Many headstones from times past seem to have gone missing. Were they the victims of time or just some prankster? While the answer is most likely yes to either of the questions, the end result is the same for the family seekers. No headstone is found where the records indicate it to be.

This list is for headstones that have been lost or found. Whether it be from family members who can’t find them or whether they were not reinstalled, the headstones are waiting......

DIXON, Ruth - was at Port Perry Cemetery which has since been covered
PRESCOTT, Mary Barnes d. 1858 - taken from Dravo Cemetery
PRESCOTT, Joseph 1797-1865 - taken from Dravo Cemetery

FOUND, Not Reinstalled:

Beside the garage in St Michael RC Cemetery in 2008
ERNEST, Jerome ?-1907
ERNEST,Edith 1909-1963
MILLER, France G 9/16/1895-2/13/1912
FULDNER, Christian 1791-1870
FULDNER, Anna M 1818-1892
ADAMS, Josephine 1849-1868
HEIL, Catherine 1842-1894
SNYDER, Mary Reiman 1846-1912
JACOBS, August 1865-1944
JACOBS, Frances 1869-1948

It has been reported many headstones which have been lost are in front of libraries, fences and at cemeteries in storage as no one know where they belong. If you stumble across a misplaced headstone, please let us know at Perhaps we can find someone who can tell us about the headstone and where it belongs.