Cameron County Genealogy Project, Hick's Run Cemetery, Hick's Run

Cameron County Genealogy Project
Hick's Run Cemetery
Hick's Run PA

(Janice Rovnak provided photos, taken July, 2003, and annotations- enclosed in parentheses)


Carl Austin

M. Franklin

Levi Hicks

Allan Barr (son of William John Barr and "Sally" Sarah Ann Miller)

Nancy (Nancy Ellen Mix; dau of James Mix & Catherine Overturf)

William W. Miller (not in original cemetery record; found on 3rd side of monument with Allan Barr and wife Nancy Mix)

William Paul

William Barr

Sally (Sarah Ann Miller)

John G. Hicks

Mary Elizabeth

Clair Owen

H. N. Barr

Abner Ober


Arthur Owen

Paul E.

Homer F. Hartman

Miles Dent

Lydia Miller


Adam S Hicks

Ann E.

Adam S. Hicks

Lorinda Hicks