Mix Run Cemetery


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Mix Run Cemetery, Gibson Township

Submitted by Walt Dean- December 1, 1999

Cemeteries & Burial Plots of Cameron County, PA book 974.866V3c at Salt Lake City FHL.

                     Pennsylvania Tombstone Inscriptions, 1788 - 1967 microfilm 902447                          

Mix Run Cemetery located on Rt. T347 at Mix Run

Barber, William

Barr, Alice Lephart

Barr, Catherine E.

Barr, Clyde A.

Barr, Eva L.

Barr, Lottie

Barr, Marshall L.

Barr, William P.

Billings, Chester C

Billings, Mary W

Billings, Mary (Mix)

Billings, Two Infants of Mary Mix Billings

Butler, Baby (N.M.)

Caldwell, Claude

Caldwell,  Frankie (Barr)

Christen, Wren Earl

Connick, Thomas

Connick, Kathryn Duell

Connick, Zoe 

Connick, Hazel 

Dent, Thomas

Dent, Thomas

Dent, Mary A.

Dudley, Jemima

Duell, Horace

Duell,  Jane

Duell, George

Duell, Frederick

Gray, Emaline

Hogue, Laura Mix

Lehman, Stanley Jr.

Lephart, Alice

Mason, James Marion

McQuay, Frederick F.,

 Mix, James

Mix, Catherine

Mix, Henry

Mix, Lydia

Mix, Delila



Mix, James J.

Mix, Mary M.

Mix, F. J.

Mix, James Scott

Mix, Newton

Mix, Stella

Mix, James H.

Mix, George

Moate, Hiram

Moate, Amanda

Moate, Martha

Moate, Minnie

Moate, James Walter

Moate, Etta V.

Moate, Jesse M.

Moate, Jesse DeWitt

Moate, Philip A.

Moate, Edward Dalton

Price, Ada Alice

Ronayn, Eddie A.

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Ann Eliza

Smith, William W.

Smith, Julia A

Smith, Frank G.

Smith, Elizabeth A.

Smith, Henry H.

Smith, Catherine Jane,

Smith, Walter G.

Smith, Harvey L.

Smith, Edward M.

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