Although in "swaddling clothes" from the standpoint of age the local Nazarene Church has been quite a precocious infant. Erected on West Sample street on land bought from the R.P. Morris family, who are charter members of the church. The first service was held by the members on Sunday, Sept. 8, 1940, with the first pastor, Rev. Russell Merriman, in charge.

     Successive pastors since that time have been: Rev. Robert Fredericks, Rev. Pfoutz, and the present pastor is Rev. Peter Tucker. The Sunday School membership at present is 114 persons while 80 persons are listed on the church roll.

     Church polity is a compromise between episcopacy and congregationalism. Each church calls its own minister and manages its own affairs, but under the leadership of especially elected superintendents. In its present for the church was born in Texas during the year 1908. Nationally, it comprises 3600 churches with a membership of close to 250,000. Seventeen Nazarene Churches are flourishing in this Cambria area.

As reported in the Mountaineer Herald, Aug 16, 1954