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Missouri ancestors and surnames Missouri became a state on Aug. 10, 1821. It had been part of a larger territory and parts of it were still known as Missouri Country until 1854

Charlotte's Corner

Charlotte M. Maness has shared her "Pearls" (extracts from Missouri newspapers) on the ROOTS-L Mailing List. With her permission, they are being placed online on USA Genealogy for all researchers to use and enjoy freely. Please note that these extracts are the property of Charlotte and may not be redistributed, sold or published elsewhere without her written permission.

Enjoy Charlotte's Pearls!

Jefferson Democrat, Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri

WEDDING BELLS - Mr. Henry HEIDBRINK and Miss Maggie FOREST were united in marriage, at the residence of the bride's parents on Belew's Creek, this county, on Wednesday evening, September 26, 1883, at 7 o'clock.

Everything was tastefully arranged for the occasion, without any extravagant show. At the appointed hour the bridal party entered the parlor, led by Rev. FRAZIER. The bride and groom preceded by Miss Maud McLEAN and Mr. Harry DAHL, the bride's brother, as best man.

A rich substantial wedding supper followed the nuptial rites, and the evening was spent in pleasant conversation, with instrumental music, furnished by young gentlemen friends of the bride and groom. Friends and relatives mingled together with delightful informality. Of course, there was the usual array of pretty country girls which add vivacity to the naturally joyous occasion.

The wedding was indeed a brilliant one, and the newly-married pair have a truly bright future before them. Long life, happiness and prosperity is the wish of their many friends. The happy couple will take up their abode two miles east of the brides parents' residence, near Glade Chapel. A Guest.
TRUSTEE'S SALE - WHEREAS, J.H. INGALLS and P.J. INGALLS, his wife, by their deed of trust, dated September 2, 1881, and recorded in the Recorder's office of Jefferson County, Missouri, in Trust Record book No. 12, at page 192, conveyed to the undersigned, as trustee, the following described real estate, situate in Jefferson County, Missouri, to-wit: The east half of the southeast quarter of section two, and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section eleven, in township forty of range three east, containing one hundred and twenty acres, which conveyance was in trust to secure the payment of a promissory note therein mentioned and described; and, whereas, said note has long since become due and payable and remains unpaid - now, therefore, at the request of the legal holder and owner of said note, and in pursuance of the authority to me given by said deed of trust, public notice is hereby given that I will, on Saturday, the 3rd day of November, 1883, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., at the courthouse door in the town of Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash the real estate above described, to satisfy the said note and the expense of executing this trust. Austin WILLIAMS, Trustee, October 4, 1883.

'Squire P.J. TAFFE of St. Louis, was licensed to practice law, after an examination in open court.

Mr.L.H. LEE returned last week from a protracted visit to his nephews and nieces in Wayne County, Mo.

Mrs. Ruth LORD and family have gone to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she will run a hotel. Her many friends here wish her abundant success.

Henry HURTGEN has another new blacksmith. He arrived last Saturday night, but declines making a hand in the shop for the next twelve or fifteen years.

George F. REPPY of Denver, Colorado, was visiting his parents, in De Soto, last week. He has not gained any in size, but looks otherwise as if the climate agreed with him perfectly.

CIRCUIT COURT NOTES - John SMITH, who was sent up from Crystal City for stabbing a man, was found guilty of assault and fined one dollar. The fine was commuted to one day's imprisonment in jail.

George DONALDSON and George ROOKER - the men that robbed Mr. HEATON at De Soto - plead guilty and were given two years each in the penitentiary.

Mrs. GORDON's fine was commuted to ten days in jail.

Alex. CALAHAN explains the usual industry now displayed by Samuel COLLINS He says that Sam's wife has presented him with their first born, a 10-pound girl, and that Sam recognizes the necessity of raising more wheat next year to supply the wants of his increasing family.

Asa BOOTH will again resume his studies at Ann Arbor, Michigan, this week. He is one of the best, as well as brightest young men in this county, and will, no doubt, stand a good examination at the end of his term, and return home a full fledged M.D. Our best wishes for his success are with him.

LICENSED TO MARRY - Henry LEUTZINGER and Sarah R. TRIMBLE, George POPE and Jane MANESS, Henry BENNER and Rowena HERRING, Oliver HUNOT and Mary HINKLEY, M.V. JOHNSON and Mary C. KYLE, L.J. GROSSGLOSS and L.A. BECKERLEG, Gus. M. SAPPER and Minnie C. BLANK, Charles BECKER and Kate M. BLANK, H. HEIDBRINK and Maggie FOREST, Jesse TAYLOR and Algonia SANDERS, Felix BURNS and Irene VINYARD, John H. CRULL and Angeline LEE.

Mrs. Christina CUMMINGS, nee WOBBLES, has lost her husband, George CUMMINGS. He left home on the 10th of July last, promising his wife to return that evening, and she has not heard of him yet. As he had staid away from her a time or two before, nothing strange was thought of it for the first few weeks; but Mrs. C. has since written to the points where she expected he would be likely to go, and received no news from him. He left a little boy, six years of age, and a babe of only eight days.

Sheriff WEAVER last no tine in ridding our county of the expense of keeping the convicted men in jail. Court closed last Thursday and on Friday morning he started, accompanied by Jesse WAGGENER, Lausen FRAZIER and Jesse CLARK, as guards, taking George ROOKER, George DONALDSON, Wm. MITCHELL, Luther McVEY, Charles MILLER, Fred. BROWN and John MARSDEN to the penitentiary. They are sentenced to two years each, six of them for grand larceny and one for felonious assault. Of the seven only one was a citizen of this county. This is the largest delegation ever sent up from this county.

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