beard, William Hopkins (poor), Joseph Smith, Arthur McCissock, William Porter, Mathew Porter, Andrew Sim, Hugh Miller, Andrew Richey, Robert McKee, William Oss, James Daysert, Stephen White, John Glen, Hugh Lucky, John Craige, Robert Criswell, Jon Torbut, William Dunabe, Moses Ross, John Smith, James McCissock, Samuel Jackson, Martin Adams, John McClerg, John Hays, David Witt, Thomas Cooper, Adam Cooper, Robert Patterson, Andrew Walker, Widdow Coldbreath, Thomas Walles, Robert Law, James Cooper, John Delap, James Delap, Samuell Maxwell, John Stewart, John Guttery, Robert Curswell, Hugh Torbet, Thomas Ervin, John Ross, John Black, David Fleming, Henry McCadem, John White, Thomas White, John Fleming, John Campbell, William Bunting, John Bunting, John White, Andrew White, James Daysert, Francis Mothereall, Stephen Cornelius, Robert Ramsey, William Glan, John Daysert (poor), Esabell Milton, John Chapman,Thomas Clark, James Criswell, John Ervin, John Richardson, John McCleary, James Evans, Henry Ewing, James Ewing, Sr., James Ewing, Jr., James Kasadin, William Edmunson.

Freemen.-- Benjamin Kid, Samuel Ewing, George Carswell, William Patterson, Thomas White, John Morrow, John Wilson.

History of Chester County, Pennsylvania; Futhey & Cope; Louis H. Everts; Philadelphia; 1881.


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