Civil War Veterans buried in Union & West End Cemeteries, Allentown, PA - Also, Regimental histories for units from Allentown.
 Civil War Veterans
Buried In
Union & West End Cemeteries

Allentown, Pennsylvania


Union Cemetery and West End Cemetery were at one time two distinctly separate cemeteries that abutted one another. The two cemeteries aggregately cover an area that is four city blocks in length by three city blocks in width, a total of almost 20 acres. The cemeteries meet at their eastern and western extremeties. The entrance to Union Cemetery was from 10th Street in downtown Allentown and the West End Cemetery's entrance was from 12th Street. There is nothing to indicate where one cemetery begins and the other ends except for the unique characteristics of the time frame in which each was organized, one prior to the Civil War and the other sometime after the Civil War.

Union Cemetery was established in 1854 and West End was begun in 1876. The two cemeteries were officially combined into the Union and West End Cemetery in 1895. The combined cemeteries provide the final resting place for over 24.000 souls, and included in this total are the graves of 654 Civil War Veterans that were buried in the cemetery. As part of this web site, you will find a listing of these 654 veterans of the Civil War that were buried in these cemeteries along with their rank, their unit and their state of birth, if other than Pennsylvania, and providing this information could be located.

Up until 1981 the cemetery was operated by a Board of Trustees made up of local business leaders and other interested individuals. However, in 1981 the perpetual-care funds were depleted and perpetual-care was terminated. By 1997 all funds had been depleted and the cemetery's directors resigned and the cemetery was abandoned. Neither Allentown nor Lehigh County would assume responsibility for the private cemetery and it began to deteriorate rapidly and was soon an eyesore and a gathering place for vandals and drug dealers. Fortunately, in 1999 local residents organized a volunteer board of directors and created the Union and West End Cemetery Association and now the cemetery is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Allentown Band Concert
in the Union and West End Cemetery
September 24, 2006
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Homecoming & Review
Annual Civil War Reenactment
July 30, 2005
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