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Cameron County had just been formed in 1860, only a year before the outbreak of the Civil War. I am not sure how many men and boys went to War from Cameron County, but it was in the hundreds I am sure.  I hope to supply links to regiments and rosters of Cameron County.  Let me know if you have Union Veterans in your family.  Does anyone know  of any men from Cameron County who fought for the Confederacy?  Anyone have any Civil War stories out of Cameron County? Anyone know where I can find a list of the regiments from Cameron County?  I have access to Bate's books on the Pennsylvania Units and I can get the rosters if I know the regiments...of course if some one already has this information online, I would rather just link to it!  

From Beer's History- The Military history of Cameron County is connected with McKean, Potter and Elk Counties so closely that many references to regiments and soldiers, representing Cameron are made with the pages devoted to such counties.

A war meeting, held at Shippen (Emporium) April 20, 1861, presided over by N. L. Dike, appointed E. B. Eldred, Dr. Gibson, W. R. Rogers, William Jenkins, and D. J. Morrison to draft resolutions expressing the sense of the inhabitants on the war question. Five resolutions resulted, one of which referred to the confidence the people placed in Col. Kane and the desire of the men of Cameron to rally under the Union flag. On the 22d of the same month Col. Kane was present enrolling. Under date August 5, 1864, Commissioners Mix and Whiting agreed upon the following order: "That they would and do hearby, on behalf of the county of Cameron, offer a bounty of three hundred dollars to volunteers, to fill the quota of Cameron county under the call of the President of the United States of July 8, 1864 for 500,000 men." 

42nd Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C

The most famous Regiment to come out of Cameron County is the 42nd PA Infantry or as you may know them- the Bucktails. Company C was the Cameron Rifles led by Captain John A. Eldred.  A monument to these brave men stands in the old town square of Driftwood.

History of the Bucktail Regiment

The Many Names of the Bucktails

Roster of Company C - Recruited in Cameron County

Books about the Bucktails

84th Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G

Roster of Company G - Recruited in Cameron County

Books about the  84th

First Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company D

One Hundred Ninetieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred Ninety-First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

One Hundred Ninety-Ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company K

Cameron County Men in Various Regiments

Cameron County Civil War Veterans

This may be an incomplete list of Veterans buried in Cameron County.  The list comes from headstone readings. All of these graves are decorated every Memorial Day.

Link to known Civil War Veterans Buried in Cameron County

Federal Military Information

The Federal Governement will send you copies of your ancestors military records for a fee.  More informative is the Pension Records as they contain affidavits, known relatives, past addresses and more about your relative and his family.

The Veterans Administration still supplies FREE marble tombstones for your veteran ancestor!  Is your ancestor needs a tombstone, follow the link below to order one. 

Also, you may contact the local Civil War re-enactors group to arrange a Memorial Service for you ancestor....they live to perform these services!  Anyone know who the local contact is?

How to Order Military and Pension Records

Information on FREE tombstones from the Veterans Administration





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